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Our pick of the best leather soccer cleats:

  • Modern design: Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta, the latest and lightest Morelia Neo. This soccer cleat competes with any leather cleat legend. And it’s the only shoe you need for all your games.
  • Classic design: Adidas Copa Mundial, a timeless soccer cleat that professional players still use today. This boot is super comfortable and supportive, with all-conical studs that help the foot perform better on the ground.

Soccer players prefer leather soccer cleats to get better fit, comfort, and durability. Although these boots come at a higher price, they are worth having because they offer plenty of benefits. And if you are new to soccer, a leather cleat is one of your best options.

The leather material in a modern soccer cleat is breathable and allows airflow to keep your feet cool and dry. It is easy to clean and maintains the best natural smell, being genuine leather. This material is eco-friendly and provides added impact protection to your feet. And if you put leather and synthetic cleats side by side, the leather cleat will look more elegant.

But leather cleats may not be the best footwear to use during extremely wet conditions because they become heavier than synthetic cleats when they absorb liquid. Although the leather material is treated (or waxed) and has a smooth surface that repels water, when it absorbs water, squeezing it out is a hard thing to do.

mizuno morelia neo 3 beta
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Kangaroo Leather Cleats

The k-leather is the choicest material for the leather cleats because it is strong and more lightweight. In fact, kangaroo leather can outlive the soccer cleat itself. And if you are okay wearing leather shoes, you’ll be fine wearing k-leather.

What are the Best Leather Soccer Cleats?

The best leather cleats blend well with the technologies of the boot. They are excellent in performing every function of the soccer cleat regardless of field position.

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Best Mizuno Leather Cleats

– Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta –

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ
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Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta is an all-time favorite soccer cleat because of its consistent design that works since the first Morelia Neo. You can never go wrong with this cleat. And if you choose the MIJ model, it will be the only shoe you need for all your games.

This leather speed cleat is arguably the best option for forwards or strikers looking for leather material. However, there are also professional goalkeepers, defenders, and midfielders using it consistently.

The Neo III Beta fits very well and has one of the best lightweight and barefoot feel. It is only around 5 grams heavier than Nike Mercurial Vapor 14. And has conical studs that provide excellent traction and pivoting ability. See full review »

Shop Morelia Neo III Beta at Soccer »

– Mizuno Morelia II –

mizuno morelia 2
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Mizuno Morelia II has been around six years already. And like the Copa Mundial, this leather cleat also offers timeless performance. It has stood the test of time and may still be around for several years more.

This soccer cleat directly competes with the Copa Mundial and is a viable choice if you want a modern feel in leather cleats. It also feels less bulky than the Copa with its close-to-the-foot construction.

If you choose the model from Japan, you’ll receive a hand-crafted version with the highest quality materials from the ground up. This shoe has a classic-looking outsole with all-conical studs that provide excellent traction and pivoting ability.

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– Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan –

mizuno rebula cup japan
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If you are looking for a leather cleat that is all about comfort and speed, Mizuno Rebula Cup is one of your best options. It has an all-leather upper that has better quality than its predecessor, the Rebula 3. This boot is currently being used by professional goalkeepers and forwards but may also work well in any defensive and midfield positions.

It has a soft k-leather upper with padded zones for precise lock-in, comfortable fit, and added control on the ball. It has a stable and agile outsole, which offers a responsive ride and a more stable base. The soleplate blends well with its stabilizer studs, which provide plenty of stability and grip on the ground.

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Best Nike Kangaroo Leather Cleats

– Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite –

nike tiempo legend 9
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The models of Tiempo Legend are the best Nike kangaroo leather cleats. And this new model could be the best, so far being the most lightweight Tiempo model ever made. Not only that, the Legend 9 comes with a refined upper featuring k-leather + soft foam pods, which offer a better lock-in and touch on the ball than its predecessor.

This new model has a mixed blade and conical studs, which offer more stability, superior turning ability, and quick release from the ground. It has an excellent fit and is most suitable for any field position. See full review »

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– Nike Premier II –

nike premier 2.0
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Nike Premier II is arguably the leather cleat with the best value for money. Although it has a full k-leather upper, the quality is not as good as the premium leather of Diadora Brasil. But if you haven’t tried a leather cleat before, the Premier II is a good starting point.

