5 Best On Running Shoes of 2023

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Our topmost choices for the best On running shoes:

  • Neutral: On Cloudflow — an all-rounder designed for more serious performance on the road. It’s super lightweight, has comfortable upper materials that fit like a glove, and a sole that offers tons of energy return.
  • Support: On Cloudflyer — On’s best support running shoe. It has a well-structured upper that follows the foot as you run and an ultra-cushioned sole that provides comfort even if you use it all day.

On is a Swiss sportswear manufacturer that offers unique running shoes designed to encourage you to be more versatile on the road. It uses the CloudTec cushioning system, which offers active, multi-directional cushioning where you need it. On made this foam technology with Cloud elements that react to your individual movements to give you a personalized performance.

On’s CloudTec foam offers soft, well-cushioned landings and explosive take-offs with the help of Speedboard technology, a plastic-like material inserted between the midsole and the outsole. These running shoes have full-length adaptive soles with durable Helion foam cushioning, designed to be big on energy return.

On Cloudflyer

On’s Cloud elements help reduce muscle fatigue and lower heart rate. And each shoe has one of the most comfortable upper constructions that make the foot breathe and be well-supported while running.

On’s sole offers a relatively firmer ride compared to other top running shoes, which is perfect if you struggle to maintain balance when running on super soft midsoles. A more rigid sole also offers injury prevention at toe-off. And each of these shoes offers a mid-drop differential (6-7 mm), designed to deliver a stride that won’t put too much load on your foot, ankle, Achilles, and calf.

On has a loyal following that says their running shoes are the best. And if you are looking for a new running shoe that can give you a unique experience, have a look at our list of the best On running shoes this year.

The Best On Running Shoes of 2023

Here’s a list of the best On Running shoes (in no particular order):

On Cloud

on cloud

On Cloud is On’s iconic classic running shoe and is the most lightweight shoe on this list. Originally designed as a racer, it has now shifted towards comfort and performance as an everyday shoe for active people to wear on urban exploration and travel.

On Cloud is ideal for warmer conditions thanks to its breathable mesh upper, which the brand engineered for comfort. It has an elastic speed lacing system, which makes the shoe easy to put on and kick off. Being an everyday shoe, this model offers more colorways than any other On shoe.

On Cloud X

on cloud x

On Cloud X is the most versatile shoe on this list. It has a design that can take on any gym workout. It has an upper that hugs the foot like a sock and has excellent support for a variety of movements. This shoe is so comfortable that you can wear it without a sock. It is ideal for mixed-sports training, HIIT, gym workouts, and short runs.

On Cloud X has a 6 mm heel-to-toe drop, which is great for balance. It has raised sidewalls designed to give you added stability during side-to-side movements and intense workouts. It weighs only 7.05 oz, which is like any lightweight running shoe.

On Cloudflow

on cloudflow

On Cloudflow is arguably On’s best neutral running shoe. It offers comfort in every part of the foot and allows you to go faster to unlock your running potential. It’s an all-rounder geared toward serious performance. The fact is, you can use it for training and competition.

This running shoe is one of the most comfortable fast shoes. It’s super lightweight, has an upper material that fits like a glove, and has a sole that offers tons of energy return. It also has a heel construction that helps secure the foot while running.

On Cloudswift

on cloudswift

On Cloudswift is On’s most supportive, neutral running shoe. It has moderate cushioning that can absorb heavy impact. It has a wider construction with a roomy toe box. And it offers a more stable midsole with a rocker outsole that glides with the foot as you run.

The upper offers excellent comfort and security thanks to its engineered mesh upper, which has an extra support band that locks the entire midfoot area for better support on the medial and lateral sides of the foot.

On Cloudflyer

on cloudflyer

On Cloudflyer is On’s best support running shoe designed to give you more stability. It offers maximum cushioning that can absorb impact from even the heaviest of runners. It has extra foam support on the medial side to control problem gait like overpronation. It has a well-cushioned sole, which offers support and comfort even if you use it all day. And a well-structured upper with excellent heel support that locks the foot down as you run.

On Cloudflyer is most suitable for recovery runs. It’s a support shoe with subtle stability, so you could enjoy running on it even if you don’t need stability. However, it may not be suitable for people with extreme overpronation.

Final Thoughts

On shoes are the ones to try if you are looking for a new pair of performance running shoes that can deliver a unique experience. These athletic shoes can help you do a lot of things on the road and in the gym. They have superb upper materials that can keep the feet always feeling fresh and supported.

Even though On shoes aren’t the most lightweight shoes on the market, which sometimes makes you feel they are a little heavy for certain workout routines, they offer tons of energy return and personalized underfoot cushioning. The base also feels wider, so you’ll have inherent stability.

However, don’t use their road shoes on the trail (even running on a light trail) because their outsoles will easily pick up stones and debris, which could ruin your purpose of running light and fast. Also, some models feel slippery underneath during wet conditions but may have the best traction on dry roads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best On running shoes for high arches?

The best On shoes for high arches are models of Cloudswift. These are new neutral running shoes with Helion foam cushioning, designed to provide more stability and energy return regardless of the weather. On Cloudswift has a wider forefoot and added support on the lateral and medial sides of the midfoot. The latest model offers a softer ride than its predecessor through larger Cloud elements.

What are the best On running shoes for flat feet?

The best On shoes for flat feet are models of Cloudflyer. These running shoes have extra foam support on the medial side designed to control overpronation and flat feet. The Cloudflyer is On’s most supportive shoe. It has tons of support on the upper and a well-cushioned sole, which can last all day under heavy use. However, it may not work if you are extremely flat-footed.

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