Altra Footwear One 2.5

Altra Footwear One 2.5 is a zero-drop running shoe most ideal for running, racing, speed work, training, and walking. This shoe has a generous toe box which can make your toes splay comfortably. You’ll love this shoe for its quick-dry and breathable mesh, improved durability, better traction, responsive ride, and flexibility. Shoe experts and runners consider this shoe as #1 best Altra running shoe.

According to actual consumer reviews, Altra Footwear One 2.5:

  • is the best running shoe they’ve had in years
  • has a huge toe box that can make your toes happy
  • is super light and easy to move in
  • the fit is perfect and it looks good, too
  • so light, flexible, cushioned, and the toe box is just right
  • it’s built for runners
  • the shoe is fantastic even for people with achy knees and Achilles issue
  • the shoe hasn’t caused any blister
  • favorite shoe ever
  • feet and legs feel great even after 1/2 marathon

This shoe can help heal the following problems:

Tip: Although, it’s more convenient getting a new pair of shoes online, make sure to measure your shoe size properly. If you’re shifting to a new brand, you may need to take time with your local running specialty shop to make sure you get the perfect fit.