11 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet (the Ultimate List)

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Our topmost choices for the best soccer cleats for wide feet:

  • Synthetic: PUMA Future 1.3 — a super comfortable soccer cleat with unique FUZIONFIT+ technology in the midfoot. It does wonders in adjusting to any foot type and providing compression and stability in all directions.
  • Leather: Nike Tiempo Legend 9 — a roomy and comfortable leather cleat with therapeutic support, even for problem gait. The Tiempo has always been one of the wide-fitting Nike soccer cleats.

Wearing an uncomfortably tight-fitting shoe can make your foot swell, causing it to widen. It can deform your toes, produce blisters, and make you unstable on the feet. While these are not the only issues that may arise on the field, finding the best soccer cleats for wide feet can be a long process.

For example, if you are new to soccer, you may have excess weight, and your feet may need time to adjust to the snug fit of the soccer cleat. But it is easier to address this concern as you train and lose weight. Wide feet are a typical foot issue in soccer, and there is no cause for concern most of the time.

But wide feet can become a problem with increasing age because the size and shape of your feet may become irregular. Therefore, finding shoes that fit well can pose a more difficult challenge.

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What are the best soccer cleats for wide feet?

The soccer cleats for wide feet have standard widths wider than other shoes. But they are comfortable and supportive in every part of the foot. An excellent option is a soft upper material with a flexible collar that allows easy entry into the shoe.

If you experience discomfort because of wide feet, you can choose a soccer cleat with leather material. A leather cleat is more comfortable than a synthetic cleat. And it can conform to the shape of your foot and give you an exact custom fit.

Nike’s Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Here’s a list of firm ground cleats that can easily fit wide feet and are worth having as your next pair of soccer cleats:

Nike Phantom GT2 Elite

nike phantom gt2

Effective positions: Center Forward, Second Striker, Attacking Midfielder, Central Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Center Back, Sweeper, and Goalkeeper.

The Phantom GT2 is perhaps the most wide-fitting soccer cleat in the Nike lineup. It feels like a wide Mercurial, although less explosive and more like a smooth all-rounder that does everything well. But it won’t hold you back if you decide to sprint. It is a versatile soccer cleat that can do it all on the soccer field.

This soccer cleat has a one-piece Flyknit upper with Generative Texture (GT) technology, designed to control the ball better. It has a Hyperquick system on the outsole that offers more stability and dynamic traction for quick changes in the lateral direction.

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Cheaper alternative: Nike Phantom GT2 Pro. It is $120 cheaper than the elite model but has an almost identical Flyknit upper (with GT technology). The fit is also similar to its high-grade model.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite

nike tiempo legend 9

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Center Back, Sweeper, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Center Forward.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 not only fits wide feet but also offers more lateral and ankle support than most soccer cleats. It is one of the most comfortable modern boots with a classic touch. And it is a doctor-recommended shoe for flat feet, a defect that makes the foot more prone to fatigue.

The Tiempo Legend 9 has soft foam pods underneath its K-leather upper, which help lock the foot down (and give a personalized fit) through every change of direction. The Quadfit mesh is not available anymore, replaced by soft foam pods. This shoe now offers better lock-in and touch on the ball.

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Cheaper alternative: Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro. It is $100 cheaper than the elite model. But it has quality materials and looks and resembles its top-end model.

Nike Premier 3

nike premier 3

If you are looking for a good leather cleat without the price tag, Nike Premier 3 is your best option. It has a thicker leather material with massive protection from any impact. Although it is 3x lower in price than the most expensive leather cleats, it is not far behind in quality and comfort.

Nike Premier 3 is an all-leather wide-fitting shoe. It has an added stitch pattern that prevents over-stretching of the leather material as you play. It has conical studs for extra comfort and stability. And an overall design that looks more stylish than the previous Premier models.

mens football cleats wide width
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Does Adidas Make Wide Shoes?

Yes. Here’s a list of Adidas’ best soccer shoes for wide feet:

Adidas Predator Edge.1

adidas predator edge.1

Effective positions: Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, Fullback, Wingback, Center Back, and Sweeper.