Not much has changed since the launch of the first Premier. There’s a minimal option for colors, and you can hardly tell if this latest item is better than its predecessor. Nike Premier II continues to have round cleats, which add comfort underneath your foot. See full review »

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Best Adidas Leather Cleats


adidas predcopx superboot
Image source:

This hybrid soccer cleat is not only a mixture of two excellent boots but three. Adidas PREDCOPX SUPERBOOT combines all the best technologies of Predator Freak, Copa Sense, and X Ghosted. But will it replace the three models like Nike Phantom GT replaces the Phantom Venom and Vision? This boot is a limited edition, so you will only see it for a limited time if Adidas won’t convert it into a whole new soccer cleat.

But Adidas PREDCOPX SUPERBOOT is one of the best leather cleats you can have this year. It has rubber spikes on the upper from Predator Freak, soft k-leather with FUSIONSKIN technology and PRIMEKNIT fusion from Copa Sense, and CARBITEX lightweight soleplate from X Ghosted.

Adidas has done a great job putting all the technologies together. It actually makes more sense having a thinner leather upper on this one than in the Copa Sense. And if Adidas can make little tweaks here and there, as well as improve the weight of this boot, it can be the perfect soccer cleat.

– Adidas Copa 20.1 –

adidas Copa 20.1
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Many consider the models of Copa as the best Adidas kangaroo leather cleats. And this latest item doesn’t have much difference compared to its predecessor. Since it’s an Adidas product, it will last longer on the soccer field.

Adidas Copa 20.1 has a soft k-leather upper, which offers a plush and flexible feel each time you touch the ball. And being a genuine leather cleat, it has a precise locked-in and elegant barefoot-like fit.

This soccer cleat weighs 8.4 oz and may need an improvement in weight. Although it’s so efficient on the pitch that many elite players depend on it.

Shop Copa 20.1 at Soccer »

– Adidas Copa Mundial –

adidas Copa Mundial
Image source:

If you love a classic look in soccer cleats, Adidas Copa Mundial is one of your best options. This cleat has been around for many years and is one of the best soccer cleats of all time. It changed little since Adidas first introduced it in 1979. But even today, it has a loyal following of elite players using it on defender positions because of its high-quality materials.

The Copa Mundial is one of the best Adidas k-leather soccer cleats. It has full leather upper, making it heavier than a modern leather cleat. It has a traditional lacing system and well-placed Adidas three stripes. This cleat has longer, round studs, which offer better grip on softer surfaces and more comfort underneath your foot. See full review »

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Other Brands with the Best Leather Soccer Cleats

– PUMA Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch –

PUMA Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch
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This new leather cleat from PUMA is much better than the Ultra 1.1 Leather (and it’s $50 cheaper, too). In fact, the Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch has just been released, but it’s already competing for the top spot in the best leather cleats. And if you love the Ultra 1.2 for its being an all-rounder, you’ll love the leather touch on this new model.

PUMA Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch has a re-engineered premium soft k-leather upper with Lazertouch technology, designed to enhance your touch and control of the ball. It has a knitted slip-on construction, which improves the snug fit of the leather material. And it has the same ultra-fast Pebax SpeedUnit soleplate found in the synthetic model, designed for rapid acceleration on any natural and artificial surfaces.

This soccer cleat is almost identical to the synthetic PUMA Ultra 1.2 model. And considering its overall quality having more volume in terms of soft leather material, it could be the one with the best value for money.

Shop Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch at Soccer »

– Diadora Brasil –

Diadora Brasil
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Any leather cleats review won’t be complete without mentioning this handmade soccer cleat from Italy. Diadora Brasil has a premium k-leather upper and maintains the classic looks of the 1990s Diadora boots but with a subtle modern innovation that keeps it lightweight. It has traditional round studs, which offer a better grip on softer surfaces and more comfort underneath your foot.

This soccer cleat offers a luxury feel and deserves to be at the top of your list of leather cleats. It is simply one of the best World Cup football boots that are still on the market today. Diadora made even the logo on this shoe from leather.

Shop Diadora Brasil at Soccer »

– Umbro Speciali Pro –

umbro speciali pro
Image source:

If you are looking for a classic football boot that directly competes with Adidas Copa Mundial, don’t look past Umbro Speciali Pro. It has a similar soft kangaroo leather upper with more stitching than the Copa Mundial, which helps prevent overstretching of the leather material as you play.

It has a comfortable footbed with a thick and spongy removable insole with raised sidewalls for extra support in the rearfoot region. This boot can fit wide feet and has all-conical studs that provide stability and help the foot function better.

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Final Thoughts

Leather cleats are an excellent option if you want the ultimate comfort in soccer cleats. They look elegant and offer superior comfort, better fit, and durability that can outlive the soccer cleat itself. If you have extra cash for your new pair of soccer cleats, go for the leather material. They are the only boots you need for any match.

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