Best Soccer Cleats for Overpronation & Flat Feet 2021

by | Updated on October 15, 2021

Our top choices among the best soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation are:

  • Non-leather cleat: Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite, the most famous speed cleat recommended by some sports medicine physicians because it has a perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption.
  • Modern leather cleat: Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite, the doctor-recommended soccer cleat for overpronation and flat feet because it has more lateral and ankle support than most soccer cleats.
  • Classic leather cleat: Adidas Copa Mundial, a supportive soccer shoe loved by flat-footed players. It has a thicker leather upper that provide impact protection and an all-conical studs for extra stability and better performance.
  • Shoe insert: Spenco Total Support, an athletic insole with total support for overpronation and flat feet.
flat feet

Overpronation is the foot’s natural motion that forces the subtalar joint to roll inward at an increased angle during the stance phase. This movement causes over-flattening of the arch to help your lower limb adjust to the shock from the ground. And it keeps your balance until the end of your step, where you push off almost entirely through the big toe.

Overpronation is generally caused by flat feet. It can cause the body to be unable to distribute impact optimally. In fact, in the worst field condition, you can suffer pain in the foot, knee, hip, and back.

That said, overpronation has a potential problem that can lead to pain and injury on the field since soccer belongs to high-impact sports where your foot always leaves the ground and returns with an impact of at least three times your body weight.

While those who overpronate will have no issues on their feet, this problem gait can easily cause foot fatigue because when your foot rolls inward towards the arch, your lower limb will work extra hard to keep your balance.

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What are the Best Soccer Cleats for Overpronation and Flat Feet?

The best soccer cleats for overpronation and flat feet have the following features:

  1. They have excellent stabilizing support for extreme lateral and high-impact movements. If you want more stability, go for round studs instead of blade cleats. Round (or conical) studs also allow the foot to function normally.
  2. They have adequate support in the foot’s arch tendon to help align your body and distribute pressure across the foot surface for a softer impact.
  3. They have wider toe boxes that can allow your toes to splay and generate powerful movements at toe-off.
  4. They can minimize the effects of overpronation.

Even though you’ll seldom see a soccer cleat with obvious arch support, expect these soccer cleats to be more efficient in controlling poor foot motion.

How We Choose a Soccer Cleat

We spend many hours testing new soccer cleats and reading new technologies, expert advice, and consumer testimonials on various foot types. And we choose the best soccer shoes for a specific problem gait.

Table of Contents

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Best Adidas Cleats for Flat Feet

– Adidas Copa Mundial –

adidas Copa Mundial
Image source:

You’ll see tons of user reviews mentioning Adidas Copa Mundial as one of the most comfortable and supportive soccer cleats for overpronation. In fact, it is one of the best soccer cleats for arch support where you’ll literally feel its medial padding.

This soccer cleat has a trusted soft kangaroo leather upper, which provides comfort and protection from impact injury. It has a comfortable footbed with enhanced support underneath through its all-conical studs, which provide extra stability and allow the foot to perform better. See full review »

Note: Adidas Copa Mundial has an old-school design on the upper and misses anti-stretch technology found on a modern leather cleat. So choose the size with the snuggest fit because the leather will eventually stretch (more than you’d expect).

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Tip: Another similar classic leather cleat is the Umbro Speciali Pro. It’s more lightweight than the Copa Mundial but has a similar kangaroo leather upper with more stitch patterns. It has a comfortable footbed and a soft removable insole with raised sidewalls from the heel through the midfoot. And all-conical studs for stability and better performance.

– Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 –

adidas nemeziz 19.1
Image source:

Adidas Nemeziz 19.1 is the agility boot used by Lionel Messi for nearly a couple of years. Even with the introduction of the new model, the Nemeziz.1, he still continued to use this soccer cleat before shifting to a more speed cleat design, the X50 Flow.1, which helped him win the 2021 Copa America.

This soccer cleat is a solid choice even for older players. It is wider and more comfortable than its predecessor. It uses Tensiontape upper technology to provide excellent support for quick cuts and lateral movements.

