Best Soccer Cleats for Overpronation & Flat Feet 2021

Our top pick in the best soccer cleats for flat feet is Nike Tiempo Legend 8.

Overpronation is a natural motion of the foot that forces the subtalar joint to roll too far inward during the stance phase. This movement of the foot causes over flattening of the arch to help your lower limb adjust to the shock from ground. And it keeps your balance until the end of your step. Most people who overpronate have flat feet.

Overpronation has potential problems that can lead to pain and injury on the soccer field if not dealt with properly. Soccer belongs to high impact sports where your foot always leaves the ground and returns with an impact of at least three times your body weight. In a worst field condition, you can suffer pain in the foot, knee, hip, and back.

While most overpronators will have no problems on their feet, this disorder in the foot can cause foot fatigue. Because when your foot rolls too much inward, your lower limb will work extra hard to keep your balance. And when there is a prolonged stress on the foot, injury is imminent.

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What are the Best Soccer Cleats for Overpronation and Flat Feet?

The best soccer cleats for this type of foot have the following features:

  1. They have excellent stability features and support for extreme lateral and high impact movements.
  2. They have adequate support in the arch tendon of the foot to align your body and distribute pressure across the foot surface for a softer impact.
  3. They have wider toe boxes that can allow your toes to splay and generate powerful movements at toe off.

Even though you’ll seldom see a soccer cleat with an obvious arch support, expect these soccer cleats to be more efficient in controlling poor foot motion.

Did you know that overpronation forces your big toe and second toe to do most of the hard work when pushing off to complete your step? While the big toe should be the dominant weight lifter, the smaller toes should do their work too to help soften the impact during the toe off phase.

How We Choose a Soccer Cleat

We spend many hours testing new soccer cleats and reading new technologies, expert advice, and consumer testimonials on various foot types. And we choose the best soccer cleats for a specific foot type.

Table of Contents

1. Best Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet
2. Best Turf Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet
3. Best Indoor Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet
4. Best Overpronation Insoles for Soccer

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In this post, we will feature the best soccer cleats for various field positions: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward.

Best Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet

Here’s a list of the best firm ground soccer cleats for flat feet with famous players using them:

1. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 – Alisson, Liverpool FC
2. Nike Phantom GT – Raheem Sterling, Manchester City
3. Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 – Cristiano Ronaldo, Juventus FC
4. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 – Zlatan Ibrahimovic, AC Milan
5. adidas Copa Mundial – Luke O’Nien, Sunderland AFC
6. adidas Copa Sense .1 – Manuel Neuer, Bayern Munchen
7. New Balance Tekela v3 – Rose Lavelle, USWNT
8. New Balance Furon v6+ – Bukayo Saka, Arsenal
9. Mizuno Morelia Neo III MIJ – Alberto Paleari, Genoa CFC
10. Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan – Hector Bellerín, Arsenal

The doctor-recommended best soccer cleats for overpronation are models of Nike Tiempo because they have more lateral and ankle support than most soccer cleats. The latest Tiempo now uses Quadfit mesh, along with its kangaroo leather, which helps to lock your foot in through every change of direction.

If you want a more affordable Nike leather boot, go for Nike Premier II.

You’ll also see tons of user reviews mentioning adidas Copa Mundial as one of the most comfortable and supportive soccer cleats for overpronation. adidas Copa Mundial is one of the best soccer cleats of all time and is our top pick if you prefer the classic design in footwear. The soft ground version of the Copa Mundial is adidas World Cup.

If you also experience heel pain or plantar fasciitis, the doctor-recommended best soccer cleats for plantar fasciitis are models of Nike Mercurial Vapor because they have the prefect blend of comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption in the line of leading soccer cleats. The latest Mercurial Vapor, the Vapor 14, is soft yet it has the best lock-in sensation, a combination rarely found in other soccer cleats. Since plantar fasciitis and overpronation would go together, you can use the Mercurial Vapor to prevent pain in the heel and bottom of the foot as you train and compete on the pitch.

11. PUMA Ultra 1.1 – Cesc Fabregas, AS Monaco
12. PUMA FUTURE Z 1.1 – Neymar, Paris Saint-Germain
13. PUMA King Platinum – Romelu Lukaku, Inter Milan
14. PUMA King Top

Our top-rated, most comfortable speed cleats are models of PUMA Ultra. They have the best lock-in sensations and are very comfortable that you won’t feel there’s a need to break in these shoes. You can be confident wearing a new pair on your match day without having to worry about blisters and cramps.

