New adidas Soccer Cleats to Try in 2021

Our top pick in the new adidas soccer cleats is adidas X Ghosted.1.

If you are looking for a dependable soccer cleat that can last longer and has a solid reputation for performance, don’t look past these adidas soccer cleats because each of them is an easy choice. In fact, over 37 percent of professional soccer players prefer the adidas brand over other brands. This shoe maker has soccer cleats for every field position, which can greatly improve your game.

Having first developed the spiked running shoes in 1924, this German corporation continues to enhance the quality of spiked athletic footwear. And the innovations continue with its modern soccer cleats, which made them the favorites of famous soccer players like Lionel Messi, Karim Benzema, Diogo Jota, and Mohamed Salah. But adidas is not only famous in footwear, it is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe.

New adidas Soccer Cleats to Try in 2021

There are many types of soccer cleats but in this article, we will feature only the newest firm ground cleats.

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– adidas X Ghosted.1 –

Many consider the models of adidas X as the most comfortable and nimble speed cleats. And if you want to be the first on the ball, adidas X Ghosted.1 is the new speed cleat for you. Weighing only at 6.5 oz, the X Ghosted.1 is the favorite boot by some of the fastest players of the game today.

This soccer cleat feels similar to the Mercurial Vapor 14 (including the touch on the ball), which is Nike’s number one speed cleat. Although if you have narrow feet, you might be more comfortable wearing adidas X models, while, the Vapor 14 will be more comfortable if you have a wider foot.

Having the roots of a speed boot, this latest item of adidas X has a more lock-in fit than its predecessor. It now has a unique carbon fiber in the outsole to help you propel forward and go faster. And it has a semi-translucent Fluroskin upper, which molds to the shape of your foot like a second skin. This new appearance makes the boot more attractive.

The only sacrifice you are to make wearing speed cleats like the Ghosted.1 is, since they are super thin, it will hurt when your foot is stepped on by another player.

If you want a laceless boot, go for adidas X Ghosted+.

– adidas Nemeziz.1 –

The Nemeziz has always been Lionel Messi’s soccer cleat since it was first introduced to the soccer world. Although adidas has tweaked the actual Messi boot to help him maximize his performance on the soccer field, if you are on the same position as Messi, adidas Nemeziz.1 is one of your best options.

Although Messi still wears the Nemeziz 19.1, this new item in the Nemeziz lineup is worth trying for a few good reasons.

First, adidas Nemeziz.1 is an upgraded Nemeziz 19.1, which means this improved soccer cleat is designed with the most agile and unpredictable players in mind.

Second, it continues to use Tensiontape and Torsionframe technologies (but have already improved them) in the upper, which hug your foot and give a barefoot feel at the same time support multidirectional movements as you twist and turn in the defensive lineup of the opposing team.

If you want a laceless boot, go for the adidas Nemeziz+.

– adidas Copa Sense .1 –

If you are looking for a k-leather boot, adidas Copa Sense .1 is arguably the most elegant-looking soccer cleat this year. This latest model of the Copa has been through plenty of changes but it feels like having a lesser leather material than its predecessor, the Copa 20.1. It has a roomier toe box compared to its predecessor but is still best suited for players with narrow feet.

As the name suggests, the Copa Sense .1 now has SENSEPODS technology designed to eliminate negative space around the ankle and achilles, which you will like a lot. It has a new TOUCHPODS technology placed on both the medial and lateral sides of the boot, which absorb impact from the ball so it won’t go through your foot.

adidas Copa Sense .1 continues to use the FUSIONSKIN technology on its leather upper, which adds more flexibility and resists water during wet conditions. The FUSIONSKIN combines with the upper knit material to deliver a second-skin-like fit when the upper of the boot molds to your foot.

If you want a laceless soccer cleat, go for adidas Copa Sense+.

– adidas Predator Freak .1 –

adidas Predator Freak .1 is an improved Predator 20.1 with several changes but only a couple of obvious ones. But the price went up by $25. So should you upgrade to this new boot or choose the Predator 20.1 instead?

If you put the Predator Freak .1 side by side with its predecessor, this latest item in the Predator lineup will look more premium in terms of material.

The Predator Freak .1 uses a new Demonskin rubber elements on the upper, which now covers the front and sides of the boot. adidas calls the new design a 360° coverage. These rubber spikes will help you control the ball better and increase ball swerve during power shots.

adidas Predator Freak .1 also comes with a new PRIMEKNIT collar, which gives you more freedom of movement and an ensured lock-in fit around the midfoot and ankle. It continues to use a lightweight CONTROLFRAME outsole, a split sole plate, which offers a more comfortable and responsive ride.

if you want a laceless boot, go for the adidas Predator Freak+.

Final Thoughts

Choosing your best soccer cleats is crucial in soccer. And as you develop your skills and become more competitive, you will compete on higher level tournaments where perfection is required to become the champion. If this is the year to do it, you have to rely on the most improved soccer cleats.

When it comes to established brands, adidas is at the top of the game and you can never go wrong choosing any of its soccer cleats for your field of play. Besides, these new soccer cleats from adidas are from their upgraded previous tested and proven boots.

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