Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2: The Shoe with the Most React Foam

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Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is the running shoe with the most React foam cushioning. It has a midsole thicker than the React Miler, yet its overall weight is more lightweight than the Miler and the ZoomX. Although it is not for the fastest runners, it will go with the foot if you run faster.

If you wear the React Infinity 2 for the first time, you will feel that you have massive protection from the ground. According to Nike’s study, the React Infinity 2 is 52% better than the Air Zoom Structure 22 (Nike’s motion control shoe) at reducing injuries. And it is one of their most tested shoes.

The React foam feels softer and more premium than the Cushlon foam yet is more supportive and stable. I did not feel the knee and hip pains I experienced with my Winflo on longer runs. I can also feel the better energy return Nike is saying in this shoe. And even with the higher stack height, the shoe provides a good assessment of the ground.

nike react infinity run flyknit 2
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The React Infinity 2 has an 8.4 to 9 mm heel-to-toe drop with a rocker geometry, which provides smooth transitions from heel to toe. My running experience on this shoe is much easier than my experience with the Winflo. Although the Winflo is $60 cheaper.

The fact is, I don’t feel like going back to the Winflo for my daily runs after wearing the React Infinity 2. However, it feels like my Winflos have snugger support around the heel and are better for walking on pavement. Besides, the React Infinity 2 looks more like a running shoe than a casual shoe.

There is enough room in the toe box even for wide-footed runners. And the React cushioning under the forefoot is superb. However, if you have extra wide feet, you may have to adjust to the heel clip that extends through the midfoot, which seems to set the width of the rearfoot. I find the plastic/rubber clip supportive, although some runners complain about a poking sensation in the arch.

nike react infinity run flyknit 2
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The heel clip puts the ankle in place so your foot won’t have excess movements while running. This support system works similarly to the Brooks GuideRails, and it helps provide good support for my slightly flat feet. I did not experience knee and hip pain even during long runs, so it does well in cushioning and aligning the feet in the proper position. But I feel this shoe is best for neutral runners and supinators. And I wish it had more arch support.

This shoe is also much better on the pavement than on the running track. And I wish it has a Zoom Air unit on the forefoot. The React Infinity 2 has a wide shape base, which feels more stable even if you don’t tighten the laces. The React patterns in the outsole also provide more comfort to your stride.

The increased rubber at the outsole delivers more grip to the pavement even when it’s wet. Some runners find the traction of the React Infinity 2 better than the Peg 38. Although the React Miler may have slightly better traction than both shoes. But I wish the outsole of this shoe gives more protection to the midsole foam under the midfoot.

The Flyknit upper feels better than the ZoomX. It is super breathable with durable Flywire cables that provide lightweight support and stability regardless of how your foot lands on the ground. These cables connect to the lacing system for a better locked-in fit. However, it may not be good to wear these Flyknits without socks because they don’t have a super-soft lining, especially on the forefoot.

nike react infinity outsole
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The React Infinity 2 is a perfect shoe for easy runs. And some experienced runners would use it for longer runs. It adjusts to your faster pace while delivering exceptional cushioning and shock absorption. But it may not be as agile as the running shoe with a Zoom Air unit in the forefoot.

However, I found one weakness in the upper design – the short and delicate tongue. Although the tongue feels super comfy under the laces and works as it should, it is so short that you won’t get an easy foothold if you want to pull it. I did not do anything to the tongue the first time I put on the shoe for fear that I might tear something.

The tongue stitches itself to the Flyknit upper, where some runners make the mistake of pulling it and tearing the middle portion of the upper. If only the tongue has a normal length, you may not pull it to adjust it.

Final Thoughts

If you are a runner who prioritizes safety and protection, the React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is arguably your best option in the Nike brand. It has the most React foam cushioning, which Nike says is 52% better than the Air Zoom Structure 22 at reducing injuries. The React foam offers excellent energy return and long-lasting cushioning. This shoe also has a super-breathable Flyknit upper, which works well even in hot weather.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about Nike React?

The React foam cushioning is Nike’s longest-lasting foam. It is soft and springy yet supportive and stable. The Nike shoes with React foam usually have a thicker midsole ideal for even heavier runners. They provide a consistent cushion mile after mile. There is much cushioning in this foam, and it has a good energy return to make your stride easier.

What type of shoe is the Nike Infinity React?

Nike Infinity React is a supportive, neutral running shoe. It is the shoe with the most React foam cushioning. It excels on easy runs but is also comfortable at faster paces. Nike also recommends this shoe for walking.

Is Infinity React good for flat feet?

Yes, Infinity React is good for flat feet. Nike recommends the React foam for overpronation because it provides specific cushioning technology that is soft, springy, and stable. The Infinity React also has a heel clip, which helps secure the rear foot so your ankles won’t have extra movements while running.

Are Nike Reacts comfortable?

Yes. Nike React shoes are comfortable even for heavier runners. They usually have thicker midsoles with remarkable cushioning and shock absorption built for easy runs. But these shoes are not slow and could adjust to your speed.

What is the main purpose of a rocker Nike shoes?

A rocker Nike shoe offers three things to your stride: (1) It offers flexibility at toe-off. (2) It provides a smooth transition from heel to toe to make you run more efficiently. (3) It cushions the foot when it hits the ground.

Are Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit good for wide feet?

Yes. The React Infinity Run can fit regular-sized feet up to wide feet. It also has a roomy toe box with excellent cushioning under the forefoot. However, if you have super wide feet, you may struggle in the hindfoot because of the heel clip that seems to set the width of the shoe. But the heel clip will somehow adjust to the width of your foot.

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