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I only have around 50 miles on the PUMA Deviate NITRO 2, and I couldn’t go any farther. I tried to love it, but it failed me, especially during longer runs, which is the opposite of what many runners say. Now I use it for walking only.

Having spent $160 on this shoe, I was super excited when it arrived. And I told myself I would buy the NITRO Elite 2 (priced at $200) next because this latest model of the Deviate NITRO is simply the best-looking shoe I (ever) had. And it felt super breathable and durable, with the best grip on the ground among all the running shoes I have tried.

I also like how bouncy and cushiony the NITRO foam is. The midsole helps a lot during propulsion, especially during longer runs. And it is one of those modern midsole foams you will love more over time. But I’m unsure if I like the NITRO Elite foam of the Deviate being the softer and lighter version of the PUMA NITRO.

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It is faster than the Velocity NITRO 2 because of the carbon plate (PWRPLATE) on the midsole for maximum energy transfer and optimized running efficiency. The engineered mesh (with PWRTAPE) upper hugs and supports the foot very well. The upper material is super breathable and thinner compared to other running shoes I have. And you can see the color of your socks by just looking at the shoe.

It is that thin and breathable, but the upper material is also durable because I didn’t see any signs of wear even after using it as a running and all-day walking shoe for a few months. It is the best upper material of all the shoes I own. And it can match the class of any expensive sports outfit.

Literally, if you put PUMA Deviate NITRO 2 side by side with the Velocity NITRO 2, you can tell that the Deviate is the more expensive shoe. The comparison of the upper material and lacing system is like night and day. This Deviate shoe also has much better options for colorways.

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PUMA Deviate NITRO 2 gave my foot more freedom of movement than most neutral running shoes I have tried. And it will become a disadvantage for you if your foot rolls inward or outward at an increased angle because it won’t give any correction to align your foot back to its ideal run signature. I suffered pains in my lower limb on all of my runs.

I know I should be going for a stability shoe since I have developed flat feet on my right foot after suffering a series of injuries during my younger years as a soccer player. But I don’t have any issues wearing neutral shoes. I go for a neutral shoe for freedom and versatility. The fact is, the Velocity NITRO 2 is one of my favorite running shoes.

I think the problem lies in the lack of rearfoot support. I find the Deviate less structured in the rear area than the Velocity. The Deviate offers much less ankle support than the Velocity making it my last choice for a gym shoe. I also noticed that the Velocity’s contoured insole was more pronounced in shape in the arch area than the Deviate.

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The midsole foam also has a deep cut in the middle showing the PWRPLATE, which occasionally picks up pebbles. I can hardly notice when a small stone gets stuck underneath, but surely it will annoy me each time I see one. The Velocity NITRO doesn’t have this weakness.

But the neutral features of the Deviate are good news for neutral runners who don’t need foot correction because they have the ideal biomechanics. With it, your foot will have more freedom of movement.

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Final Thoughts

PUMA Deviate NITRO 2 is the best-looking shoe among all the running shoes I have tried. It is fast, breathable, soft, and durable. The upper hugs the foot and has a roomy toe box that can fit a wider foot. It is one of the best options for neutral runners looking for a fast shoe. However, it may not work if you have supination or overpronation because it lacks stability features.

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