5 Best Nike Overpronation Shoes of 2023

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Our topmost choices for the best Nike Overpronation shoes:

  • Strategic cushioning: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 — the running shoe with the most React foam cushioning. The React technology offers soft, stable, and springy midsole cushioning recommended by Nike for overpronators.
  • Durable stability: Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 — a stable and well-cushioned running shoe, which offers balanced cushioning. It has more cushioning than some Nike shoes with a versatility of a daily trainer.

Overpronation is a foot strike common to around 57 percent of the population. While many overpronators may not complain of any issues in the lower limb, this problem gait can cause pain in the heel, shin, and knee (which could spread up the thigh and hip).

If you have an exaggerated inward roll of the foot, it misaligns your knee, the most injury-prone part of the lower limb when you run. So to solve the problem, you need shoes designed with overpronation in mind. These shoes have more cushioning and better arch support that keeps the entire lower limb in alignment.

Here is Nike’s answer to overpronation in this Q&A: What Shoes Are Best for Overpronation?

nike react infinity run flyknit 3

Strategic Cushioning. Nike recommends the React shoes to give overpronators strategic cushioning. The React technology offers a soft, stable, and springy ride enough to cushion impact without decreasing energy.

According to Nike, this midsole foam can reduce injuries. Although you may long for more arch support on these shoes because they feel neutral on the feet, the React foam is excellent at giving cushioning and stability that can eliminate pain in the lower limb.

Durable Stability. Nike offers balanced cushioning for overpronation. These shoes are stable and well-cushioned. And they give the right amount of cushioning that is not overly soft, flexible, or stiff but can provide durable and dependable stability mile after mile.

What are the best Nike shoes for overpronation?

Finding the best Nike overpronation shoes won’t be hard. Nike is one brand whose shoes have obvious arch supports. Although you may not find a true stability shoe among Nike running shoes.

But the best Nike shoes for overpronation have firm arch support, strategic cushioning, and durable stability. Two foam technologies will play a key role in giving more cushioning and better arch support for your feet – React and Zoom Structure.

The Best Nike Shoes for Overpronation

Here’s a list of the best Nike shoes for overpronation (in no particular order):

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24

nike air zoom structure 24

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 has a lineage of true stability running shoes and could be your best choice if you have overpronation. Although the Zoom Structure had already transformed into a stable shoe that feels neutral on the feet starting with the 23rd iteration, it still provides plenty of support for overpronators.

This running shoe has a wide base, which can naturally add more stability to your run. It has a CMP 010 midsole foam designed with more volume on the medial side to help prevent too much inward roll of the foot. Its crash pad at the heel also provides extra cushioning and prevents overpronation. The Zoom Structure 24 has a new supportive upper that feels plush and a super durable rubber outsole that can last for hundreds of miles of running.

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Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3

nike react infinity run flyknit 3

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 is arguably your best option in the React shoe lineup if you want the most React foam. It has the thickest React midsole foam cushioning designed to be soft, stable, and springy on the feet. Although it may have less obvious support for overpronation compared to the Zoom Structure 24, Nike says it is 52% better than the old Air Zoom Structure 22 (Nike’s motion control shoe) at reducing injuries.

The React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 provides excellent stability and alignment in the foot. It eliminates pain in the lower limb while running. The React foam feels softer than the Cushlon foam, with plenty of stability and energy return. The rocker-shaped sole also provides a smooth ride. And its Flyknit upper is super breathable (with added Flyknit for this latest model) and feels better than the upper of the ZoomX.

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Nike React Miler 2

nike react miler 2

Nike React Miler 2 is a wide-fitting running shoe with a stable base that gives inherent stability to your run. The React midsole on this shoe is only around 2 mm thinner than the React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 but still offers plenty of cushioning, even for heavier runners. The rocker-shaped midsole foam provides flexibility at toe-off, cushioning, and a smooth ride. It can give you a good workout on the road or on the treadmill.

