5 Lightest Soccer Cleats of 2023

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Our topmost choices for the lightest soccer cleats:

  • Synthetic: PUMA ULTRA 1.4 — the latest model of PUMA’s speed cleat with a refined upper construction and an aggressive soleplate designed for rapid acceleration.
  • Leather: Mizuno Morelia UL — the most lightweight leather cleat designed to give the foot all-day comfort.

Does your current soccer cleat add unnecessary weight and create foot fatigue each time you play soccer? Switch to the lightest soccer cleats that are not paper thin but are strong and super lightweight with a ton of performance.

With today’s advancements in technologies, it is now possible to add material to improve the boot’s performance without adding weight. After extensive research and discoveries, top brands are now competing on who has the lightest soccer cleats that can make the player move quicker.

puma ultra 1.4

Most Lightweight Boots that Walked the Earth

PUMA made its lightest football boots, the evoSPEED SL, around 5 years ago, which only weigh 3.59 oz. Adidas surpassed that by making the Adizero, which only weighs 3.49 oz. Then, PUMA answered back by making the most lightweight soccer cleat ever made, the Ultra SL, which only weighs 3.17 oz but can only take on natural surfaces.

The top brands can prove that they can make super lightweight boots that are significantly less than the classic soccer cleats, which usually weigh over 11 oz. But the thing to consider when choosing a super lightweight boot is the less impact protection it gives because these cleats will have a super-thin upper.

But if you are the player who usually goes ahead of the opponent and finishes the game without a scratch, getting your most lightweight football boots is a very viable option.

The Lightest Soccer Cleats of 2023

Here’s a list of the lightest soccer cleats (in no particular order):

PUMA Ultra 1.4

puma ultra 1.4

Effective positions: Striker, Winger, Central Midfielder, Left/Right Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Center Back, and Sweeper.

The ULTRA 1.4 is PUMA’s lightest and fastest cleat for training and competition. But this new model isn’t the first time PUMA has made a super lightweight boot. In the past, this brand has introduced the most lightweight soccer cleat in the world, the ULTRA SL, which only weighs around 3.1 oz and has a grippy paper-thin upper. But the Ultra SL may be only good for natural surfaces.

PUMA ULTRA 1.4 weighs 5.57 oz only and its brand designed it for ultra-fast straight-line acceleration. It uses lightweight MATRYXEVO technology woven upper with carbon and transparent mono yarns and GripControl Pro Skin coating. Underneath the upper is the new SPEEDCAGE technology for multidirectional lightweight support.

This soccer cleat still uses the SpeedUnit outsole, designed for rapid acceleration. Instead of offering an option for width, PUMA offers a women’s soccer cleat for this model, designed to conform to the anatomical shape of the woman’s foot. PUMA ULTRA 1.4 women’s soccer cleat has a lower instep and all-conical studs, which offer more stability and allow the foot to perform better.

New Balance Furon V6+ Pro

new balance furon v6

Effective positions: Goalkeeper and Winger.

New Balance Furon V6+ offers plenty of amazing technologies in a very lightweight package. Officially weighing at 6.2 oz only, this new cleat is more lightweight than the Mercurials and X Speedflows. It has one of the most supportive upper constructions and arguably the best support around the heel. This speed cleat is best for straight-line acceleration and most suitable for a winger position.

New Balance Furon V6+ is one of the best speed cleats this year. Sadio Mane, the famous Liverpool winger, loves it because it’s light and fast. This new model is an upgrade of the Furon V6, so it has the tweaks from the previous version.

This speed cleat has a soft Hypoknit upper with Fit Weave technology, which provides a sock-like fit with great stability even at high speeds. It has a smooth lining and an infiniGRIP shoe insert, which helps reduce foot slippage. And New Balance made the outsole from a pro-level nylon plate with a ribbed midfoot that offers plenty of stability through every change of direction. The soleplate is stiffer and helps prevent injury to the forefoot.

Adidas X Speedflow+

adidas x speedflow+

Effective positions: Striker, Center Forward, Winger, Central Midfielder, Left/Right Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, Fullback, Center Back, and Wingback.

If you’d want to know what it’s like to wear a laceless cleat, Adidas X Speedflow+ is your best option. Adidas is now a leader in reliable laceless cleats, admired by professional soccer players. It offers a distraction-free upper that can provide the purest ball contact.

Adidas X Speedflow+ weighs 6.5 oz. It will replace the X Ghosted+, the speed cleat many consider as one with the best barefoot-like sensation. This new model has a major upgrade on the upper material, which is a significant improvement from the previous model.

Its upper is now made from a more pliable and durable Primeknit material with an Engineered Agility Frame underneath it, which molds to the shape of your foot for an adaptive fit that has better lock-in and stability than before. This new cleat maintains the same soleplate as its forerunner, which is one of the best and most aggressive soleplate designs ever made.

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Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 Elite

nike zoom mercurial vapor 15

Effective positions: Center Forward, Striker, Attacking Midfielder, Central Midfielder, Left/Right Midfielder, Defensive Midfielder, and Fullback.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 is around 12 grams lighter than the X Speedflow.1. Nike has tweaked the previous model to make it better on the soccer field. It’s a necessary upgrade, which made this new model arguably the best Vapor ever made. It now has a Zoom Air unit, which allows you to move faster in the air.

This speed cleat is the most famous among the world’s fastest players. The fact is most soccer forwards wear it for major competitions. And like any speed cleat, the Vapor 15 is also best for straight-line acceleration but will give you multidirectional support even at top speeds.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 15 is a favorite soccer cleat by professional players and by some sports medicine physicians because of its excellent blend of comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption. It has a superb touch on the ball and has one of the most aggressive soleplates, designed for traction, grip, and ultra-fast acceleration.

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Mizuno Morelia UL

Mizuno Morelia UL is the limited edition Morelia model featuring the most lightweight leather cleat materials. It beats Mizuno’s own speed cleat, the Morelia Neo III Beta, by 15 grams. So it is the most lightweight Mizuno boot ever made and is only available in one color option—classic black/gold.

With an official weight of 6.17 oz only, the Morelia Ultra Light is even more lightweight than some of the lightest synthetic cleats. And its premium materials are among the best you’ll ever find in a football boot.

This soccer cleat has a thin all-leather upper with a stitch pattern designed to prevent the upper material from overstretching as you play. And it has a thin soleplate with all-conical studs that provides more stability and allows the foot to perform better.

Final Thoughts

The most lightweight soccer cleats are speed cleats, which can help the player sprint without limit. But these ultra-fast cleats are not for forwards only but for players in other field positions who require speed. The fact is, the modern soccer cleat is now moving in a direction where you can call it an all-rounder boot, designed to perform well anywhere on the soccer field.

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