Best Shoe Inserts for Overpronation 2021

Our top pick in the best shoe inserts for overpronation is Spenco Total Support.

If you have an issue with overpronation, it is important that you get the best support available. While most overpronators will be satisfied with a regular shoe insert, which is a perfect match to the shoe, others may need an extra support and a snugger fit.

Shoe inserts can have many purposes when it comes to foot health. But its true function is to align the entire lower limb so you’ll have less tendency of suffering from pain and injury whenever you walk or run.

If you think your regular shoe inserts can’t keep up with the demand for support for overpronation, the next best thing to do is to replace those regular inserts with the more supportive shoe inserts for overpronation.

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Most problems with overpronation can be resolved by buying shoe inserts in stores without a prescription but the ultimate option is by using custom orthotics, which are custom-made for your feet. At its best, custom orthotics can help you avoid surgery to fix issues with flat feet. But custom orthotics come with a price that can be more expensive than your shoes.

If you have running-related problems due to overpronation and you need an extra support and a snugger fit, this list of the best shoe inserts for overpronation can suffice that need. But you have to make sure that after replacing the original shoe inserts with the new ones, your shoes won’t be tight on the instep.

How We Choose a Shoe Insert

We spend many hours testing various shoe inserts on our running shoes and reading new technologies, expert advice, and consumer testimonials on various foot types. And we choose the best shoe inserts for a specific foot type.

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Best Shoe Inserts for Overpronation

1. VIONIC Oh Active Orthotic
2. VIONIC Oh Shock Absorber
3. Birkenstock Birko Sport
4. Spenco Total Support Original
5. Spenco Total Support Max
6. Spenco Total Support Thin
7. Spenco Ironman Train
8. Spenco 3/4 Orthotic
9. Spenco RX Full Arch Cushion
10. New Balance IAS3720 Stability

The VIONIC insoles for overpronation are APMA-accepted and have stability features that can prevent excessive pronation, a contributing factor to flat feet.

The Spenco insoles for overpronation have advanced arch support and deep heel cup, which absorb shock and control pronation. These devices have extra cushion under the ball of the foot, which provides smoother transitions. Spenco insoles are engineered to be better.

11. Sof Sole Plantar Fascia 3/4
12. Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx
13. Powerstep Original
14. Powerstep ComfortLast
15. Superfeet Premium Blue
16. Superfeet Premium Yellow
17. Superfeet Premium Black
18. Superfeet Merino Grey
19. Superfeet DMP Copper
20. Superfeet Premium Orange

The Sof Sole insoles for overpronation are excellent in absorbing impact during heel strike and have a well-made support in the arch tendon of the foot.

The Powerstep insoles for overpronation have contoured heel cup, which provides stability and effective relief for heel and arch pain.

The Superfeet insoles for overpronation have maximum support, stability, and shock absorption. These devices have extra deep cup, which cradles your heel and provides a comfortable support by aligning the bones of your foot to prevent heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

Final Thoughts

The above-mentioned removable shoe inserts for overpronation can address various running-related problems caused by overpronation. But if after wearing these devices, you still experience pain or you are not satisfied with the support they give, have your feet examined by a podiatrist who will perform a thorough checkup of your feet and make custom-made orthotics, which are perfect for your foot type.

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