20 Best Soccer Cleats for Defenders (Speed & Leather Cleats)

At its core, the best soccer cleats for defenders have superior turning ability and quick release.

If you are a defender, you will wear your cleats quicker than any other player on the pitch.

Defenders have the most physical role compared to other roles on the soccer field. They must be stronger (or equal in strength) as the forwards of the opposing team so they can put a stop to any scoring attempt. Plus, defenders must change direction quicker than the opponent to intercept the ball and stop any offensive strategy.

These powerful movements put rough treatment on your soccer cleats but is very rewarding if you are able to defend your goal on a crucial match. Winning a game sometimes depends on how well the defensive lineup is after your team has scored a crucial goal.

Defenders must be dependable at all times, whether they are in the center-back, sweeper, full-back, and wing-back positions. In fact, defensive positions need nothing less than the player’s best performance to avoid costly mistakes that can leave the goalkeeper open and vulnerable to the opposing team’s striker.

What are the best soccer cleats for defenders?

The best soccer cleats for defenders have the following features:

  • better grip on the ground
  • speedy recovery so that the player can run back into position
  • better stability for lateral movements and for quick change of direction

With that said, the best soccer cleats for defenders are blade cleats. They are thinner, have a better grip on the ground, and offer superior turning ability. Although blade cleats are less stable compared to round cleats. But every defender can live with it because of the defensive traits they offer.

best soccer cleats for defenders

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In this post, we will feature the best soccer cleats that top defenders of the world use for 2019-2020.

Best Soccer Cleats for Defenders (Firm Ground Cleats)

Here’s a list of the best soccer cleats for defenders with famous players using them (in no particular order):

1. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 – Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid CF
2. Nike Phantom Vision 2 – Daniel Carvajal, Real Madrid CF
3. Nike Magista Opus II
4. Nike Tiempo Legend VII
5. Nike Phantom Venom – Andrew Robertson, Liverpool FC
6. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7 – Junior Firpo, FC Barcelona
7. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 – Nelson Semedo, FC Barcelona
8. adidas Predator 19.1 – Nacho Fernandez, Real Madrid CF
9. adidas Predator 20.1 – Ferland Mendy, Real Madrid CF
10. adidas Predator 20+ – Alvaro Odriozola, FC Bayern Munich

Did you know that a successful full-back can assume other roles on the soccer field such as outside midfielder, defensive midfielder, and offensive midfielder and still be effective? There is no doubt that a defender who is dominant in ball possession can be an excellent midfielder too.

A successful defender can score a goal while in a midfield position. And he is a feared opponent in the air during corner kicks.

11. adidas X 19.1 – Marcelo, Real Madrid CF
12. adidas Nemeziz 19.1 – Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Manchester United FC
13. adidas Nemeziz 19+ – Eder Militao, Real Madrid CF
14. adidas Copa Mundial
15. adidas Copa 19.1 – Joel Matip, Liverpool FC
16. adidas X 18.1
17. Under Armour Magnetico – Trent Alexander-Arnold, Liverpool FC
18. PUMA ONE 20.1 – Harry Maguire, Manchester United FC
19. PUMA FUTURE 5.1 – Dejan Lovren, Liverpool FC
20. PUMA King Platinum – Romelu Lukaku, Inter Milan

For those defenders who want better grip on the ground and quick release when running and changing directions, they must choose the soccer cleats with mix blade and round protrusions.

The mix blade and round studs will give you superior support for lateral movements so you can make a quick change of direction and quick release from ground at the crucial moment as you run to help your team on a counter-attack.

There is a growing number of amateur and professional soccer players who prefer the mix blade and round studs because they have the best of both worlds: stability, superior turning ability, and quick release from ground.

Mix blade and round cleats are very useful for wing-back defenders whose roles put heavier emphasis on the attack.

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