PUMA Velocity NITRO 2 Review

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I have 100 miles on the PUMA Velocity NITRO 2, and my running experience is much better now than my first-mile experience. I’d say the more I use it, the more I like it. This shoe is durable from the ground up, with bouncy NITRO cushioning and breathable upper materials that can make running fun.

The PUMAGRIP technology on the outsole is worth mentioning. It is extra grippy but releases its hold quickly (and naturally) at take-off. PUMAGRIP is the best technology of all the running shoes I have tried. It is my go-to technology when I want my shoes to have more grip on the ground. PUMAGRIP performance is instantly noticeable when you tread on wet and uneven surfaces. It never failed me in wet conditions.

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But the Velocity may not be the PUMA shoe with the grippiest outsole because I find the Deviate NITRO 2 more grippy. Its mesh upper also feels plasticky and inferior in quality compared to the Deviate NITRO 2 mesh upper. Although the shoe is willing to follow your foot when you pick up your pace, it may be best for easy runs only.

Also, the shoelace of the Velocity looks traditional compared to the modern lacing system of the Deviate, which helps provide a better locked-in fit. The Deviate is much more good-looking and can match any expensive sporty outfit.

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PUMA Velocity NITRO 2 Fit

The Velocity NITRO 2 fits like Nike Structure 24 with much better support around the ankle. The toe box of the Velocity also feels roomier than the Structure 24 and can (definitely) fit super wide feet. I have slightly wide feet and wish the upper hug my foot a little more so I have better multidirectional control. The toe box feels that big. Nevertheless, I feel comfortable running in those wide uppers.

The shoe also offers extra stability despite being a neutral shoe, and I like it better than my Deviate NITRO 2, which gives no correction for my (right) flat feet. The Velocity is my go-to shoe for longer runs despite having a similar weight as the Structure 24.

It is more breathable and bouncier than Structure 24, which seems to have a thicker upper material, making me uncomfortable at the end of my long runs. But being a neutral running shoe, it doesn’t have the medial support that Structure 24 offers.

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PUMA Velocity NITRO 2 First Mile

This shoe will feel like any modern running shoe on your first mile without extraordinary sensation. And it’s good because any superb running shoe should feel natural during your first run.

It is soft and bouncy, but its NITRO cushioning doesn’t feel as aggressive as the Nike Zoom Air technology in propulsion. I like how Zoom Air helps me on longer runs. The NITRO cushioning has an excellent energy return, but it feels like you have to work moving forward more than the Zoom Air. However, I love how the NITRO provides a soft impact on my leg muscles.

The first time you touch the ground, you’ll experience a sensation that the PUMAGRIP makes the shoe grippier than most outsoles. The mesh upper also feels wide and doesn’t hug the forefoot but feels snug and supportive around the ankle, putting your rearfoot in the center position. I guess it is where it provides the extra stability.

The shoe is also breathable (but not as breathable as the Deviate NITRO 2) and feels like you can run many miles without overheating. However, the upper material of the Velocity is definitely thicker than the Deviate.

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Final Thoughts

The Velocity NITRO 2 is one of my favorite running shoes. It is soft, bouncy, grippy, and durable. I ran over a hundred miles on this shoe. And it still looks brand new with no signs of wear. I know I can run over 500 miles on it without any issues.

However, I hope PUMA will produce a better upper material for the next iteration because the quality of the Velocity feels much inferior to the Deviate NITRO 2 if you put them side by side. I’m aware of the price difference, but it feels like I paid more for the quality of the materials I received for Velocity. The fact is, On Running shoes have better quality at a similar price range. I don’t mind paying more for better quality material.

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