If you prefer the leather material over synthetic, which is a great choice because leather is more comfortable that synthetic, we think that the best leather cleats are Mizuno Morelia Neo III MIJ and Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan because they are currently the most comfortable leather cleats and their leather materials blend perfectly with their technologies.

The new Rebula Cup puts more emphasis on control and speed, which is great for midfielders, while, the Morelia Neo III is built for speed and touch which are ideal for either defender or forward.

Most of the soccer cleats available on the market are minimalist and neutral cleats, but even the most neutral shoes can offer support up to mild overpronation.

Flat feet and high arches are factors that can increase your risk of developing plantar fasciitis. These irregular walking and running patterns put added stress on the plantar fascia. If your plantar fascia continues to suffer damage, it can rapture and can cause pain and swelling at the bottom of your foot.

Competitive Vs Recreational Soccer Cleats

If your purpose in playing soccer is for recreational, you can choose an Academy soccer cleat or a low-end cleat. It’s the cheapest version of the model yet heavier (sometimes double the weight of the competitive cleat). And you’ll give up on support and performance.

But if you are playing on tournaments and your team is counting on you, go for the highly competitive (Elite) or semi-competitive (Pro) soccer cleat because it will help bring out the best in you. Yes, it’s the most expensive but worth the price because it’s the lightest, most durable, and offers the best support and performance.

Best Turf Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet

To avoid overuse injury and foot fatigue caused by overpronation, use turf soccer cleats during training. Turf soccer cleats offer more support and flexibility than regular soccer cleats. Although you may not use them on official tournaments that require firm ground soccer cleats.

Here’s a list of the best turf soccer cleats for overpronation (in no particular order):

1. adidas Mundial Team
2. adidas Copa 19.1
3. Mizuno Morelia Neo KL II
4. New Balance Tekela v2 Magique
5. New Balance Furon v6 Dispatch
6. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13
7. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7
8. Nike Tiempo Legend 8
9. Nike React Phantom Vision 2
10. Nike Phantom Venom

These turf soccer cleats are excellent for players with plantar fasciitis because they are more adaptable and can absorb shock better than regular soccer cleats.

Best Indoor Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet

If you’re looking for indoor or court soccer cleats for overpronation, your best options are:

1. Nike Tiempo React Legend 8
2. Nike React Phantom Vision 2
3. Nike Mercurial Superfly 7
4. Nike Mercurial Vapor 13
5. Nike Phantom Venom
6. adidas Samba Classic
7. adidas Mundial Goal
8. adidas Copa 20.3
9. PUMA King Pro

If you won’t correct overpronation, it will eventually result to knee and back problems, so even if you don’t experience foot pain now, use proper orthotics if you feel that the support of regular insoles are not adequate.

Best Overpronation Insoles for Soccer

Here’s a list of the best overpronation insoles for soccer (in no particular order):

1. Superfeet Premium Black
2. Superfeet Premium Yellow
3. Spenco Ironman Train Insole
4. Spenco Total Support Original
5. Birkenstock Birko Sport Arch Support
6. New Balance 3720 Arch Stability
7. VIONIC Oh Active Orthotic
8. VIONIC Oh Relief Full Length
9. Powerstep Original Insole
10. Powerstep Comfortlast

The best Superfeet shoe inserts have maximum support, stability and shock absorption, as well as, extra deep cup which cradles your heel and provides comfortable support by aligning the bones of your foot to prevent heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

The best Spenco shoe inserts have advanced arch support and deep heel cup which absorb shock and control pronation, as well as, extra cushioning under the ball of the foot which provides a smoother transition.

The best Powerstep shoe inserts have contoured heel cup which provides stability and effective relief for heel and arch pain.

The regular insole of a soccer cleat is a perfect match to its components but if you need more support, use the above overpronation insoles for soccer.

Although orthotics can alter your touch of the special materials that make a clean ball contact, it will align your feet so you’ll have less tendency of getting injured.

For severe overpronators, they will need special shoe inserts to put more support in the arch tendon of the foot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What soccer cleats are best for flat feet?

The best soccer cleats for flat feet have adequate support on the arch tendon of the foot, greater stability, and can accommodate a wider foot. Great examples of these cleats are models of Nike Tiempo, Nike Mercurial Vapor, adidas Copa, and PUMA FUTURE.