Nike Air Zoom Structure 24: The Shoe with Durable Stability

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Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 is one of the most supportive running shoes for overpronation. It had a true motion control shoe lineage, which received a significant redesign in the 23rd iteration. Although this shoe is now a stable neutral running shoe, it has the best arch support among Nike shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 has extra support on the medial side through an extended midsole foam that creates a raised sidewall. The middle contours of the foam provide comfortable arch support even for flat feet. The support is durable and dependable. And it elevates the arch to a certain degree where the outer part of my heel pushes against the soft midsole foam.

At first, I thought the support on the medial side was too much that it could force my feet to roll outward. But I was wrong because my knees were in perfect alignment even after running my first 10k with the shoe.

nike air zoom structure 24
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The Sole

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 uses CMP 010 midsole foam cushioning. It is not as famous as the React and ZoomX foams, but I like it better than the React foam. The CMP 010 sits in the middle of the React and ZoomX foams when it comes to softness. The soft cushioning feels more gentle to my joints. The shoe also feels more agile and is willing to go with the foot when you accelerate.

I tried it for walking on concrete, and the CMP 010 feels very comfortable on the feet. The shoe also looks more casual than my React Infinity Run Flyknit 2. It blends well with any relaxed outfit. Although I wish it had more premium materials similar to the React Infinity 2. I don’t mind paying more for the Air Zoom Structure 24.

structure 24
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The outsole is very durable and could last a long time. Nike shoes are already known for having durable outsoles that can take on any pavement. But the rubber outsole of the Air Zoom Structure 24 is better than some Nike shoes. It does well in protecting the soft midsole foam (like armor), which could also prolong the lifespan and preserve the structure of the entire midsole.

Even though the outsole is a hard rubber, you won’t feel it underneath your feet because of the soft midsole foam. This shoe also has a wide base that feels more stable on the feet. And a crash pad under the heel for added cushioning and smooth transition from heel to toe.

The Upper Material

The mesh upper is breathable. Nike says it provides breathability right where you need it. I find the material thicker than the upper material of my React Infinity 2. So I won’t be wearing this shoe in hot weather. Besides, it isn’t as breathable as the React Infinity 2.

The upper material is where you would wish it had better quality. But the shoe has a roomy toe box and can fit wide feet. It has regular-looking laces that need tightening before they can perform well. I also like the softer lining around the heel and ankle, which helps secure the foot as I run. The casual looks make this shoe more versatile for running and casual wear.

structure 24
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Nike did very well in improving the performance of the Air Zoom Structure shoe since the 23rd iteration. Although this latest model only had subtle improvements, it is one of your best options if you are looking for a versatile and supportive running shoe that performs well on easy and faster runs.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 has better support under the heel and arch. It has plenty of cushioning and structure that make the weight heavier than fast running shoes. But you won’t feel the weight as you run. And regardless of your speed, it does well in protecting the knee, the most injury-prone part of the lower limb when you run, by preventing too much inward roll of the foot.

This running shoe has an 8 mm heel-to-toe drop that does not put too much load on your feet, ankle, Achilles, and calf. I wish the midsole had a rocker geometry. But I like the Zoom Air unit in the forefoot because it offers a responsive cushioning that drives you forward. The crash pad under the heel is also excellent in creating a cushioned, smooth transition. This running shoe is superb on the pavement and running track.

structure 24
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Final Thoughts

Nike Air Zoom Structure 24 is a supportive, neutral running shoe you should try. Like its predecessors, it continues to offer durable stability and excellent support for overpronation. But neutral runners will also find it comfortable. This latest model is softer, flexible, and more versatile than when it was a true motion control shoe.

However, it may not be an ideal choice if you are looking for the best materials. The lacing system is pretty standard, and the mesh upper is less breathable than the more expensive Nike shoes. But the cushioning and support are superb and will reduce excess movement of the foot while running.

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