Best Brooks Supination Shoes for 2021

by | Updated on August 29, 2021

Our top choices among the best Brooks supination shoes this year are:

  • Road running shoe: Brooks Ghost 14, a neutral shoe with plenty of cushioning, energy, and comfort for long runs.
  • Trail running shoe: Brooks Caldera 4, a low-profile, neutral trail runner that can force your feet in the proper alignment and relieve aches and pains.
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Brooks Running is an athletic shoe manufacturer that promises to build great running gear to help the runner run better than the last. This company is known for its performance technology in running shoes, which started its success in 2001 after suffering a brief difficulty near the end of the 70s. Brooks became the top-selling brand in 2011 and continued to grow since then.

Runners love Brooks for its technology that works, its environmental sustainability programs, and its technical innovation. In fact, some running experts believe that Brooks shoes are the best running shoes. Indeed, this company has received various awards coming from different running communities. The best awards include Editor’s Choice, Most Cushioned, Best for Speedwork, and Best Daily Trainer.

If you supinate and you are looking for the best shoes, Brooks is one of the brands that won’t disappoint.

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What are the Best Brooks Supination Shoes?

The best Brooks supination shoes are either supportive, neutral shoes or support shoes with stabilizing features that can counter supination.

Here are the shoe features to look for:

  • A thicker midsole
  • A dependable cushioning on the outside of the shoe
  • Excellent heel cushion
  • Soft materials that can help even out the pressure from the ground

Note: If you have supination but don’t have foot issues, you can wear any cushioned running shoes that feel comfortable and supportive to your feet.

How We Choose an Athletic Shoe

We spend many hours testing new athletic shoes and reading new technologies, expert advice, and consumer testimonials on various foot types. And we choose the best athletic shoes for a specific foot type.

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Best Brooks Underpronation Shoes for Road Running

– Brooks Ghost 14 –

brooks ghost 14
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Brooks Ghost 14 is a Brooks best seller. This running shoe has a level 4 cushioning, a lot of cushioning, energy, and comfort for short and long runs. The Ghost 14 offers super smooth transitions with the help of its DNA LOFT technology, which now extends from the heel to the forefoot. This technology helps control supination.

This well-cushioned shoe is perfect for long runs where you need plenty of support for those long miles. It has a breathable Engineered Air Mesh upper, which conforms to the shape of your foot for a comfortable locked-in fit even if your foot rolls outward. And it has a roomier toe box, which is ideal for the regular feet up to wide feet.

If you love the technology of Brooks Ghost 14 but want to add a softer locked-in fit, go for Brooks Glycerin 19, which has the plushest cushioning.

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– Brooks Revel 4 –

brooks revel 4
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If you are looking for a less expensive shoe for supination, Brooks Revel 4 is quite possibly your best option. This shoe is packed with modern features and offers excellent support even if you are quick on your feet.

Brooks Revel 4 has an updated arrow-point pattern in the outsole, which allows you to make well-supported quick transitions from heel to toe. This running shoe has a stylish Fit Knit upper, which hugs and secures the foot even if it supinates. And it has Brook’s BioMoGo DNA technology, which adapts to your speed. This technology helps control supination. The BioMoGo DNA cushion is backed by a grippy, durable, and thinner Green Rubber outsole for a springy feel.

What makes the Revel 4 versatile is its modern look. This running shoe is as good-looking as when you wear it during and after the workout. Having at least 9 options for color, this running shoe will look good on any casual wear.

If you love Brooks and you’re looking for another affordable shoe for supination, go for Brooks Launch 8, which is one of the most affordable running shoes.

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– Brooks Levitate 4 –

Brooks Levitate 4
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If you’re looking for a springy and responsive ride, Brooks Levitate 4 is one of your best options. This shoe is one of the few running shoes with DNA AMP technology, a springy and responsive foam technology with a best-in-class energy return. This technology also helps control supination.

The Levitate 4 has a level 5 cushioning, which means it has a maxed-out cushion. This running shoe is fast, thanks to its arrow-point pattern on the outsole, which allows your foot to move quickly from heel strike through toe-off. And to make the shoe more comfortable, it has a Fit Knit Upper, which is lighter, soft, and breathable.

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– Brooks Hyperion Tempo –

Brooks Hyperion Tempo
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If you are fast on your feet or are training to be quicker, Brooks Hyperion Tempo is for you. This shoe is one of the lightest Brooks running shoes, but it offers a level 4 cushioning, which is a lot of cushioning, energy, and comfort, whether you’re running short distances or long distances. The Hyperion Tempo is most suitable for competitions.

