8 Best Shoe Inserts for Supination in 2023

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These removable shoe inserts will deliver a proper heel raise, stability, and balance. But they may cause a tighter instep if they are thicker than your regular insoles. So unless it’s necessary, stick to the standard insoles because they are a perfect match for your shoes.

But if, after having the right shoes, you still can’t get the proper foot alignment, the next solution is to change the regular insoles with the best shoe inserts for supination.

The Best Shoe Inserts for Supination

Here’s a list of the best shoe inserts for supination (in no particular order):

— Spenco RX Orthotic —

spenco rx full length orthotics

This orthotic offers full-length cushioning, designed to give stability and balance to the foot. Its moldable and flexible arch support will allow you to control the movement of your foot. It absorbs impact well, provides optimal comfort, and reduces foot slippage.

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— Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer —

spenco polysorb cross trainer

This shoe insert offers support for your foot in all directions. It is excellent at absorbing shock and keeps energy even when receiving force to keep you always on momentum to finish your workout strong.

Spenco PolySorb Cross Trainer provides extra cushioning in the heel through its SpenCore Heel Plug technology. It has SBR Forefoot Cushion, which provides superb cushioning and energy return for any high-impact movements. Designed to give long-lasting comfort, it also helps prevent injury and relieves foot pain.

— Spenco PolySorb Walker/Runner —

spenco polysorb walker runner

Spenco PolySorb Walker/Runner has targeted cushioning designed to improve athletic performance. It will always propel you forward during training and competition. It even helps prolong the life of your shoe.

This insole has SpenCore Material, a layer designed to absorb shock and provide extra comfort. It has SpenCore Heel Plug technology, which absorbs impact and provides additional cushioning during heel strike.

— Superfeet Premium Berry —

superfeet premium berry

Superfeet Premium Berry offers full-length cushioning specifically designed for women’s active footwear. It provides an extra cushion for any high-impact movements.

This insole has a low-profile design ideal for any performance footwear. It helps reduce stress on your lower limb. It has a deep and narrow heel cup, which cradles the heel and gives added support during heel strikes. Its forefoot also has a closed-cell foam, designed to absorb impact during intense workouts.

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— Superfeet Carbon —

superfeet carbon

Superfeet Carbon is a high-performance insole, designed to blend with any athletic footwear that requires the snuggest fit to get the highest performance. It combines the strength of carbon fiber and ultralight foam.

This insole has a low-profile design that helps reduce stress in your lower limb. Its carbon fiber material has a stabilizer cap, which helps align the bones of your foot and prevents heel pain and common foot problems.

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— Superfeet Premium Green —

superfeet premium green

If you have supination, don’t look past Superfeet Premium Green insole because it’s the most popular shoe insert for supination and high arches. It’s a Superfeet best-seller, which offers professional-grade orthotic support for anyone who wants to feel better on their feet. It even has an option for width for those who seek a wider design.

This insole has a deep heel cup, which cradles the heel and provides extra cushioning over long distances. It provides better stability and support, which reduces stress on the foot. It uses a closed-cell foam construction, which offers extra cushioning for any explosive movements.

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— Superfeet Premium Orange —

superfeet premium orange

This orange insole is Superfeet’s answer to any high-impact activities. It features a shock-absorbing foam pad at the forefoot, designed to provide extra cushioning and support during an explosive take-off.

It follows the foot in all directions and provides reliable support and comfort. The insole has a deep heel cup, which cradles the heel through every repetitive impact. It has a stabilizer cap, which adds stability and reduces stress in the foot. And it has a responsive foam material, which uses a closed-cell construction, designed to be always ready for any challenge.

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— Powerstep Pinnacle Plus —

Powerstep Pinnacle Plus

Powerstep Pinnacle Plus offers two layers of plush cushioning, designed to provide long-lasting comfort and support. It has a built-in metatarsal pad, which offers extra cushioning in the ball of the foot. It has a PowerStep arch shape technology, a contoured stabilizer that cradles the arch and heel and provides the stability and motion control you need to reduce stress in the foot, ankle, and joints.

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Final Thoughts

The above shoe inserts will provide extra support for supination. They are necessary if, after having the right shoes, you still cannot get proper foot alignment.

If your foot aches because of supination, you need cushioning to stabilize and reduce pressure on the ball and heel of the foot. Ignoring this issue will only lead to more pain and injury. So you have to solve it by going for the best support you can get to ease the effects of this disorder.

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