Most Comfortable Soccer Cleats of 2021

by | Updated on August 28, 2021

Our top choices among the most comfortable soccer cleats this year are:

  • Non-leather cleat: PUMA Ultra 1.2, a super comfortable speed cleat that can do it all on the soccer field.
  • Leather cleat: Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta, arguably the most comfortable and best-performing leather cleat this year.
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Soccer players looking for the most comfortable football boots will also benefit from an added protection on the soccer field.

While moderate muscle fatigue is just normal if you play the whole game without any substitute replacing you, wearing the wrong boots will definitely make you struggle to reach the 90-minute mark. Uncomfortable football boots will not only give you unnecessary pain, but they’ll also limit your performance big time.

However, with today’s technology and innovations, it’s now easier to find the most comfortable soccer cleats that can match your performance on the soccer field.

Round Studs Vs. Blade Cleats

It is a given fact that the soccer cleats with round studs (or conical studs) are more stable and comfortable than football boots with blade protrusions. However, blade cleats have more grip on the ground and have superior turning ability than boots with round studs. That is why defensive players would usually prefer studs with more blade cleats.

Leather Vs. Synthetic

If you want the most comfortable upper material, go for leather instead of synthetic. Leather material is not only comfortable, but it will also give you the protection you need against impact injury. Leather can last longer than the shoe itself and becomes more comfortable the longer you use it.

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There are plenty of modern, comfortable boots on the market today. And if you need more help in choosing your most comfortable soccer cleat, have a look at our list of the most comfortable soccer cleats for 2021.

Most Comfortable Soccer Cleats of 2021

Here’s a list of the most comfortable football boots:

– Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta –

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ
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The Morelia neo III Beta is Mizuno’s own speed cleat. Weighing only at 7 oz, it has all the qualities of an extremely comfortable boot. In fact, if comfort is your priority, this is one of your best options.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta (made in Japan) has round studs and a soft k-leather upper that feels like a second skin when touching the ball. It competes with any speed cleats but doesn’t seem to get the credit it really deserves. It is an amazing boot; you wouldn’t know how good unless you try.

But you can never go wrong with the Morelia Neo III Beta. In fact, you can wear it all day and still feel comfortable after removing it. This soccer cleat has the best materials that define the highest quality in soccer cleats. It is usually used by the fastest players of the game as well as goalkeepers.

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If you want the most lightweight Morelia model, go for Mizuno Morelia UL Japan. This football boot is made from a lightweight premium k-leather upper and comes only in one color option – classic black/gold.

Another excellent option in comfort is Mizuno Rebula Cup, a soccer cleat with an all-leather upper built for control and speed. The new Rebula Cup model is more comfortable than its predecessor.

– Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite –

nike tiempo legend 9
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Did you know that the models of Nike Tiempo Legend are doctor-recommended for overpronation and flat feet? These problems in the foot and posture can cause the body to be unable to distribute impact optimally. In fact, foot fatigue is common to this problem gait.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 has more lateral and ankle support than most soccer cleats. This new model is better than its predecessor in many ways and now uses soft foam pods underneath its kangaroo leather upper, which help lock the foot down through every change of direction. It isn’t only more lightweight, but it is also more comfortable.

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– Diadora Brasil Elite Tech –

Diadora Brasil Elite Tech
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Diadora Brasil Elite Tech is one of the best soccer cleats for 2021. It has the classic design elements of the 1990’s Diadora boots but having the luxury feel and modern technology that makes it lightweight and highly effective on the soccer field.

This soccer cleat has a premium leather upper design (made in Italy) that controls the ball better, teardrop studs for improved traction in all directions, and an external heel counter for extra stability. The leather material in the models of Diadora Brasil is arguably the best leather quality ever.

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If you want to go for a classic all-leather football boot, go for Diadora Brasil K-Leather. Even the logo on this shoe is hand-made from leather material.

– PUMA Ultra 1.2 –

PUMA Ultra 1.2
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The models of PUMA Ultra are quite possibly the most comfortable speed cleats with the non-leather upper. This soccer cleat has comfortable lining and padding in the right places. But it has a leather option – PUMA Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch – which feels more comfortable than the synthetic model. The Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch is much better than the Ultra 1.1 Leather (and it’s $50 cheaper, too).

PUMA Ultra 1.2 is one of the most lightweight and most comfortable soccer cleats on the market. It directly competes with super famous Adidas X Ghosted and the Nike Mercurials.

This football boot has a MATRYXEVO woven upper (made from reactive Kevlar and Carbon yarns), a technology designed to provide comfortable support during your fastest moments.