The upper construction also provides tough protection against impact injury. And it has a brand new soleplate, which provides support for multidirectional movements with conical-like studs for extra stability and better performance. See full review »

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Best Nike Cleats for Flat Feet

– Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Elite –

nike tiempo legend 9
Image source:

The doctor-recommended best soccer cleats for overpronation and flat feet are models of Nike Tiempo because they have more lateral and ankle support than most soccer cleats. This new model has one of the most structured upper and is built for comfort, speed, and support. It now has soft foam pods underneath its k-leather upper, which help lock the foot down through every change of direction.

Nike Tiempo Legend 9 is the most lightweight Tiempo model ever made, and it is one of the best soccer cleats for wide flat feet. It has a redesigned soleplate and a refined upper featuring k-leather + soft foam pods. The new design is now more appealing to the younger generation as well. See full review »

Notable features of the Tiempo Legend 9:

  • A soft k-leather upper, which provides comfort and protection from impact injury.
  • Soft foam pods underneath the k-leather upper that create a better close-to-the-foot sensation than the previous Quadfit mesh.
  • A subtle raised texture on areas where the foot meets the ball for better touch and control.
  • A Hyperstability plate at the bottom for comfort and stability and 6 conical studs in the forefoot to help the foot function normally.

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– Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Elite –

nike mercurial vapor 14
Image source:

If you experience heel pain or plantar fasciitis, the doctor-recommended best soccer shoes for plantar fasciitis are the models of Nike Mercurial Vapor because they have the perfect blend of comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption. The latest model of the Vapor is arguably the best Mercurial Vapor ever made.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 is soft, yet it has the best locked-in sensation, a combination rarely found in other soccer cleats. Since plantar fasciitis and overpronation would go together, you can use the Mercurial Vapor to prevent pain in the heel and bottom of the foot as you train and compete on the soccer field. This Mercurial model is one of the most supportive soccer cleats. See full review »

Other notable features of the Mercurial Vapor 14:

  • A stiffer soleplate that can help prevent injury to the forefoot.
  • Interior heel cushioning that ensures long-lasting comfort.
  • NikeGrip technology on the insole, which prevents your foot from sliding.

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If you want more ankle support, go for Vapor’s twin brother, Nike Mercurial Superfly 8. It is Nike’s elite offering with a Dynamic Fit collar and interior heel cushioning.

– Nike Premier II –

Nike Premier II
Image source:

If you want to try a leather cleat for the first time, Nike Premier II is your best option. It’s wide and has the best value for money. In fact, the price is so low for a leather cleat, and it’s unbelievable how Nike still managed to put quality materials into it.

Of course, the leather isn’t as good as the quality of leather boots 3x its price, but the Premier II isn’t far behind the top leather boots in terms of quality.

Nike Premier II is an all-leather cleat with a simple old-school design. It now has an added stitch pattern that prevents over-stretching of the upper material. The removable insole of this boot has good arch support. The support on the heel is comfortable. And it has shorter conical studs, which add more stability to your foot.

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– Nike Phantom GT2 Elite –

nike phantom gt2
Image source:

If you have super wide feet, this soccer cleat is for you. Nike Phantom GT2 is a smooth all-rounder that can do it all on the soccer field. It’s similar to the Mercurials, although it feels a bit better on side-to-side movements, which is a plus if you are flat-footed.

Nike Phantom GT2 has the DNA of two football boots – the Phantom Venom and Vision and combines all their best technologies into one. This new model has an updated design of the Generative Texture (GT) technology for better control of the ball.

Notable features of Nike Phantom GT2:

  • An open-arch plate for lightweight stability.
  • An updated stud layout is optimized for the dynamic traction you need for quick changes in the lateral direction.

Note: Nike Phantom GT2 is less structured on the upper. It also has a relatively flat shoe insert. So you might need an overpronation insole on this one for a proper heel raise and added support in the arch.

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Best PUMA Cleats for Flat Feet

– PUMA Ultra 1.2 –

PUMA Ultra 1.2
Image source:

Our top-rated, most comfortable speed cleats are the top-end models of PUMA Ultra. They have an excellent locked-in fit and are very comfortable that you won’t feel there’s a need to break in these cleats. PUMA Ultra 1.2 has an outsole that has good flexibility and offers a solid base underneath the foot. It’s an all-rounder that can do it all on the soccer field.

Notable features of PUMA Ultra 1.2:

  • Nano Grip sock liner, which keeps your foot planted and secure inside the boot.
  • Super light Pebax SpeedUnit outsole that provides traction and grip for ultra-fast acceleration.
  • A stiffer outsole that can help prevent injury to the forefoot.