This running shoe has a DNA FLASH midsole, which is nitrogen-filled and is built for speed. This new foam cushioning is lightweight and offers the best energy return, which can adapt to your unique style of running. The DNA FLASH technology also helps control supination.

The Hyperion Tempo comes with a stretchy woven upper designed to give you comfort and breathability regardless of speed to enhance your running performance.

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Best Brooks Underpronation Shoes for Trail Running

– Brooks Cascadia 15 –

Brooks Cascadia 15
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If you are looking for a well-cushioned trail running shoe, Brooks Cascadia 15 is one of your best options. This trail runner has level 4 cushioning, which is a lot of cushioning, energy return, and comfort even for long runs.

This running shoe has BioMoGo DNA technology, which adapts to your speed. This technology helps control supination because it has a lasting cushion. This latest item of the Cascadia has a Pivot Post System, which offers stability on any terrain, engineered mesh upper and 3D Fit Print for enhanced breathability and fit, plenty of shield from debris and rocks, and TrailTack traction for a better grip on any surface. For winter running, use Brooks Cascadia 15 GTX.

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– Brooks Caldera 4 –

Brooks Caldera 4
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Brooks Caldera 4 has a lower heel-to-toe drop (4 mm), which may work well with those who have knee and hip issues. The lower drop can help redirect pressure off your knee and hip but may require more calf flexibility and ankle mobility.

This trail runner is on the heavier side, but it has a level 5 cushioning, the most cushion you can get in a shoe. The Candera 4 has a thicker midsole (so you are raised higher than most trail shoes) and a soft cushioning, which offers a stable ride. The enhanced BioMoGo DNA technology adapts to your speed and offers support that can last even for long runs. This shoe comes with TrailTack traction that grips any trail surface.

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– Brooks Divide 2 –

Brooks Divide 2
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If you start as a trail runner, you need a trail shoe, which offers everything you need – the right support, the right weight of the shoe, ideal heel-to-toe drop, and excellent off-road traction. Brooks Divide 2 offers these things.

This latest item of Brooks Divide has a level 4 cushioning, which means a lot of cushioning, energy return, and comfort even for long runs. On paper, this latest item is heavier by 1.1 oz than its predecessor, but it comes with improved technology.

Brooks Divide 2 is nimble and comfortable with a breathable mesh upper, which offers a locked-in fit. It has a comfortable shield against rocks and debris with a plush BioMoGo DNA midsole foam, which offers a lasting cushion that can adapt to your speed. The Divide 2 has a roomy toe box and secure traction thanks to its TrailTack outsole, which can grip any trail surface.

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– Brooks Catamount –

Brooks Catamount
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This new trail runner has quickly become a favorite shoe because of its comfort, clean looks, versatility, and traction. Awarded as Gear of the Year by Outside Magazine, this shoe has a lot to show as an all-rounder.

Brooks Catamount is lightweight and fast with just the right amount of heel-to-toe drop. This trail runner uses a DNA FLASH midsole, which offers smooth transitions and a springy ride that can propel you forward at a faster pace. This technology helps counter supination and aligns your feet.

This trail runner comes with rugged protection that can shield your foot from debris and rocks and TrailTack traction for a better grip on any surface.

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Final Thoughts on Brooks Shoes for Supination

Brooks Running has gone a long way when it comes to success since it first started focusing its brand on running in 2001. Having launched the first models of the Adrenaline GTS (the best-selling running shoe of all time) and Beast (a best seller) in 1992, it continued to produce more running shoes of excellent lineage.

Brooks always puts its best foot forward when it comes to technical innovation. It has a loyal following in the community of runners all over the world. In fact, you’ll always see Brooks shoes at the top of the list of the most sought-after running shoes available today.

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Are Brooks Revel for supination?

Yes, Brooks Revel is for supination. It’s in the list of supination shoes.

Which Brooks shoes correct supination?

There are 5 top models of Brooks running shoes that can correct supination – Ghost, Revel, Levitate, Hyperion Tempo, and Launch.

Is Brooks Adrenaline GTS for supination?

No. The Adrenaline GTS is a stability shoe and is best for overpronation and flat feet.

Is Brooks Ghost good for supination?

Yes, Brooks Ghost is a top Brooks supination shoe. And it’s one of the best neutral running shoes.