Best Crocs Clog

A clog can protect your toes from pointed objects that can create damage when you’re in the rugged outdoors or on uneven surface where you can rarely see anything. Originally designed as part or completely made of wood, this footwear was traditionally used as a protective shoe back in the olden days. Interestingly, you’ll also find its fundamental roots in the dance department, especially the tap dance where foot activity is much required.

Years have passed and the whole thing changed when comfort and fit were elevated to the next level. If you like the idea of a foam clog, then you’ll be delighted with the best Crocs clog. Crocs footwear was first introduced as a spa shoe (originally made by Foam Creations in Quebec). The shoe first appeared in 2002 in a boat show in Florida where Crocs quickly sold out 200 pairs before becoming known worldwide. Being among the most popular footwear around, Crocs was the title sponsor in AVP tour four years in a row.

While every Crocs clog is a work of art, there are some that are rated outstanding and are reviewed more than a hundred times by the people who use them. This collection is categorized according to gender but most pairs are unisex.

Best Crocs Clog for Women

1. Beach Clog (Rubber sole)
2. Unisex Classic Clog (Manmade sole)
3. Unisex Baya Clog (Manmade sole)
4. Candace Clog (Manmade sole)
5. Duet Core Plus Clog (Manmade sole)
6. Duet Sport Clog (Manmade sole)
7. Unisex 10003 Relief Clog (Manmade sole)
8. Off-Road Clog (Rubber sole)

Did you know that the first model produced by Crocs was called The Beach? Over the years, Crocs design was improved and now each shoe is available in over 20 different colors having between 2 and 6 color combinations on each design.

Best Crocs Clog for Men

1. Unisex Bistro Clog (Anti-microbial)
2. Retro Clog (Manmade sole)
3. 12836 CB II.5 Clog (Manmade sole)
4. Unisex Specialist Clog (Manmade sole)
5. Duet Sport Clog (Manmade sole)
6. Yukon Sport Clog (Manmade sole)
7. Yukon Unisex Clog (Rubber sole)

When it comes to health and safety, Crocs was also accepted and recommended by some reputable government agencies in the United States to help reduce foot injuries. In fact, one Crocs shoe was approved as a diabetic footwear – the Crocs Unisex 10003 Relief Clog.

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