Do I need more padding to help correct the problem?

A reader asks:

Thanks for your help in advance and your blog! Originally I was diagnosed with plantars faciatis and attained basic orthotics. After a full ACL reconstruction and subsequent removal of hardware it became harder to walk propertly and had sacrum issues on the surgical side. Recently I was told that my feet supinate and looking for some help. I recently purchased Suchony womens integrity shoe and it appears to help some but wondering if I need more padding to help. Does the shoe help correct the problem and/or should an orthotic be made to futher help with the problem? Thanks, Jeannette.


Hello Jeannette. Thank you for reaching out. Saucony Integrity is a neutral shoe that is capable of correcting supination. And you can read a lot of reviews saying that it’s great for people with foot problems. This walking shoe is also orthotic friendly so it has room to accommodate more padding. If you feel that cushioning is not enough, you can use orthotics to add more comfort and support in order to achieve better alignment of your foot so that you’ll have less possibility of foot fatigue and injury during any walking activity. Sufficient arch support is crucial so that the entire body weight will be evenly distributed to the foot surface (not just the heel and forefoot) to soften the impact as your foot hits the ground.