Shop Ultra 1.2 »

If you want the best leather model of PUMA Ultra, go for the Ultra 1.2 Lazertouch. It’s a speed cleat with an enhanced touch and control on the ball. It’s as light as the synthetic model (and identical in price, too), but the leather material is soft and helps protect you from impact injury.

– PUMA Ultra 1.3 –

puma ultra 1.3
Image source:

PUMA Ultra 1.3 is very comfortable for even older soccer players who struggled with an overuse injury like plantar fasciitis. In fact, many players and enthusiasts consider this new model as the best speed cleat that has reached the market this year. This all-rounder is the lightest soccer cleat (5.47 oz only) for training and competition and it’s better than the Ultra 1.2 when it comes to fit and performance.

PUMA Ultra 1.3 now has a snugger fit, which feels narrower than the Ultra 1.2. The upper still uses MATRYXEVO technology but has new improved lightweight materials like transparent mono yarns and Internal SPEEDCAGE for multidirectional support. The update was a huge improvement from the previous model, which results in a better locked-in fit, support, and barefoot-like touch on the ball.

This speed cleat still has the same comfortable footbed and a SpeedUnit outsole known for its running spike DNA.

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– PUMA King Platinum –

PUMA King Platinum
Image source:

If you are flat-footed, PUMA King Platinum will give you instant comfort. This soccer cleat has the cleanest looks in leather cleats, which run from heel to toe. It can match the skills and energy of the world’s most energetic soccer players.

PUMA King Platinum has been improved and now has a high-quality k-leather upper that wraps around your foot closely. It has round studs in the heel and forefoot for added stability.

Notable features of PUMA King Platinum:

  • A knitted tongue, which offers a compression fit.
  • An external heel counter, which secures the heel and prevents it from sliding.

Note: The removable insole in PUMA King Platinum is quite flat. So you might need an overpronation insole for a proper heel raise and added support in the arch.

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puma future z 1.2
Image source:

If comfort is your priority, PUMA FUTURE Z 1.2 is one of your best options. It’s a super comfortable soccer cleat with a soft lining you’ll love. It can fit any foot shape. And it’s built for agility, control, and speed.

PUMA FUTURE Z 1.2 has an adaptive FUZIONFIT+ compression band wrapped around the entire midfoot, giving added support to the arch area. The new technology provides a sure lock-in and optimal support for any quick movements. This soccer cleat is also structured in the heel and forefoot, which adds more stability to your foot.

Other notable features of PUMA FUTURE Z 1.2:

  • NANOGRIP technology in the removable insole, which keeps the foot planted and reduces foot slippage.
  • Dynamic Motion System asymmetric outsole for multidirectional movement and traction on any natural surfaces.

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Other Brands with the Best Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet

– New Balance Furon V6+ Pro –

new balance furon v6+
Image source:

The Furon V6+ is the best soccer cleat New Balance has made so far. It’s one of the most comfortable speed cleats this year. It is well-made from the ground up and has one of the most stable upper locked-in constructions. Its support around the heel is arguably the most comfortable among speed cleats.

New Balance Furon V6+ has a soft lining that provides long-lasting comfort with plenty of padding in the right places. It has a pro-level lightweight nylon plate with ribbed midfoot, offering plenty of stability through every change of direction. The soleplate is stiffer and helps prevent injury to the forefoot.

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– Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan –

Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan
Image source:

If you are looking for a super comfortable leather cleat, don’t look past Mizuno Rebula Cup. This soccer cleat is built for control and speed.

Mizuno Rebula Cup replaces the Rebula 3 and features a different all-leather upper and other improvements that make it more comfortable and better in quality than its predecessor. This soccer cleat has an outsole that blends perfectly with its studs, making it one of the best soleplates in football boots.

Notable features of Mizuno Rebula Cup:

  • A soft k-leather upper with padded zones for the softest fit.
  • A stable and agile outsole, which offers responsiveness and a more solid base.
  • Stabilizer studs, which offer stability and plenty of grip on any natural surfaces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What soccer cleats are best for flat feet?

The best soccer cleat for flat feet has excellent support for lateral movements; the best lock-in around the ankle; is stable from the ground up; and can accommodate a wider foot. Great examples of these cleats are Nike Tiempo, Nike Mercurial Vapor, and Adidas Copa Mundial.

