adidas Adilette Slides Review: a 12-month Experience

adidas Adilette Slides Review: a 12-month Experience 1

If you are an athlete and adidas is your brand of choice in equipment, there’s no doubt the adidas Adilette slides are your go-to sandals coming off the pitch. These adidas Adilette sandals have contoured footbed with Cloudfoam technology, which helps give back your energy so you can recover faster and be ready for your next tough competition or training.

The adidas Adilette is the flagship sandal of adidas and it features interesting designs that can show off the famous three stripes logo. In fact, there’s not a better way to display the logo from the three stripe company, which signifies a quality brand, than display them in sandals.

The adidas Adilette sandals have moderate arch supports excellent for those with the ideal biomechanics of the foot, high arches, and flat feet with no known foot issues. Their soft, contoured footbed provide extra comfort and stability. Most wearers of the adidas Adilette say that it’s true to size and true to width.

Key Features of adidas Adilette Slides

The adidas Adilette has the following key features:

  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Synthetic upper
  • Soft, textile lining for comfort.
  • Contoured footbed with Cloudfoam technology for comfort.
  • PU outsole for durability and traction.

The Adilette slides may work with the following foot conditions:

  • Bunions
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Morton’s Neuroma

Here are the most helpful testimonials of adidas Adilette:

I have goofed on folks for wearing these for years and I was wrong and repent. Not only did I get these, I got a pair for my boyfriend and he likes his too.

I am a 6 1/2 in heels and and 7 in sneakers but went with the size 6 slides and they fit like a glove.. they were tight the first time I wore them but after the second day they were sooooo comfortable..they are my fav slides.

The cushion is really nice and soft and the material is great. I accidentally dropped food on my slide and was able to wipe them clean with a damp cloth.

I am in love with these Adidas sandals. I have some issues with my feet and toes and I am so particular with my footwear.

A 12-month Experience with adidas Adilette Slides

The adidas Adilette is my go-to sandal between competitions. And it’s my favorite post-training sandal because it’s easy to put on and remove. This sandal is water-ready and looks perfect with any athletic or casual outfit. The design is on the minimalist side but it has a well-place three stripes logo that is easy on the eye – people will look at it because they are sporty and good-looking.

The adidas Adilette can accommodate wider foot structures. Although if you order a smaller size with a tighter fit, it may require a break-in period and you may be prone to having blisters after a few minutes of walk. But the soft material in this sandal will quickly adjust to the shape of your foot. It’s soft yet supportive and looks good on both men and women.

After several months of use, there came a noticeable wear on the outsole, but the sandal never lost its original traction. And because I exposed it to a warmer weather, the synthetic upper had breaks. And the upper material that touches the instep smells when not washed and dried properly. But this sandal has aged well and maintained its true color because it’s easy to clean and repel stains.

Who Should Wear the adidas Adilette Slides?

If you love the adidas footwear because of its quality and fit, try the adidas Adilette. This sandal can blend with any casual wear and is the go-to post-training and post-competition footwear. It’s excellent if you are heading to the beach or just walking around town or around the house. This sandal is water-ready and never loses its original traction, even when the outsole wear.

If you have neutral pronation, high arches, or flat feet with no known foot issues, this sandal will be very comfortable on the feet. Its contoured footbed will give extra comfort and stability and will adjust to the shape of your feet.

Who Should Not Buy the adidas Adilette Slides?

adidas is quite known for its odd sizing on footwear, which tends to be larger than usual. If you have tried this brand before but didn’t find the perfect fit, the adidas Adilette won’t be any different. Although this sandal will look good on either tighter fit or loose fit. And it’s super easy to slip on.

The adidas Adilette has a moderate arch support and is best for people with neutral pronation up to supination (and high arches). Even though the contoured footbed will add more stability, if you have overpronation (or flat feet) with foot issues because of that, you may need an extra support in the arch to gain better balance and foot alignment.

Final Thoughts on adidas Adilette Sandals

If you are looking for an excellent post-workout sandal or one that you can wear anywhere, don’t look past the adidas Adilette. It’s soft, supportive, sporty, and easy to put on and remove. This sandal is easy to clean, maintains its true color throughout its lifetime, and never loses its original traction even after several months of use.

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