Should I get a walking shoe or an orthotic?

A reader asks:

I have a low arch, over 15% pronation and metatarsalgia of the right foot. Also over the years I’ve had minor fractures of an outside bone of the foot and ankle. My left foot has a low arch and minor pronation. My issues are discomfort when playing golf or standing in one place for extended periods. My quandary is should I get a walking shoe or an orthotic I can put in my golf, and regular shoes? Your website has the most extensive studies/reviews that I can find so do you have any suggestions? Thanks, Steven.


Hi Steven,

Thank you for reaching out. You can put orthotic on your existing golf/regular shoes. Among your best options are Spenco Total Support Original, Powerstep Original, Superfeet Premium Black, and Superfeet Premium Blue. Avoid motion control insoles if you only have minor overpronation. The only concern if your existing shoes are neutral-cushioned shoes and you’ll be using stability insoles is that, with the added support on the arch tendon of the foot, your instep might push against the upper portion of your shoes which can create discomfort. If you want to get a new walking shoe, make sure it’s a stability shoe like Saucony Grid Omni Walker and Brooks Addiction Walker. The typical midsole drop in a shoe is 10mm to 12mm which we think is the midsole drop for you since you have a history of foot pain/injury.