Brooks PureCadence 4 – is this the best shoe for me?

A reader asks:

Hi there,

I’m currently rehabbing IT band Syndrome and hip pain (both on my right side). I just completed my first marathon, and while it was a success, I battled a lot of injuries along the way, and I know I could have had a better performance without the knee/hip issues. I have been fitted with a variety of running shoes at my local FootZone. However, I had to return most of them due to heel rubbing in my left foot. I finally settled on the Brooks PureCadence 4. The shoe is incredibly comfortable, and I like the lightweight feel. However, I’m now curious if this is the best shoe for me. I am a mild supinator.

I’m looking for a new road shoe to try and a new trail shoe as I will be training for my first ultra mountain run, which is in March. I’m looking for shoes to a) help counter my supination and b) get me through 50-60 miles a week with enough comfort/cushioning/support to help prevent injuries as best as possible.

Thanks so much for the help!!!



Hello Drew. Thank you for leaving a reply. Since you’ve tried various running shoes, Brooks PureCadence 4 could easily be your best road shoe right now. This running shoe is lightweight, flexible, and has a comfortable custom cushioning ideal for medium to high arches. The trail running shoe that has the same design as PureCadence 4 is PureGrit 4. This trail shoe has the same 4mm drop, which your heel seems to like (and we guess you’re a midfoot striker, too). Other trail shoes worth trying are Saucony Peregrine 5 and Saucony Kinvara TR2. We believe that the trail is a softer surface, so you’ll have a better performance there and should worry less about your injuries. We hope that your healing process will be complete, and you’ll have full recovery before your first ultra mountain training in March.

The road shoes to try are Brooks PureFlow 4, Brooks PureConnect 4, Saucony Kinvara 5, and Saucony Cortana 4. These running shoes have 4mm drop, and they’re also comfortable. If you want to explore the 8mm drop, try Saucony Ignition 5, a top running shoe that can counter supination.