Adidas Predator Edge.1 is arguably the most wide-fitting Predator model ever made. It has more width and volume than its predecessor, the Freak.1. It also feels more powerful when striking the ball because of the new FACET FRAME technology, which has a weighted forefoot piece designed to optimize power transfer by distributing weight toward the front of the shoe when you hit the ball. This latest model also looks like the old Predator Lz and has more Predator performance than its outgoing model.

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Cheaper alternative: Adidas Predator Edge.2. It is $120 cheaper than Edge .1 but also has the new ZONE SKIN technology and weighs almost the same as its top-end model.

Adidas Predator Freak.1

adidas predator freak.1

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Attacking Midfielder.

If you are looking for a wide soccer cleat designed to have complete control of the ball and field, Adidas Predator Freak.1 low-cut is one of your best options. It is a favorite soccer cleat for defenders and midfielders. This low-cut version allows easy access to the shoe and complete freedom of movement around the ankle.

The Predator Freak.1 is arguably the most aggressive-looking soccer cleat. It has a better 360° coverage of the rubber elements on the upper that offers extra grip on the ball. It can even make the ball swerve during passes and power shots. This shoe has a CONTROLFRAME outsole with conical-like studs under the forefoot for more stability and quick release, and blade cleats under the heel for optimal grip.

Cheaper alternative: Adidas Predator Freak.2. It is $120 cheaper than Freak .1 but also has the 360° coverage of the sticky rubber spikes. It has a soleplate that looks very much like the Freak .1.

Adidas Copa Mundial

adidas copa mundial

Adidas Copa Mundial has a wide-fitting design and is arguably your best option in classic models. It is one of the best soccer cleats of all time—a shoe still used by elite players in high-level competitions and is still ultra-effective on the soccer field.

The Copa Mundial soccer cleat has an all-leather upper that offers the softest touch and better protection from impact injury. It has all-conical studs for optimum traction and better pivoting ability. These conical studs add extra stability to the shoe and allow the foot to function normally.

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mens football cleats wide width
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PUMA’s Best Soccer Shoes for Wide Feet

Here’s a list of PUMA’s best soccer shoes for wide feet:

PUMA Ultra 1.2

puma ultra 1.2

The Ultra 1.2 is PUMA’s most wide-fitting speed cleat. It is very comfortable, well-padded despite weighing 5.6 oz only, and versatile enough that you can use it in any field position. Although PUMA now has a new flagship speed cleat, the Ultra 1.2 still exists on the market (and is on sale).

PUMA Ultra 1.2 uses MATRYXEVO woven upper for steady support even during your fastest movements. It has a GripControl Pro coating for better touch and control of the ball, a Nano Grip sock liner that keeps your foot planted in all directions, and an aggressive light Pebax SpeedUnit outsole that delivers traction and grip for ultra-fast acceleration.

PUMA King Platinum

puma king platinum

When it comes to leather cleats, you would usually go up half a size to get a snug fit because of the thicker leather material. But not with PUMA King Platinum because it is wide-fitting. This shoe has a speed cleat design, so the leather upper will hug your foot like a sock. It is so good that it became Neymar’s first soccer cleat under the PUMA brand.

The King Platinum weighs 7.0 oz only and has a RAPIDSPRINT outsole for quick take-off in all directions. It has mixed blades and conical studs for stability, excellent turning ability, and fast release from the ground.


puma future z 1.3

Effective positions: Striker, Center Forward, Central Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Fullback, Wingback, and Goalkeeper.

If you are a wide-footed player, you will love this boot. The fact is, narrow-footed players can go down half a size to get the snuggest fit. This shoe is slightly longer than most soccer cleats. And the compression band in the middle does its wonder in adjusting to any foot type.

PUMA FUTURE 1.3 is a unique soccer cleat designed for agility, control, and speed. It is one of the most comfortable soccer cleats of 2022. This shoe has a second-generation adaptive FUZIONFIT+ technology that wraps around the entire midfoot for optimal support during any explosive movements. The rest of the upper has structured support that follows your foot in all directions.

Cheaper alternative: PUMA FUTURE 2.3. It is $70 cheaper than FUTURE 1.3. But it has premium materials and looks almost identical to its high-grade model. It also has a FUZIONFIT technology and a similar soleplate as its top-end model.

Other Wide Soccer Shoes

Here’s a list of wide soccer shoes from other brands:

Mizuno Rebula Cup

mizuno rebula cup

Effective positions: Center Back, Sweeper, Fullback, Wingback, Defensive Midfielder, and Central Midfielder.

