5 Best Hoka Shoes for Walking

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Our topmost choices for the best Hoka shoes for walking:

  • All-day Comfort: Hoka Bondi SR — the most cushioned Hoka walking shoe ideal for walking around the neighborhood and on the treadmill. Its plush cushioning is also one of the most sought-after in the medical field.
  • Power Walking: Hoka Kawana — a moderately stable shoe with soft and responsive cushioning that can do it all whether you use it for walking around the neighborhood or on the treadmill.

The best walking shoes have a strike path of walking in mind. But most leading brands focus on running shoes and only offer a few ones designed for walking. Hoka has only one shoe (obviously) designed for walking (the Bondi SR). However, some of its running shoes can cover miles of strolling without any issues. They are the best Hoka shoes for walking.

Hoka shoes have relatively higher stack heights than many shoes from other brands. The sole looks oversized but is super lightweight and good-looking on the feet. They offer plush cushioning with a soft and responsive feel. They have low to mid drop (between 4 mm and 6 mm). These shoe differentials are gentle on the knees and don’t put much load on your foot, ankle, Achilles, and calf.

best hoka shoes for walking

However, if you are used to high-drop shoes (10-14 mm), you will experience that your body will slightly recline backward on the first try of these lower-drop shoes, especially if the midsole is soft. But after a few moments, your body will adjust, and everything underfoot will feel normal.

The Best Hoka Shoes for Walking in 2023

Here’s a list of the best Hoka shoes for walking (in no particular order):

Hoka Kawana

hoka kawana

Walking Activity: Neighborhood, Treadmill, Power
Cushioning: Low to the ground/Soft & Responsive
Width: Regular

Hoka Kawana is the most versatile shoe for walking and gym workouts. And it can be your best Hoka shoe for walking because it contains features that make it inherently stable.

The Kawana is Hoka’s top recommended shoe for power walking. You can use it for walking on pavement, treadmill, and track. It is also an all-around shoe in the gym, which can take on high-intensity training, strength training/lifting, and cardio. And you can use it for running up to 42K+, although some Hoka running shoes are better in energy return and propulsion.

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Hoka Bondi 8

hoka bondi 8

Walking Activity: Neighborhood, Treadmill, Power
Cushioning: Responsive/Balanced/Plush
Width: Regular up to extra wide feet

If you have extra wide feet, Hoka Bondi 8 will be the best Hoka shoe for walking. It is Hoka’s most cushioned neutral shoe with stability features that can guide your foot to its center position.

You can use the Bondi 8 for walking around the neighborhood and the treadmill. It offers maximum cushioning that feels plush underfoot. It is also great for power walking and running up to 42K+. And it is well-padded, which makes it a bit heavier than some Hoka shoes, although it is the lightest shoe in the Bondi lineup, weighing 10.80 oz.

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Hoka Bondi SR

hoka bondi sr

Walking Activity: Neighborhood, Treadmill, All-day Comfort
Cushioning: Responsive/Plush
Width: Regular up to wide feet

Hoka Bondi SR is the only shoe on this list that doesn’t belong to the running shoe category. It has a Bondi pedigree with extra features that are better than its siblings in terms of providing all-day comfort.

The Bondi SR offers maximal/plush cushioning that can pamper every area of your foot. It has a water-resistant leather upper and a full-contact slip-resistant rubber outsole, which provides traction and a sure grip on wet surfaces. It also has a memory foam collar, which cradles the ankle in plush comfort. This shoe is super popular among medical workers and other jobs that require people to stand all day. And it is also ideal for walking on the treadmill.

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Hoka Clifton 9

hoka clifton 9

Walking Activity: Neighborhood, Treadmill, Power
Cushioning: Low to the Ground/Soft & Responsive
Width: Regular up to wide feet

If you are trying out Hoka for the first time, the Clifton 9 is your best Hoka shoe for walking. This APMA-accepted running shoe is the default choice for new Hoka users. It has proven features that promote foot health, even supporting the feet that supinate or roll outward at an increased angle.

Hoka Clifton 9 has all the features that make Hoka shoes unique. It has an oversized sole that doesn’t feel bulky on the feet. It is good-looking and super lightweight with great shoe technologies like an extended heel crash pad for a smooth landing, an early-stage Meta-Rocker for smooth transitions, and a comfortable and breathable engineered mesh upper.

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Hoka Arahi 6

hoka arahi 6

Walking Activity: Neighborhood
Cushioning: Responsive/Balanced/Plush
Width: Regular up to wide feet

Hoka Arahi 6 is the most stable shoe on this list, with balanced cushioning and full support for overpronation and flat feet. It has a protective cushion and a responsive toe-off ready for a faster pace.

It is the stable version of the Clifton 9, with J-Frame technology composed of a firmer foam material that runs from the medial, around the heel, and the lateral side. J-Frame secures the foot by preventing excess movement and keeping it centered through every step. The Arahi 6 is your best Hoka shoe for walking if you need serious support on the medial side of the foot.

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Final Thoughts

The above list of Hoka shoes for walking is among the most sought-after among fitness enthusiasts. Since most are running shoes, they offer versatility, which can tackle almost anything. Some of them even work for walking on a light trail. However, if you use to wearing high-drop shoes, walking in them may require a transition period because lower-drop shoes will make your calves, ankles, and foot exert more effort than high-drop shoes, although they will provide a soft impact on your knees.

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