Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 Review: First Impressions

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 Review: First Impressions 1

If you love the Nike brand and you are looking for a great running shoe under $100, Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 is your best option. This Nike running shoe is the most affordable and has previous models also awarded by experts as the most affordable running shoes. But runners don’t recommend the Nike Air Zoom Winflo for just affordability, this shoe has no compromise in terms of technology that can push you farther as you run. Although it might not have the premium feel of the top running shoes twice its price.

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 has mixed reviews in terms of support type. And if you look at the product details in the Nike site, you’ll not see any clues if it’s for neutral runners or overpronators. There are sources that say it’s a neutral running shoe while others say it’s for overpronation.

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 has an obvious arch support, contoured footbed, and a little rigid in the midfoot region. Do you want to know what we think about this shoe? It’s a neutral running shoe with stabilizing features. The Winflo 7 has an excellent heel cushion but is regular in the front of the foot, which is a distinctive quality of a neutral shoe.

Key features of Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7:

  • Mesh details throughout the upper, which helps promote airflow with every step.
  • An Air Zoom unit in the heel and forefoot, which provides cushioning where you need it.
  • More foam, which offers a springier feel and is responsive and durable.
  • Heel counter, which helps your foot feel secure.

How Does Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 Feel on Your Feet?

Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 has a super comfy heel cushioning. Heel strikers may benefit a lot from this running shoe, as well as those who have heel problems. This running shoe offers more foam so it feels springier and more responsive than its predecessor. This shoe can accommodate wide feet but people with bunions may have struggle with it because the toe box isn’t that roomy.

The heel counter helps your foot feel secure by locking your ankle and controlling your foot’s pronation. This running shoe is flexible in the forefoot, which allows your toes to work when pushing off to complete your step. But it only has a regular cushioning in the forefoot area.

Having said that, the Winflo 7 can be a concern to those who have issues in their forefoot such as Morton’s neuroma, metatarsalgia, bunions, etc. But it may work for people with hammer toes because the sole is firm in the forefoot and the upper material is soft.

Most helpful testimonials:

This was my best online shoe purchase ever!! I am a treadmill walker in need of another good walking shoe. The shoes fit perfect and are very comfortable. Thanks Nike I’ll definitely buy more from you.

I am very particular about how a shoe feels. These are perfect! They make me feel energized after working all day in them. The cushion in the step is awesome!

These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned! I bought them to wear at work. I stand all day and my feet never hurt!

When it comes to shoes I have a hard time finding a pair. These shoes are so comfortable!!!!! I recommend them to anyone who wants a great sneaker to workout and run in.

How Does Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 Perform When Used for Walking?

Before proceeding to the test run, we want to make sure that this running shoe also works for walking since there’ll be consumers who will use it for walking only, as well as standing for longer periods at work. After using it for walking around town for 3 days in a row (with at least 5 hours of walking and standing each day), we were satisfied with how it sustained its cushioning and support throughout the whole time. And it gives us an impression that the shoe is durable and could give a prolonged support for longer runs.

It’s Time for the Test Run

We are now ready to test the Nike Air Zoom Winflo 7 in its natural design – road running. Right now, we are confident that this running shoe will not disappoint. And we hope that its materials will live up to its maximum durability. We’ll be back after the test run to give feedback regarding our experience with its technology and materials.

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