New Balance Orthopedic Shoes 2021

Our top pick in the best New Balance orthopedic shoes is New Balance 990v5.

There are many ways to relieve lower body pain caused by problems in the musculoskeletal. One of the most effective ways is to correct the problem in the lower body muscles, bones, and connective tissue using an orthopedic shoe.

In terms of orthopedic needs, New Balance seems to have the most popular orthopedic shoes. Having started as an arch support company in the 1900s, New Balance has now become a leader in shoes. In fact, many experts and consumers endorse this brand not just for orthopedic shoes but for other needs as well.

New Balance operates on a simple philosophy of listen, learn, and refine. And believing that the shoe that fits better performs better, New Balance offers choices for width in their walking and running shoes.

Having made its first pair of running shoes in 1938, New Balance continues to revolutionize its craftsmanship by meeting elite athletes face to face to improve its technology.

What are the Best New Balance Orthopedic Shoes?

The best New Balance orthopedic shoes have excellent support for your foot, ankle, and leg. They can prevent and correct deformities of your bones and muscles. These shoes must be APMA-accepted and offer roomy toe boxes, which can allow your toes to splay. Since there’s enough room in the toe box, the freedom of movement in the forefoot can make the toes more capable of delivering powerful movements to support your step.

How We Choose an Athletic Shoe

We spend many hours testing new athletic shoes and reading new discoveries, expert advice, and consumer testimonials on various foot conditions. And we choose the best athletic shoes for a specific foot problem.

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New Balance Orthopedic Shoes

Here’s a list of the best New Balance orthopedic shoes (in no particular order):

1. New Balance 990v5
2. New Balance 940v4
3. New Balance 1540v3
4. New Balance 840v4
5. New Balance 623v3
6. New Balance 847v3
7. New Balance 928v3
8. New Balance 813
9. New Balance 577
10. New Balance 840v2

The best New Balance orthopedic shoes have breathable fabric lining which offers a great in-shoe feel, removable foam insole, ENCAP PU ring with EVA core which wraps the lateral mid-foot through the heel, and around the medial mid-foot for enhanced stability, Ortholite premium footbed provides cushioning and arch support, ROLLBAR technology which reduces rear foot movement, and ABZORB midfoot cushioning which delivers cushion.

The above New Balance orthopedic shoes help correct and straighten problems in your musculoskeletal and they can prevent further injuries. These shoes are APMA-certified and have the seal of acceptance. APMA podiatrists have reviewed these shoes and found to promote good foot health.

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  1. I have flat feet with almost no arches at all. I am currently in therapy to strengthen my knees because of cartilage damage from working out. I’m 71 years old and don’t quite need knee replacement. Do you have orthopedic shoes that might help my condition? My son currently wears your shoes because of knee damage hat happened just after basic training. Do you make a shoe that might help this condition? Thank you.

    • Hi Barry. A lot of the people with knee problems find comfort on a lower heel-toe drop shoe (between 4 and 8 mm differential) because it tends to redirect pressure away from the knee and hip. Although the lower the shoe differential, the more calf flexibility and ankle mobility you need. The New Balance shoes on this list have 10-12 mm differential (with NB 1540v3 as the only shoe having 10 mm differential) so they may not be very comfortable if you have an issue with your knees. The only New Balance stability shoe with low drop is Fresh Foam Vongo v4 (4 mm drop) but it is not listed as an orthopedic shoe.

      There is another brand known for its lower heel-toe drop: HOKA ONE ONE. Here are HOKA’s APMA-certified stability shoes (with 5 mm drop): Arahi 4 and Gaviota 2.

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