12 Best Soccer Cleats for Women in 2023 (the Ultimate List)

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Our topmost choices for the best soccer cleats for women:

  • Non-leather cleat: PUMA Ultra 1.4 — a special edition made for the woman’s foot. It has a lower instep, narrower collar opening, and multidirectional conical studs that provide more stability, improved traction, and allow the foot to function at its best.
  • Leather cleat: Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta — arguably the best-performing leather cleat. It is only around 5 grams heavier than the Mercurials. It is narrow-fitting but with a roomy toe box and a thinner soleplate designed for optimum traction, stability, and responsiveness.

Finding the best women’s soccer cleats can be a challenge if you have tried the right size and the shoe still feels weird. Famous brands usually offer only one design and provide a footwear size conversion for men and women players.

Soccer cleats have to be comfortable and snug for you to perform at your best on the soccer field. How snug? You may ask. The answer is there must be no negative space around the ankle and Achilles and on both sides of the foot. Then around ¼ inch gap in the front.

But if you can’t still find the right fit even with many options, you may have been trying the cleats with a man’s fit. The structure of the woman’s foot is different from men. Allow us to explain.

best women soccer cleats
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The female foot lacks even pressure across the foot. It is slimmer overall, has more curves on the lateral side, the big toe is shallower, and the arch is higher but flattens more during foot strike.

Not only that, but there are more differences between the lower limb of men and women, which can result in wearing ill-fitting shoes that can cause aches and pains in the feet, legs, and lower back.

What are the best soccer cleats for women?

The best soccer cleats for women have conical studs because they offer more stability and allow the foot to function better. A firmer outsole is a must because it helps even the pressure across the foot, stops the studs from pushing upward, and prevents injury to the forefoot. And finally, narrow-fitting shoes with a roomy toe box and a pliable and supportive upper will be best for women soccer players.

The Best Women’s Soccer Cleats (Leather Cleats)

If comfort and support are a priority, nothing beats the leather material. Leather molds to the shape of your foot over time, giving you a custom fit that synthetic cleats cannot offer. Here at Reviewgem, we think that leather cleats are best for women soccer players.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta

mizuno morelia neo 3 beta

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Center Back, Sweeper, Fullback, Wingback, Defensive Midfielder, and Central Midfielder.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta is arguably the best-performing leather cleat available. Elite players use it from the goalkeeper position up to the striker role. It comes with the highest quality materials but is also one of the most expensive leather cleats.

The Neo III Beta is narrow-fitting with a thinner modern leather design, which hugs the foot like a second skin and offers a barefoot-like touch on the ball. But don’t fret if the upper is thin because the kangaroo leather is very protective. And if you choose the “Made in Japan” version, you’ll get a roomier toe box. It has plenty of conical studs underneath, which offer more stability and traction.

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Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta is not an all-leather cleat because it uses a durable, thin synthetic material in the midfoot. The brand managed to keep it ultra-lightweight. If you want an all-leather Mizuno cleat, go for the Morelia II. It directly competes with the Copa Mundial and is also a legend in leather cleats.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9

nike tiempo legend 9

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Center Back, Sweeper, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Center Forward.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 is the most famous defender leather cleat. But on this latest model, Nike made it the lightest Tiempo ever made and improved its speed attributes. Now you’ll see elite players also using it in midfield positions.

This soccer cleat is probably the second wide-fitting cleat in the Nike lineup designed to fit regular-sized feet up to wide feet. If you can get an accurate fit on this model, you’ll be delighted with the plenty of benefits it offers.

According to some sports medicine physicians, the models of Tiempo Legend have more lateral and ankle support than most soccer cleats. It is a doctor-recommended cleat for those who have flat feet. It has one of the most structured upper designs with a stiffer soleplate that can even out the shock from the ground and help prevent injury to the forefoot.

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Nike Premier 3

nike premier 3

Nike Premier 3 is the soccer cleat with the best value for money. It is an all-leather shoe with the same thickness in the upper material from heel to toe. Although its kangaroo leather isn’t as refined as the leather quality of soccer cleats 3x its price, it has a fairly thick upper, which offers more impact protection and longer life on the soccer field.

Although not much has changed for this 3rd generation’s release, it remains a mystery how Nike managed to offer it at a low price. It’s a price point that other brands cannot beat. The Premier 3 is a top-tier soccer cleat designed for regular-sized feet up to wide feet. And if you can get the best fit in this shoe, you will only spend $110 on it. The Premier 3 has all the elements of a good soccer cleat and looks more stylish than its predecessor.

Adidas Copa Mundial

adidas copa mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial is a soccer legend and is one of the few old-school leather cleats still used by elite players today. Currently, six professional players are using it in goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward positions. It became an instant celebrity in 1982 and may continue to exist for as long as soccer exists.

