Any thoughts on sneakers that will let me walk without pain?

A reader asks:

Here is the problem. I have arthritis in both great toes. I wear Merrill MOABs always because they are rigid and have kept the great toe pain at bay. But in January of 2018 I experienced a weird occurrence. After using resistance bands on my feet I came down with the worst pain on the lateral side of my ankle going under the foot (Peroneal Tendonitis? ). Couldn’t walk on it. It was painful. Treated it at home and it seemed to resolve. Well a week later it was the right foot. Now we’ll over a year later I experienced the same problem. First the left foot then the right foot. Went to the podiatrist and he seems to think it is Peroneal Tendonitis due to high arches and supination. He put a lift in my shoes and asked me to wear it for 3 weeks. The first day with it was painful. The second day was fine. Now several days out I have random pains all over my feet and shins. I can’t walk right. Still experiencing slight ache on lateral side of ankle. I need a good pair of walking sneakers or any sneaker that will let me walk without pain. Any thoughts? Mar.


If you’re suffering from Peroneal Tendonitis due to high arch and possibly inadequate footwear, stability to your ankle is compromised during weight bearing and you’ll be susceptible to sprains. This inflammation also affects the stability of your arch which leads to various foot pains because your foot will try hard to maintain balance. Treatment/rest is crucial in this type of foot condition in order to walk normally again. The occurrence of high arch and supinated foot motion already make your arch absorb impact well during foot landing, therefore, what you need is a neutral shoe with moderate arch support.

Here are neutral waking shoes which work well with sensitive feet: New Balance (1865, 877, 840v2), Ryka Devotion, Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 2, Saucony Echelon LE2, and ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4. In your case, it’s best to try the shoe on before buying. Just remember that the right shoe feels good right away.