Adidas Predator Freak .1: The Most Famous Control Boot

Updated by | Published: October 17, 2021

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If you are a defender or midfielder looking for a control boot that can help bring out the better version of yourself on the soccer field, Adidas Predator Freak .1 is one of your best options. It is the most famous control soccer cleat surpassing Nike Phantom GT2 in popularity by a consistent small margin.

Adidas Predator Freak .1 is the third most famous soccer cleat, narrowly beaten by the X Speedflow, with over 1,070 professional soccer players using it in major competitions. Most midfielders love it, but you’ll also see professional goalkeepers and defenders using it in their respective positions on the pitch.

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The Predator Freak .1 Design

This soccer cleat is the most aggressive-looking boot not just in the Adidas lineup but across all brands of soccer cleats. It has a unique 360° coverage of DEMONSKIN rubber spikes, which offer extra grip on the ball. This latest generation has more evenly distributed rubber spikes than its predecessor, and the materials used from the sole to the upper look more elegant, too.

The rubber spikes of the Predator Freak have the most grippy sensation among control boots and may require a period of adjustment. But once you get used to the touch of the ball, you’ll know how great this boot is. This added technology on the upper offers superior control and increased ball swerve when you kick the ball.

The outsole uses a CONTROLFRAME technology with separate plates under the heel and forefoot. The new soleplate features tractions studs for optimal grip, power, and control on any natural surface.

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Fit and Feel

This soccer cleat looks and feels more premium than its predecessor and is more comfortable, too. The upper PRIMEKNIT construction now has a better locked-in fit and is softer, more pliable, and conforms to the shape of your foot better. Although the low-cut, lace-up version is the more popular choice, the laceless top-tier model is equally effective and works best for those who prefer laceless boots and less distraction on the upper when controlling the ball.

What Player Position is Best for Adidas Predator Freak .1?

The Predator Freak is a control boot that does a bit of everything on the soccer field. It’s an all-rounder with the best grip and control on the ball. It can even make the ball serve when making passes and power shots. Its lightweight CONTROLFRAME outsole and new traction studs will give you confidence in multidirectional movements.

However, this soccer cleat is heavier than Adiddas’ speed cleat, the Speedflow .1, by around 1 oz, and the outsole is not as fast as the Carbitex SpeedFrame outsole of the Speedflow. So it is best for roles that don’t go beyond the midfield area.

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Should You Choose a Takedown Model?

The top-tier laceless model costs $275, while the next-tier lace-up model costs $250. These soccer cleats are on the expensive side. They are most suitable for advanced players participating in big tournaments and leagues.

However, because of the significant improvements to this new iteration, the takedown model, Freak .2, which costs $130, will be a viable choice for beginners in soccer and those who are still rapidly growing. This low-tier model feels like the top lace-up model but has different materials and less technology. And it’s heavier by around 1.5 oz, too.

Final Thoughts

Adidas Predator Freak .1 is a soccer cleat like no other and what it does best has (so far) no equal. Although it is a little heavier and not as fast as any top speed cleat on the market, it has all the features that can let you gain control in soccer. And if you spend most of the time taking care of your team’s field and defending it, don’t look past this Adidas model for your next soccer cleat.

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