Best Shoe Inserts for Overpronation 2021

by | Updated on September 5, 2021
spenco total support original
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Most people who overpronate have no issues on their feet. But if you suffer aches and pains because of overpronation, you should get the best support to position your feet in the proper alignment.

The regular insole of a stability shoe already adds support to overpronation. But if after having the right shoes, you still can’t get the best comfort and fit, replace the standard insoles with the best shoe inserts for overpronation.

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Best Shoe Inserts for Overpronation

– VIONIC Oh Active Orthotic –

vionic oh active orthotic
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All VIONIC insoles have podiatrist-designed footbeds that follow the natural shape of your feet. VIONIC Oh Active Orthotic, in particular, has EVA orthotic, which offers added motion control and stability even at high speeds.

This athletic insole has excellent arch support and is contoured to fit the foot around the heel and arch regions. It has a cushioned shock dot under the heel that provides an added shock absorption through every heel strike. And it has Four rear foot wedge technology, which prevents excessive pronation.

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– VIONIC Oh Relief –

vionic oh relief full length
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If you are looking for an insole that can provide control and support for everyday use, VIONIC Oh Relief is one of your best options. This shoe insert has a full-length orthotic, which offers a pain-free solution to common problems associated with poor lower limb alignment.

It has Biomechanical Tri-Plantar Motion Control technology, designed to provide stability and helps realign your foot in the proper position. It has a deep heel cup, which cradles the heel through repetitive heel strikes. And added cushioning in the heel and forefoot for energy return and enhanced shock absorption.

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– Birkenstock Birko Sport –

birkenstock birko sport arch support
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The technology that made Birkenstock footwear very popular (i.e. a unique contoured footbed) is also in this insole. And it is made specifically for any sports shoes. Birkenstock Birko Sport has a two-part arch support system, designed to provide support and cushioning even at high speeds.

The blue foam insole will mold to the shape of your foot for an added stability and customized fit. And the cork insole will reinforce the support under your heel and arch, provides a heel cup that will position your foot in the proper alignment, and adds padding under the heel to cushion impact during heavy heel strikes.

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– Spenco Total Support –

spenco total support original
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Spenco Total Support Original is our best choice for overpronation for plenty of reasons. Aside from the fact that it will give you total support from the simplest of physical activities to sports activities, it is also excellent in preventing excessive pronation. However, this shoe insert is quite thick and may cause a tighter instep if it’s thicker than your regular insole.

Spenco Total Support has a 3-POD System placed on the impact zones of the foot. This system is excellent in absorbing shock and provides cushioning where you need it the most. It also has a deep heel cup, which cradles the heel and provides stability and comfort.

This insole has metatarsal support, which relieves pressure on the ball of the foot during an explosive take-off.

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– Powerstep ComfortLast –

powerstep comfortlast
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Powerstep ComfortLast is a full-length insole, which offers long-lasting comfort. Designed for sports and everyday use, this shoe insert offers two-layer plush cushioning and anatomically contoured arch support, designed to cradle the arch, prevent excessive pronation, and solve common foot problems.

This insole has a shock-absorbing gel under the heel, which softens the impact during heel strike. This gel also helps reduce stress in the foot.

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– Superfeet Premium Blue –

Superfeet Premium Blue
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Superfeet Premium Blue has a resilient thin insole, which can easily blend with any sports shoes. It has a design that can provide a snugger fit and long-lasting support. Its orthotic shape footbed is famous among people looking for reliable support and comfort.

This shoe insert has a closed-cell construction, designed to take on any challenge. And a deep heel cup and stabilizer cap, which provide extra cushioning and stability that can position the foot in the proper alignment.

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– Superfeet Premium Black –

superfeet premium black
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Superfeet Premium Black is a low-profile insole with a colorway that can match the colors of any active footwear. It has an easy-going construction, and Superfeet designed it for everyday use.

This shoe insert has Superfeet Shape technology, designed to provide extra stability and reduce foot fatigue. It has a deep heel cup with a heel stabilizer that cradles the heel, reduces excess movement of the foot, and gives comfort and stability during heel strike. Also, it has a closed-cell foam construction that provides added durability and is always ready for any challenge.

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– Superfeet Merino Grey –

Superfeet Merino Grey
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Superfeet Merino Grey has a merino wool cover, a natural fiber that helps regulate body temperature and wicks away sweat and odor. This insole has a high-density foam construction that helps retain its shape throughout its lifetime and delivers reliable support and comfort. Also, it has a deep heel cup that provides extra cushioning during repetitive heel strikes.

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– Superfeet DMP Copper –

Superfeet DMP Copper
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Superfeet Copper is a readily available insole with a pressure-sensitive memory foam, designed to conform to the shape of your foot. It has a low-profile design with Superfeet Shape technology, designed to provide stability and reduce stress in the lower limb. It has a deep heel cup, which comforts the heel through high-impact landings.

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Final Thoughts

The regular insole of a stable shoe can help prevent over-flattening of the arch. But there are times you’d want a snugger fit, a more comfortable experience, and better heel raise, cushioning, and support. While you can’t do anything to the structure of the shoe, you can replace the regular insoles with the best shoe inserts for overpronation and flat feet.

Even though most overpronators don’t have issues with their feet, having the right support can prevent stress in the lower limb and body by positioning your feet in the proper alignment. So get the best cushioning and support for your feet today and enjoy a pain-free active lifestyle.

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