Mizuno Rebula Cup is a wide soccer cleat built for control and speed. It has one of the best soleplates with conical studs on the forefoot for added stability and aggressive blade-like cleats under the heel. This all-leather shoe is most famous among elite goalkeepers, defenders, and forwards. And it seems to be built more on improved comfort than performance, which is a good thing coming from an already great soccer cleat.

New Balance Furon v6+ Pro

new balance furon v6

Effective positions: Goalkeeper and Winger.

New Balance Furon v6+ not only fits wide feet comfortably, but it is also the only speed cleat with an option for width. So it has the right sizes for wide-footed players even if you have super wide feet.

This soccer cleat has one of the best locked-in sensations through a Fit Weave technology in the Hypoknit upper that follows the foot everywhere. It has arguably the most comfortable heel support among modern soccer boots. And it has a soft lining and comfy padding in the right places.

Cheaper alternative: New Balance Furon V6+ Destroy. It is $95 cheaper than the Furon V6+ Pro. But it feels fast, agile, soft, and comfortable like its high-grade model. This first takedown model also has a Fit Weave stretch upper and Nanofront sock liner.

Final Thoughts

Finding a wide soccer cleat is not a walk in the park because this problem isn’t represented enough by shoe manufacturers. However, some brands are reaching out by offering the soccer player a wider shoe or an option for width. Some models also offer a special edition for women.

Wide Soccer Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best women’s cleats for wide feet?

The best women’s soccer cleats for wide-footed players are wide boots with conical-like studs for extra stability and better performance. The best examples of these boots are Nike Tiempo Legend 9, Nike Premier 3, Adidas Predator Freak.1, and Mizuno Rebula Cup. These are unisex boots, so women soccer players may have to size down a full size to get the right fit.

What are wide soccer cleats with the best value for money?

The wide soccer cleats with the best value for money are Nike Premier 3, Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro, PUMA Ultra 1.2, and Adidas Nemeziz 19.1. You’ll also find boots with great value for money among older models on our list of wider soccer cleats.

Are adidas good for wide feet?

Yes. There are at least two Adidas wide-fitting soccer cleats – the Copa Mundial and the Predator Freak. The Copa has thicker leather, which offers more impact protection. It also lasts longer than the shoe with a thinner upper. On the other hand, the Predator Freak is a synthetic soccer cleat built for total control of the ball and the field. It is the most famous control cleat.

Should soccer cleats be tight or loose?

The soccer cleat with the snuggest fit will perform better on the soccer field. But if you have wide feet, most soccer cleats may be uncomfortably tight. It can cause your foot to swell and becomes wider instead. So only choose the shoes with the snuggest fit that still feel comfortable.

Should you buy soccer cleats a size bigger?

It will depend on the model of the shoe because some soccer cleats are wide-fitting, and some are narrow-fitting. If the shoe is super tight, go up half a size to get the most comfortable fit. Just make sure there are no extra spaces on both sides of your foot and up to ¼ inch of space in the front.

How can I widen my soccer cleats?

The widest version you should get in a soccer cleat is when it’s fully broken in. Overstretching your shoe can destroy the structure that connects the upper from the sole. So it may result in poor footwear performance on the soccer field.

Are Mercurial Superflys good for wide feet?

The Mercurials are best for regular and narrow feet. If you have wide feet, go for the Phantom GT2. It feels like a wide Mercurial, but it is an all-rounder with slightly better performance on side-to-side movements than the Mercurials. Although the Mercurials may be faster on straight-line runs, the Phantom GT2 is not slow either.

Are predators good for wide feet?

Yes. The latest model of the Predator, the Freak.1, can fit wide feet. For an easy entry into the shoe, choose the low-cut version.

Are Nemeziz good for wide feet?

If you want a wide-fitting Nemeziz soccer cleat, go for versions 19.1 and up. Don’t buy the Nemeziz 18.1 if you have wide feet because it is super narrow.

Is Adidas Copa good for wide feet?

The Copa Mundial is a wide-fitting shoe. It has thicker kangaroo leather with a shield-like property and all-conical studs that provide stability and better foot functionality. It is one of the soccer cleats where you can feel the arch support.

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