This running shoe has a supportive upper that can provide an excellent locked-in fit so your foot will not move from side to side or slide inside. The band at the midfoot tightens around your foot when you lace up. It even has added protection in the forefoot against objects on the ground if you decide to run on a light trail. However, it may not be as breathable as React Infinity Run Flyknit 3 in hot weather.

Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2

nike react phantom run flyknit 2

If you want a zero-distraction fit, go for the React Phantom Run Flyknit 2. It is Nike’s laceless performance running shoe with React midsole foam. You can trust the laceless design in a top brand like Nike because this idea has been around for years already. Even in soccer, where the fit must be precise, leading brands have laceless soccer shoes that excel even in high-level competitions.

Nike React Phantom Run Flyknit 2 has a similar sole design as the React Infinity Run Flyknit 3, but with added molding around the heel for more security in the rear foot. It has a Flyknit upper with the latest Flywire cables, which provide elastic support that goes with the foot as you run. And like the React Infinity Run Flyknit 3, you can also feel the arch support on this shoe.

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Nike React Escape Run

nike react escape run

Nike React Escape Run is a shoe built for running on city streets. It has trusty React midsole foam cushioning with a wider base, which provides a soft, stable, and responsive ride. It also has a durable rubber outsole that can withstand the rigors of running on pavement. The outsole has multidirectional traction, so you can be ready to change direction on any street corner.

This running shoe can fit wide feet, and it has a roomy toe box. The upper is breathable, but it may be best for running in colder weather. The React foam is not overly soft, and it provides plenty of stability and support to the foot. The React foam is Nike’s longest-lasting foam, so expect this shoe to last for a long time. The Nike rubber outsole is also well-known for its durability on the pavement.

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Insoles for Overpronation and Flat Feet

Here’s a list of the best athletic insoles for overpronation and flat feet:

1. Superfeet Premium Black
2. Superfeet Premium Yellow
3. Spenco Ironman Train Insole
4. Spenco Total Support Original
5. Birkenstock Birko Sport
6. New Balance 3720 Arch Stability
7. VIONIC Oh Active Orthotic
8. VIONIC Oh Relief
9. Powerstep Original
10. Powerstep Comfortlast

Nike Shoes for Overpronation: Frequently Asked Questions

Are Nike React good for overpronation?

Yes. Nike recommends the React shoes for overpronation. The React midsole foam is soft, stable, and springy and can provide specific cushioning needed for overpronation. This foam is not overly soft and absorbs impact without decreasing the energy return of each stride.

Is flat foot overpronation?

Overpronation is, in general, caused by flat feet. And it can cause the body to be unable to distribute impact optimally. With flat feet, you can suffer pain in the heel, shin, knee, thigh, and hip.

Is Nike Pegasus 38 a stability shoe?

No. Nike Pegasus 38 is a neutral running shoe. But it has a React midsole foam, which offers soft, stable, and responsive cushioning that can reduce injuries. The React foam is Nike’s longest-lasting foam, and it may provide strategic cushioning for some overpronators. However, you may struggle with this shoe if you have wide feet.

Do Nike running shoes have arch support?

Yes. Nike running shoes have noticeable arch support. Even their cheaper shoes have arch support. But if you want serious support for overpronation, go for the shoes with firm arch support. Nike also recommends the React and Zoom Structure foam technologies for this type of problem gait.

Are Nike Reacts good for flat feet?

Yes. Nike React shoes are good for overpronation and flat feet. This midsole foam is soft and springy but will provide the stability you need. It is also excellent in absorbing shock and provides strategic cushioning and better arch support.

Are Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit good for wide feet?

Yes. The React Infinity Run Flyknit can fit wide feet. It also has a roomy toe box with superb forefoot cushioning. This running shoe has the most React midsole foam. Even if you are a heavy runner, it will provide enough cushioning and stability. The upper is also super breathable yet provides structured support that follows the foot as you run.

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