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Note: If you want a super comfortable boot with a more barefoot touch on the ball, go for PUMA Ultra 1.3. It’s the latest Ultra model with less padding on the upper, which brings the foot closer to the ball. It’s 3.6 grams more lightweight than the Ultra 1.2 and has an improved upper for better touch and control of the ball.

– Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite –

Nike Mercurial Superfly 8
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Did you know that the models of Nike Mercurial Vapor are doctor-recommended boots for soccer players with plantar fasciitis? Some Sports Medicine physicians say it has the perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption.

But the Superfly 8 and Vapor 14 are almost identical, except for the Superfly’s higher Dynamic Fit collar, which offers a better locked-in fit around the ankle.

These soccer cleats are so good that over 50% of professional players in the UEFA Champions League are using them on every match. In fact, these latest models are arguably the most comfortable Mercurials ever made. And if you want to know which one is Nike’s elite offering, it looks to be the Nike Mercurial Superfly 8.

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– Adidas Copa Mundial –

adidas copa mundial
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If comfort is your priority, you can never go wrong going back to the classic boots. And among the classic designs, Adidas Copa Mundial is our top-rated boot in terms of comfort.

This soccer cleat is one of the most comfortable and supportive cleats for flat feet. In fact, it has excellent arch support that can correct common foot problems. And if this boot is comfortable for the problem gait, how much more comfortable it is if you don’t have issues on your feet.

Adidas Copa Mundial appeared more than 20 years ago. But may continue to exist as long as soccer exists. In fact, around 10 professional players are still using it in the UEFA Champions League. It’s a timeless classic with an all-leather design and conical studs ideal for wet and dry conditions.

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– New Balance Furon V6+ Pro –

new balance furon v6+
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This list won’t be complete without mentioning an amazing soccer cleat coming from a well-known brand that knows the human foot very well. New Balance is a leader in footwear, and it has been outstanding in the soccer world for the past couple of years.

The Furon V6+ is the flagship speed cleat of New Balance. It is extremely comfortable having the upgraded materials and technology of the Furon V6. This soccer cleat has a soft Hypoknit upper with Fit Weave technology, which provides a sock-like fit and great stability even at high speeds. It has a nice lining with padding in the right places.

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– PUMA King Platinum –

PUMA King Platinum
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Perhaps only a few players know how comfortable this soccer cleat is. But you’ll be surprised how snug PUMA King Platinum is on every part of your foot the moment you put it on.

This soccer cleat was the first football boot of Neymar Jr after he moved to PUMA. Although he is now using the FUTURE Z 1.2, he had this boot for several training sessions and even during an actual match. Of course, Neymar used a modified version of the King Platinum to match his skills.

PUMA King Platinum has soft, high-quality k-leather from the front to the back (except for the knitted tongue) for a uniform touch on the ball. It has an external heel counter for extra stability. This clean-looking soccer cleat directly competes with the models of Nike Tiempo Legend and Adidas Copa.

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puma future z 1.2
Image source:

PUMA FUTURE Z 1.2 is Neymar Jr’s official football boot. It is not only gorgeous, but it is also comfortable right out of the box. And if you are as energetic on the soccer field as Neymar, this is the one for you.

PUMA FUTURE Z 1.2 has a unique adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band, a knit construction designed to provide supreme lock-in and support for any movements of the dynamic soccer player. It has an outsole that offers agility, explosiveness, and a responsive take-off in all directions.

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– Nike Phantom GT2 Elite –

nike phantom gt2
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If you are looking for a comfortable and super-wide soccer cleat, Nike Phantom GT2 could be your best option. In fact, the players with narrow feet may have to go down half a size on this one.

Nike Phantom GT2 features a comfortable one-piece Flyknit upper that hugs and follows your foot in all directions. The upper has a unique Generative Texture technology, a grippy texture that can enhance your control of the ball during dribbling and shooting.

This soccer cleat has dynamic traction that makes it stable on the midfoot and responsive on the forefoot. The outsole of the Phantom GT2 is well developed in all aspects and arguably smoother than the Mercurials. You can literally wear it in any position on the soccer field.

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Final Thoughts on the Most Comfortable Football Boots

Don’t let an awkward football boot limit your performance on the soccer field. Raise your game by wearing your most comfortable soccer cleats.

If you are new to soccer or experience foot pain wearing your current boots, the above list of comfortable soccer footwear is a must-have because a high-impact sport like soccer will require nothing less than your best performance during any given match.

But today’s technology and innovations are now on your side. And it’s easier to find the most comfortable football boots that also provide the protection and performance you need to excel in soccer.

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