The Copa Mundial is best for regular-sized feet up to wide feet. It has a classic all-leather design with thicker kangaroo leather that can remind you what it’s like to play in the good old days. The upper feels like a soft armor that shields your foot from any impact. And its long all-conical studs provide stability on firm natural ground. The only downside of the Copa is its traditional stitch pattern, which allows the leather to overstretch over time.

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Adidas Copa Sense.1

adidas copa sense.1

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Center Back, Sweeper, Wingback, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Attacking Midfielder.

Adidas Copa Sense.1 is a narrow-fitting shoe with a roomy toe box. It uses kangaroo leather with FUSIONSKIN, a technology designed to hug your foot with improved flexibility. It also has SENSEPODS and TOUCHPODS technologies inside the shoe to eliminate the negative space and absorb impact energy.

The Copa Sense is a favorite soccer cleat of elite midfielders and forwards. In our view, the lace-up and laceless models are equally good in those roles on the soccer field. Some players complain about the thinner upper, which may have less impact protection. But the Copa Sense is a modern leather cleat, which prioritizes a more barefoot-like touch on the ball.

Adidas Copa 20.1

adidas copa 20.1

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Left/Right Midfielder.

If you are looking for comfort and protection among soccer cleats, don’t look past the Copa 20.1. Many consider the models of Copa as the best Adidas kangaroo leather cleats. And this particular model can give you a plush feel of the ball. It has dependable upper material that will always give you support no matter what you do on the soccer field.

Adidas Copa 20.1 is a favorite leather cleat of professional defenders and midfielders (even attacking midfielders). It offers a precise locked-in fit that is flexible enough to follow the foot in all directions. Although the leather is thicker than most modern leather cleats, it offers an elegant barefoot-like sensation.

Note: The only downside the leather material has is it tends to overstretch, but that will be after a long, long time. So when choosing a leather cleat, go for the snuggest fit that still feels comfortable.

The Best Women’s Soccer Cleats (Synthetic Cleats)

Here’s a list of the best synthetic upper cleats for women (in no particular order):

PUMA Ultra 1.4 Women

puma ultra 1.4 women

Effective positions: Striker, Winger, Central Midfielder, Left/Right Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Center Back, and Sweeper.

PUMA Ultra 1.4 women’s speed cleat is the only shoe we have found specially designed for women soccer players. For that, we commend PUMA for making an excellent model solely for women. It is a special edition of the standard version of the Ultra 1.4. And we hope PUMA will continue making shoes for women.

The Ultra 1.4 women’s edition ticks all the boxes when we talk about the woman’s foot. It has a lower instep and a narrower collar opening to give you the most comfortable fit. It feels slimmer than its predecessor with a much improved upper. PUMA also made a massive improvement in the performance of this soccer cleat.

The Ultra 1.4 is a soccer cleat for the fastest players. It is the most famous PUMA cleat and the lightest soccer shoe (5.47 oz only) you can use in an official match. It has a skin-tight upper that can support multidirectional movements and an aggressive soleplate for quick acceleration.

PUMA Future 1.3

puma future z 1.3

Effective positions: Striker, Center Forward, Central Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Fullback, Wingback, and Goalkeeper.

PUMA Future 1.3 is probably the most versatile soccer cleat in terms of fit. It can be comfortable for any foot type. It has a well-structured upper with a FUZIONFIT+ compression band that locks the foot down through every change of direction. Even the most agile players find it super comfortable.

The Future 1.3 is the official soccer cleat of Neymar Jr. It is also a favorite shoe of soccer veterans like Thiago Silva and Luis Suarez. This agility shoe can do anything on the soccer field. It has a Dynamic Motion System asymmetric outsole with conical-like studs that can perform any role. But be aware that this cleat is longer than usual so you may have to go down half a size to get the best fit.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15

nike zoom mercurial vapor 15

Effective positions: Center Forward, Striker, Attacking Midfielder, Central Midfielder, Left/Right Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, and Fullback.

The models of Nike Mercurial have always been favorable for narrow-footed players. They may have the most structured and supportive upper among speed cleats with the most aggressive soleplate on straight-line acceleration. And between the two models, the Vapor 15 is the most famous among elite soccer players.

Some sports medicine physicians love the Vapor 15 for its perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption. This soccer cleat has a firmer soleplate, which can even out the shock from the ground and prevents forefoot injury.

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New Balance Tekela V3+

new balance tekela v3

If there is one soccer cleat that even narrow-footed male players complain about being narrow, it has to be the Tekela V3+. It is a battle getting a wide foot into this shoe. However, if you find the standard fit slimmer, there is still the wide version that New Balance offers.

New Balance Tekela V3+ is a head-turner, and it becomes more comfortable after your foot adjusts to the shoe. However, a wide-footed player may take a longer time to feel comfortable.

This soccer cleat has a soft lining underneath the knitted upper, which connects to an improved asymmetrical collar. It also has an internal band for a more precise locked-in fit. And it has the same tried and tested soleplate as the previous version with all-conical studs that can provide stability in all directions.