What are the best soccer cleats for shin splints?

If you have flat feet, you’ll be prone to shin splints. While rest is needed to allow your muscles to heal, you have to wear your most supportive boots while on the soccer field. That said, the most supportive soccer shoes you can find are the models of Nike Tiempo Legend, Nike Mercurial, Adidas Copa Mundial, and New Balance Furon.

What are the best soccer cleats for plantar fasciitis?

The doctor-recommended soccer cleats for plantar fasciitis are the models of Nike Mercurial (Vapor 14 and Superfly 8) because of their excellent comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption. If you have flat feet and plantar fasciitis, you may also find Nike Tiempo Legend 9 very comfortable and supportive. According to some sports medicine physicians, the models of Nike Tiempo Legend have more lateral and ankle support than most soccer cleats.

What are the best soccer turf shoes for plantar fasciitis?

The best soccer turf shoes for plantar fasciitis are Adidas Mundial Team, Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro, and Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro because they are the most comfortable and supportive turf shoes for problem gait like overpronation, which leads to plantar fasciitis.

What are the best soccer cleats for knee problems?

If you have knee problems due to poor foot mechanics, you need to look for supportive boots with adequate arch support. If you can’t find that in a soccer cleat, you may need to use an orthotic insole to get rid of the problem. The best examples of the most supportive soccer cleats are Nike Tiempo Legend 9, Nike Mercurial Vapor 14, Adidas Copa Mundial, and New Balance Furon V6+.

green shoe insert

Soccer Insoles for Flat Feet

It is common for modern football boots to have a flat sole and thin shoe inserts. And this will only worsen the condition if you have an injury in your foot. So to prevent a potential problem, replace the standard insoles with soccer insoles for flat feet because they have the right contours for your feet and a proper heel raise.

1. Superfeet Premium Black
2. Superfeet Premium Yellow
3. Spenco Ironman Train Insole
4. Spenco Total Support Original
5. Birkenstock Birko Sport Arch Support
6. New Balance 3720 Arch Stability
7. VIONIC Oh Active Orthotic
8. VIONIC Oh Relief Full Length
9. Powerstep Original Insole
10. Powerstep Comfortlast

See full review of these soccer insoles for flat feet »

The regular insole of a soccer cleat is a perfect match to its components but if you need more support, use the above soccer insoles.

Although orthotics can alter your touch of the special materials that make a clean ball contact, it will align your foot so you’ll have less tendency of getting injured.

For severe overpronators, they will need special shoe inserts to put more support in the arch tendon of the foot.

Best Turf Soccer Shoes for Flat Feet

To avoid overuse injury and foot fatigue caused by overpronation, use turf soccer cleats during training. Turf soccer cleats offer more support and flexibility than regular soccer cleats. However, you may not use them on official tournaments that require firm-ground soccer cleats.

Here’s a list of the best turf football boots for overpronation (in no particular order):

1. Adidas Mundial Team
2. Mizuno Morelia Neo KL II
3. New Balance Furon v6 Dispatch
4. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 Pro
5. Nike Mercurial Superfly 8
6. Nike Tiempo Legend 9 Pro

These turf soccer cleats are excellent for players with plantar fasciitis because they are more adaptable and can absorb shock better than regular soccer cleats.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Flat Feet

If you’re looking for indoor or court football boots for overpronation, your best options are:

1. Nike Tiempo React Legend 8
2. Nike Mercurial Superfly 8
3. Nike Mercurial Vapor 14
4. Adidas Samba Classic
5. Adidas Mundial Goal
6. PUMA King Pro

If you don’t correct overpronation, it will eventually result in knee and back problems, so even if you don’t experience foot pain now, use proper orthotics if you feel that the support of regular insoles is not adequate.

Final Thoughts on the Best Football Boots for Flat Feet

Many of the soccer players who overpronate don’t have issues on their feet while playing soccer. But with the presence of flat feet, things can get more complicated. If you only experience the usual foot fatigue after every game, you can always wear your most comfortable soccer cleats.

However, if you experience foot pain during the game or training, the pain may come from a more serious problem. So you must visit your doctor before going back to the soccer field. Also, wear the best overpronation insoles for soccer to add extra cushioning and support.

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