Telic Sandals Review: a 6-month Experience

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The simplest words that can describe Telic sandals are comfortable, flexible, and supportive. These sandals are true recovery footwear. And they work best for people with foot issues. But are they the perfect recovery sandals for you? Find out what we like and dislike about these sandals.

The Telic recovery sandals have anatomically correct footbeds and a deep heel cup fit for people with postural deformities. They help align your lower limb so it can support your body with ease. Each sandal has excellent arch support. This design offers an even weight placement under the foot. It reduces the stress during foot strike until your foot pushes off to complete your step.

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Overpronators and those with flat feet can enjoy a Telic shoe because it has excellent arch support. Even though the sandal is soft all the way from one end to the other, the arch support is dependable. And it can prevent over-flattening of the arch. This makes your arch work and helps carry the weight, reducing pressure on the foot.

Supinators and those with high arches can also enjoy these sandals because they have a soft midsole. The supinated foot motion is rigid (or less flexible) during different phases of the gait cycle, and it needs a flexible shoe to adapt to the roll of the foot. This makes Telic the right footwear because they can allow your feet to be as flexible as possible without sacrificing support and comfort.

We were pleased with the Novalon material in these sandals because it is durable, bounce better, and absorbs shock longer than a normal shoe.

Notable Features

  1. Heat-activated. Telic material reacts to your body temperature as the sandal conforms to the shape of your foot.
  2. Arch support. Each of these sandals has excellent arch support that can take the pressure off your heel. These sandals have a deep heel cup, too, which cradles the heel during foot strikes. The arch support and deep heel cup are excellent for people with postural deformities.
  3. Novalon material. This material rebounds better, absorbs shock longer, and lasts longer than a normal shoe.
  4. Textured footbed. These sandals have a unique textured footbed that provides massaging effect and a cooling airflow under the foot.

Telic recovery sandals can work well with the following foot conditions:

  • Plantar Fasciitis, which is a common overuse injury affecting the heel and bottom of the foot.
  • Heel Spur, which is a bony bump on the heel made of calcium deposits.
  • Arthritis, which is a painful malady that affects the feet, knees, and hips.
  • Hammertoes, a foot condition that causes the middle toes to bend and is difficult to straighten.
  • Bunions which is a condition that causes pain and stiffness in the big toe because of swelling, which causes the bones to move out of place.
  • Morton’s neuroma, a painful condition affecting the foot of the foot in the middle toes.

Our Experience with Telic

We used these sandals as recovery footwear after long runs for over 6 months. And we have learned that Telic’s promise of virtually no pressure points when wearing their footwear is true. The technology gives instant support as soon as you take off your shoes and put them on.

The feeling even becomes better after several minutes of sitting back and trying to prepare a post-workout meal. These sandals can make you recover quicker than a normal shoe. So we can say that they are essential footwear for people who want to recover quickly to have fresh legs for the next run.

After 6 months of daily use, we have seen that these sandals are still excellent in comfort, flexibility, and support. Thanks to the durable Novalon material. It is now one of our favorites.

Reasons Not to Buy Telic

These sandals may not be ideal during summer. Telic material adapts to your body heat, and your foot will become sweaty in warm weather. Once the moisture sticks to the sandal, it can become quite unpleasant, and you will end up washing it often. These sandals are not good for long walks in warm weather. Although they still give the same support you need.

When your feet are wet, they make the surface of the sandals slippery so that you will lose some of the support and stability. And there is little your feet can hold on to when the sandals are wet.

Telic sizing is a bit odd, and it tends to be smaller than your usual size. So you may end up ordering one size up. So the best way to have a perfect fit is to try the shoe on before buying.

Final Thoughts

Telic sandals are true recovery sandals that both young and old can enjoy. Although this company started building classic designs, it is now building new designs that younger people will love. Once you put on these sandals, they give dependable and lasting support. Telic recovery sandals will give you confidence in each step you make.

If you love your feet, you will consider trying out a new pair. And they will not disappoint.

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