Adidas Predator Freak.1

adidas predator freak.1

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Attacking Midfielder.

Adidas Predator Freak.1 is the most famous control cleat among elite soccer players. It is one of your best options for defensive and midfield positions. This shoe has unique 360° rubber spikes on the upper where the ball meets the foot. These spikes require an adjustment at first but once you become accustomed to the touch and feel of the ball, you will know why the Predator is a favorite soccer cleat.

The Predator Freak.1 is best for regular-sized feet up to wide feet. And if you find the perfect fit, you’ll be wearing the most aggressive-looking soccer cleat with superior control over the ball and the field. This shoe has a CONTROLFRAME outsole with conical-like studs under the forefoot for more stability and quick release.

Adidas X Speedflow.1

adidas x speedflow.1

Effective positions: Striker, Center Forward, Winger, Central Midfielder, Left/Right Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Fullback, Center Back, and Wingback.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 may have the most pliable and softest upper among speed cleats. This shoe is very comfortable and is the best speed cleat Adidas has made. Not only is the Speedflow excellent on straight-line acceleration, but it also has powerful agility features, which helped players (including Leo Messi) reach a new state of speedfulness.

The X Speedflow.1 is best for regular-sized feet. It has a premium engineered lightweight PRIMEKNIT upper, which provides an adaptive fit suitable for even the most quick-reacting players. But what we like the most is its Carbitex SpeedFrame outsole with a carbon insert in the forefoot. We think it is the most ingenious soleplate design among speed cleats.

Final Thoughts

Soccer is a game that requires your footwear to have a precise fit to perform at your best on the soccer field. If you have wide feet, you probably won’t have any problems choosing a soccer cleat. However, after trying a unisex size and none feels right, you may have tried a man’s fit. On this occasion, you have to try other options where it’s best to try the shoe before buying.

Soccer Cleats for Women: Frequently Asked Questions

What cleats do most soccer players wear?

Most elite players wear Nike Mercurials (the Vapor 15 and Superfly 9), with the Vapor 15 as the most popular choice. It has over 2,300 professional players using it in various field positions. The second most famous cleats are the X Speedflow and X Ghosted, with over 1,500 elite players using them for season 2021-22.

What cleats does Ronaldo wear?

Cristiano Ronaldo wears Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Elite for the season 2021-22. He now plays as a Forward for Manchester United in Premier League.

What soccer cleats are pros wearing?

The pros are wearing top-tier soccer cleats. Here are the most famous cleats used by elite players: Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 & Superfly 9, Adidas X Speedflow.1, Adidas Predator Freak.1, Nike Phantom GT2, and Nike Tiempo Legend 9.

Is there a difference between men and women’s cleats?

Women’s soccer cleats have a lower instep, a narrower collar, and a roomy toe box. But among many options, PUMA seems to be the only brand that cared to make a women’s edition (in the Ultra 1.4). Other cleats have one design with a footwear size conversion for men and women.

Can a woman wear men’s football boots?

Yes. Brands only have one design, except for special women’s editions like PUMA Ultra 1.4 FG/AG. But each football boot provides size conversion for men and women. While there is careful consideration for the woman’s foot in terms of sizing, some boots may run wide, which may leave you wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Are soccer cleats gender neutral?

Yes. Soccer cleats only have one design, except for special women’s editions, but will provide footwear size conversion for men and women. However, despite having the correct women’s size, some cleats may run wider and result in poor performance on the soccer field.

What are the most expensive football cleats?

The most expensive football cleats of 2022 are the models of Mizuno Morelia Neo MIJ (Hulk Kickasso and III Beta), Adidas Predator Pulse UCL, and TRU TENACI. Each of these cleats costs over $300.

How much should you pay for soccer cleats?

If you are new to soccer, you can choose a good soccer cleat that costs between $100 and $150. These cleats can last between 5 and 10 months, depending on your role on the soccer field and how often you use them. But if you have already improved in skills and continue to aspire to become an excellent soccer player, the price of your footwear should not matter because you need to invest in a top-tier soccer cleat. These higher-grade shoes will always bring out a better version of yourself.

Why are some soccer cleats more expensive?

The more expensive soccer cleats usually have more technologies and better materials. Top brands always compete with each other and spend a ton of money on research to bring out their best footwear. While the more popular soccer cleats tend to be more expensive, you can also find lesser-known shoes that are excellent on the soccer field. Soccer works by a rule of thumb that the top-tier models perform the best. That said, elite players only use the highest-grade models.

What are the best cheap soccer boots?

The best cheap soccer boots of 2022 are Nike Premier 3, Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro, New Balance Furon V6+ Destroy, Adidas Predator Freak.2, PUMA Ultra 2.3, and PUMA Future Z 2.2. These next-tier boots (except for the Premier 3) benefited from the massive improvements of their top-ranked models.

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