Best Soccer Cleats for Forwards 2021

by | Updated on August 24, 2021

Our top choices among the best soccer cleats for forwards this year are:

  • Non-leather cleat: Nike Mercurial Vapor 14, the speed cleat used by the majority of the fastest players of the game. It is the best in straight-line acceleration and the best Vapor ever made.
  • Leather cleat: Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta, the best-performing leather speed cleat this year. This new model has the perfect blend of the most premium materials and technology.
nike mercurial vapor 14

No matter how strong your team’s defense is, if you don’t have the attacking players scoring prowess, your team will always end up either in a draw or defeat. You’d want more in a point system game like soccer because the point you’ll get in a draw is only 1. But if you win the game, you will get 3 points.

The soccer forward starts the game in the middle of the field and then spends most of the time on the opponent’s field, even reaching the goal line. But you will seldom see a forward near his own goal line except for a last-minute defense.

If you are a center forward (or striker), you focus on your team’s offensive play, and their ball possession efforts will end up being directed to you. During a tough match, the defenders and midfielders may work harder to get the ball to you so you can strike it to the back of the net of the opposing team.

Any forward can be a second striker whose duty is to create chances for the main striker but will not hesitate if given a chance to score a goal. The second striker should assume a midfield role if needed.

Also, a forward can be a winger on either right or left positions. The winger’s main duty is to dribble the ball past the opposing team’s defenders and pass the ball to the striker.

But regardless of the field position, a great forward must be quick, dominant in ball possession, and has the power to strike the ball with great accuracy on both feet. And when given a chance, he can score a goal with just one touch. However, he may not need to be stronger than the defenders of the opposing team.

What are the Best Soccer Cleats for Forwards?

The best soccer cleats for forwards are speed cleats made with the lightest of materials to help him speed up and change direction quickly. Since forwards tend to be the faster players on the field, their cleats must be lightweight and (as much as possible) offer a barefoot-like touch on the ball.

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Best Soccer Cleats for Forwards

– Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite –

nike mercurial vapor 14

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 is the most famous soccer cleat for forwards. It has arguably the most aggressive outsole (Nike Aerotrak 2 soleplate) that is all about speed with studs that can provide instant traction in all directions. Its Flyknit upper has been stripped down from all distractions so you can have the cleanest ball contact.

You’ll see the Vapor 14 cleat being used anywhere on forward positions – center forward, winger, and inside and outside forward. This latest model has a new Speed Band technology around the forefoot that locks the foot down for powerful acceleration.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 has a microfiber lining named “Avail Q” that enables you to control the ball better. It has an Interior heel cushioning that secures the heel and provides long-lasting cushioning. Another great technology is present in the removable insole – NikeGrip technology – which reduces foot slippage.

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If you want more ankle support, go for Nike Mercurial Superfly 8, the Vapor’s twin brother with a higher Dynamic Fit collar. This model is Nike’s elite offering.

– Adidas X Speedflow.1 –

adidas x speedflow.1

The models of Adidas X are the second most popular speed cleats next to the Mercurials. And if you are an Adidas fan, you’ll be delighted to know how this brand has improved the already magnificent X Ghosted.1 model.

Adidas X Speedflow.1 has a major upgrade on the upper construction but the weight of the shoe remains the same. It now offers a premium engineered lightweight PRIMEKNIT upper that feels more premium and more comfortable than its predecessor. It’s also more pliable and supportive thanks to its new Engineered Agility Frame, which offers better lock-in and stability in every direction.

This speed cleat continues to use the Carbitex SpeedFrame outsole, which is one of the most aggressive outsoles on the market of fast cleats.

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– Nike Phantom GT2 Elite –

nike phantom gt2

Update: This new model has an updated design of the Generative Texture (GT) technology for better control of the ball.

Nike Phantom GT2 is the soccer cleat that can do it all on the field. It is smooth in everything it does. It is excellent on side-to-side movement but won’t hold you back when running at top speed. This new model feels like a wide Mercurial but with the DNA of two great soccer cleats – the Phantom Venom and Vision.

Nike Phantom GT2 has a unique Generative Texture technology all over its one-piece Flyknit upper, which offers the right precision when you touch the ball to control it. The Phantom GT2 also has an all-new Hyperquick system on the outsole, which offers stability and dynamic traction in all directions.

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– PUMA Ultra 1.2 –

PUMA Ultra 1.2

PUMA Ultra 1.2 is arguably the most comfortable non-leather speed cleat. It is well-padded and appears to have more volume than Adidas X Ghosted and Nike Mercurials models. No wonder it is also a favorite speed cleat among defenders and midfielders.

This soccer cleat weighs 5.6 oz only and is usually used by wingers and inside and outside forwards. It has a MATRYXEVO woven upper made from Aramid Fiber and Carbon yarns, designed to follow your foot and support even your fastest movements. It has GripControl Pro technology on the upper, which enhances your control of the ball.

PUMA Ultra 1.2 has a Nano Grip technology on its removable insole, which secures the foot and reduces sliding. It has a Pebax SpeedUnit outsole, which offers optimum traction and fast acceleration.

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– PUMA Ultra 1.3 –

puma ultra 1.3

If you are looking for the most lightweight speed cleat for training and competition, PUMA Ultra 1.3 is your best option. This boot only weighs 5.47 oz but is very comfortable and performs better than the Ultra 1.2. The only drawback is that the skin-tight upper will offer less protection from impact injury. So you have to be extra careful when dealing with defenders who love to tackle to be the first on the ball.

PUMA Ultra 1.3 has MATRYXEVO technology woven upper with transparent mono yarns and Internal SPEEDCAGE for lightweight support at top speeds. It feels snugger than its predecessor and the boot itself is now closer to the foot. In fact, some soccer players say it has a slightly better barefoot-like experience than Adidas X Speedflow.1.

