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If you are looking for an $80-speed cleat, don’t look past the Adidas X 19.3. This soccer cleat feels premium and has soft padding in the right places inside the shoe. It has an insole with excellent cushioning that is thicker than most affordable Adidas soccer cleats. The X 19.3 can fit various foot sizes (including wide feet). And the ClawCollar allows for easier entry and offers a nonrestrictive fit around your ankle.

The X 19.3 is flexible but will give you the support you need for lateral movement, a quick change of direction, and a sudden burst of speed. The brand has built the Adidas X for the fastest players and the ones who value speed. But being heavier than the top-end speed cleats, we wished the X 19.3 could have been lighter than its current weight, which is 9.2 oz.

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Most of the famous soccer players who wear the Adidas X top-end models are forwards, but they are versatile enough to become the favorites of midfielders, defenders, and goalkeepers. The fact is, there are at least 55 professional soccer players who are using the X 19 top-of-the-range series for the 2019-2020 season. The top-end model weighs only 6.6 oz and has a laceless option, the X 19+, which has a softer and more form-fitting material in the laceless strike zone.

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Key Features of Adidas X 19.3

  • Weight: 9.2 oz
  • A new, softer mesh upper offers a comfortable fit on the foot.
  • The sock-like construction is now even softer and offers a closer fit and feel.
  • The ClawCollar offers a nonrestrictive fit around your ankle.
  • The firm ground outsole reduces weight and adds traction to natural grass and artificial turf.

Our Experience with Adidas X 19.3

Our tester, who spent many hours on the X 19.3, used it on drills and practice shooting. But because of the present situation, we could not test this cleat on an actual game. But as soon as we can go back to the field and other players, we will test this cleat on how it will perform on various field positions: forward, midfield, and defense. After 2 months of testing, we are ready to give feedback on what to expect with the X 19.3.

This soccer cleat is well-built and can withstand misuse on the pitch. It has a speed cleat design and could give you stability each time you sprint and make a quick change of direction. Our tester said that his foot stayed comfortable and supported during quick take-off and sudden changes of direction. He also pointed out that the X 19.3 has a precise touch on the ball, helps deliver an accurate pass, and amplifies your power shots. However, we believe that this low-end cleat will not be suitable for crucial matches.

Who Should Wear Adidas X 19.3?

If you are one of the fastest players on your team or your current position requires a lot of full-speed running, you can’t go wrong with the X 19.3. There’s no doubt that this is one of the most comfortable and has one of the best fits in the long line of Adidas affordable cleats.

The X 19.3 is well-made, stable, and has soft padding in the right places inside the shoe. It can give you long-lasting comfort and control of your game. But this soccer cleat boosts not only your speed but will also help you make an accurate pass and deliver a powerful shot for a great scoring chance.

The round studs under the heel will add more comfort, stability, and quick release from the ground. And the mixed blades in the front of the shoe will give you a superior turning ability.

Who Should Not Buy Adidas X 19.3?

The upper materials of the X 19.3 are softer and thinner compared to some soccer cleats. So if you are a defender, think twice before buying this cleat because it might not last long, considering that your position as a defender has the most physically demanding role on the pitch where you need to tackle the players from the opposing team almost all the time. That is why you need a tougher shoe. Although the X 19.3 has all the features that can perform well in defensive positions.

Although this is a speed cleat, it doesn’t feel quick considering the shoe’s weight, which is 9.2 oz. The outsole doesn’t have a super flexible feel. The low-cut collar allows an easier entry, but the laces feel cheap, so the custom locked-in fit isn’t that great. Plus, the collar rubs the outside of your ankle when in motion.

Final Thoughts

The X 19.3 is an affordable speed cleat that has received many positive reviews from soccer players. Using a mixed blade and round studs system, this soccer cleat is versatile enough for various field positions. However, we think it will be most suitable for forward positions.

The X 19.3 is well-built and can withstand misuse, making it one of the best affordable soccer cleats. It has soft padding on the right places inside the shoe with well-placed softer mesh in the upper of the toe bed and the ankle area.

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