This speed cleat still uses the SpeedUnit outsole from the Ultra 1.2, which is an aggressive outsole that can do it all on the soccer field.

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puma future z 1.2

PUMA FUTURE Z 1.2 is one of the most agile soccer cleats and arguably the one with the best locked-in fit. Designed for comfort, agility, control, and speed, this boot can match the skills of even the most creative and energetic players in the game. It is usually used by wingers, center forwards, and strikers.

The unique feature of the FUTURE Z is its adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band that runs from the arch area all the way to the lateral side of the midfoot. FUZIONFIT+ compresses the entire midfoot, then gives you the power to make explosive movements. This boot also has structured support in the heel and forefoot.

Like any other PUMA boot, the FUTURE Z 1.2 has GripControl Pro technology on its upper for precise ball control. It has a soleplate with studs that goes with your foot through every multidirectional movement.

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– Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite –

nike tiempo legend 9

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 is one of the most comfortable soccer cleats you can wear in any forward position. It’s the most lightweight Tiempo Legend ever and is usually used by inside forwards.

This soccer cleat has a soft lining and comfortable padding in the right places. It has more lateral and ankle support than most soccer cleats. In fact, the models of Nike Tiempo Legend are doctor-recommended soccer cleats for the problem gait.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 has soft foam pods underneath its k-leather upper, which help lock the foot down through every change of direction. This new model now offers a better locked-in sensation. And it has mixed blades and conical studs for stability, excellent turning ability, and quick release from the ground.

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– New Balance Furon V6+ Pro –

new balance furon v6+

New Balance Furon V6+ is one of the best speed cleats available for any forward position. It’s an upgraded version of Furon V6, the official soccer cleat of Sadio Mane, the famous winger of Liverpool. He loves this boot because it’s light and fast. The Furon V6+ is also one of our most comfortable soccer cleats available.

And if you hadn’t tried any New Balance boots before because they weren’t that great, you’d be surprised by how the Furon V6+ performs on the soccer field.

New Balance Furon V6+ has Hypoknit upper with Fit Weave technology, designed to provide structural support and great stability. It has a super comfortable lining with padding in the right places. Its removable shoe insert has infiniGRIP technology, which reduces foot slippage. And it has a pro-level nylon soleplate with a ribbed midfoot, which offers plenty of stability through every change of direction.

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– Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta –

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta is another speed cleat that doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves. It is built for speed and touch and is most suitable for forward and goalkeeping positions. This Morelia model is one of those soccer cleats that are perfect on your feet; you can wear them all day and still feel comfortable after removing them.

This soccer cleat is made in Japan, guaranteed to have the highest quality materials that will stand the test of time. And if you are looking for a soccer cleat that will last long, it is wise to invest in Mizuno products.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta weighs only 7.0 oz. It has a leather upper with an anti-stretch stitch pattern. It has a thin synthetic material in the midfoot that keeps the boot lightweight, offers a barefoot-like touch on the ball, and allows airflow. It has a lightweight mesh in the outsole, which adds stability and responsiveness.

It has conical studs that add more stability and allow your foot to function normally. Although we wished the soleplate and studs on the Morelia Neo III Beta could have been more aggressive in design to be more effective as a speed cleat.

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If you want the most lightweight Morelia model, go for Mizuno Morelia UL Japan. It’s a special edition, which many players and enthusiasts consider as the most comfortable leather cleat.

– Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 –

adidas nemeziz 19.1

Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 is all about agility and touch on the ball. And it has proven to be very effective in any forward position. In fact, Lionel Messi prefers to use this boot than its latest model, Adidas Nemeziz.1, which seems to have lost its popularity.

Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 has everything you need to be agile and unpredictable on the soccer field. It has a low-cut v-shaped collar, which gives the ankle the rotational freedom it needs. It has a Tensiontape on the upper that supports the foot in all directions and offers a barefoot-like touch on the ball. This boot has a split soleplate, which offers complete freedom of movement.

There can only be one player left on the opponent’s territory to challenge all the defenders – the striker when his team is in a defensive situation. Time and time again has been proved that when defenders give the striker enough distance, he can score a crucial goal for his team. And after doing that, he can retreat to a defensive position until the game is over. But even at the halfway line, an excellent forward can score a goal if the goalkeeper loses focus.

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Final Thoughts

Did you know that the game’s best defenders also wear the most lightweight soccer cleats to match your speed and strength as a forward?

If you are a forward, it’s a must that you wear the most lightweight soccer cleats. Not only that, these speed cleats must be responsive enough to propel you forward and enable you to change direction with ease, even at high speeds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Best Soccer Cleats for Speed?

The best cleats for speed are speed cleats because they are the lightest soccer cleats and are best in straight-line acceleration. The top speed cleats this year are the models of Nike Mercurial, Adidas X Speedflow, PUMA Ultra, and New Balance Furon.

What are the Best Football Boots for Winger?

The best football boots for winger are speed cleats that are excellent on straight-line acceleration. The best examples of these boots are Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 & Superfly 8, New Balance Furon V6+, Adidas X Speedflow.1, PUMA Future Z 1.2, and PUMA Ultra 1.3.

What are the Best Football Boots for Attacker?

If you are a soccer forward, you need the most lightweight boots with soleplates that can give you power during straight-line acceleration, quick cuts, and full stops. Your boots must have an upper construction with a superior grip on the ball and a cleaner ball contact that can enable you to shoot the ball with just one touch. The best examples of these boots are the models of Nike Mercurial, Adidas X Speedflow, and PUMA Ultra.

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