Best Soccer Shoes for Overpronation (Fallen Arch or Rolling Inward)

best soccer shoes overpronation

Correct poor foot biomechanics and protect your feet on the pitch by wearing the best soccer cleats for overpronation and fallen arches

Featured cleat: Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite

Overpronation is a natural motion of the foot that forces the subtalar joint to roll too far inward during foot landing and toe-off. This natural motion causes over flatenning of arch to help your leg muscles deal with shock and jarring from the ground, as well as, maintain stability and balance of the entire body throughout the gait cycle.

Overpronation, which is also called poor foot biomechanics, has potential problems that can lead to accidents and injury on the pitch if not dealt with properly especially on high impact sport like soccer.

Most people who overpronate deal with low to flat arches (or flat feet). Wide feet is also common to overpronation. While most people with ovepronation experience no problems, this irregular walking and running pattern can cause foot fatigue because the foot and ankle will work extra hard to stabilize the entire body.

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What are the best soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation?

Solving overpronation will need a soccer shoe (or cleat) that has an adequate support on the arch tendon of the foot, greater stability, and can accommodate a wider foot. Since comfort, traction, and stability are already present in the modern soccer shoe, especially among top brands, expect these cleats to be efficient also in controlling or correcting poor foot motion like overpronation. Although, you’ll seldom see a soccer shoe with an obvious arch support.

The best soccer shoes for overpronation have greater stability and support for extreme lateral and high impact movements with an adequate support on the arch of the foot which can help with proper distribution of body weight across the entire foot surface (not just the heel and forefoot) to soften the impact throughout the gait cycle.


best soccer shoes overpronation

Best Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet and Overpronation

Here’s a list of the best soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation (in no particular order):

best soccer cleats flat feet1. Nike Tiempo Legend 8 Elite
2. Nike Tiempo Rio IV FG
3. Nike PhantomVSN (best in innovation,
4. Nike PhantomVNM Elite
5. Nike Premier II FG
6. Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Pro
7. Nike Mercurial Vapor XII Elite
8. Nike Magista Opus II
9. adidas Copa Mundial
10. adidas Copa Gloro 19.2

The doctor-recommended best soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation are models of Nike Tiempo because they have more lateral and ankle support than other soccer cleats. You’ll also see tons of user reviews mentioning adidas Copa Mundial as one of the most comfortable and supportive soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation. adidas Copa Mundial is considered as one of the best soccer cleats of all time and is a top pick if you prefer the classic design in footwear.

If you have plantar fasciitis or heel pain, the doctor-recommended best soccer cleats for plantar fasciitis are models of Nike Mercurial Vapor because they have the prefect blend of remarkable comfort, flexibility, support, and shock absorption in the line of leading soccer cleats. Since plantar fasciitis is closely associated with overpronation, you can use Nike Mercurial Vapor to prevent pain in the heel and bottom of the foot as you train on the pitch.

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The best Nike soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation have Flywire technology (made of strong cables) that delivers a secure fit in the arch, Flyknit Construction that enhances stretch and support where you need it the most, Hyperstability Plate that adds stability to the cleat, NIKEGRIP technology that prevents your foot from sliding inside the cleat, Interior Heel Counter that delivers a locked-down fit, and High-performance EVA sockliner (with PORON inserts) that work together to deliver enhanced cushioning.

The best adidas soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation have leather support in the heel which provides increased stability, EVA insole and Super soft leather vamp that work together to add stability on the heel, the “S” curve technology (from Ultra Boost running shoe) that helps relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon, and Techfit technology that hugs the foot.

soccer cleats flat feet11. adidas Copa 19+ (best in innovation,
12. adidas Copa 19.1 FG
13. adidas Copa 18.1 FG
14. adidas Predator 18.2 FG
15. New Balance 442 Pro FG
16. NB Tekela 1.0 FG (best in innovation,
17. New Balance Visaro 1.0
18. New Balance Furon v5 Pro
19. PUMA FUTURE 19.1 (best in innovation,
20. PUMA King Top Di

Other soccer shoes for overpronation are:

The best New Balance soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation have plush and soft Fresh Foam technology that delivers optimal cushioning. The Fresh Foam midsole of a New Balance cleat is considered among the most comfortable midsoles in the game.

The best PUMA soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation Spandex Sock technology that molds to every inch of your foot, Gradual Stability Frame that adds stability, Cushioned EVA midsole that delivers optimal comfort, GripTex Pattern technology that prevents your foot from sliding inside the cleat, and Raised SpeedTrack Spine in the midfoot that adds stability and increased responsiveness.

The best Under Armour soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation have new responsive Charged Cushioned insoles that absorb impact, redesigned Soleplate that increases acceleration and deceleration while maintaining foot stability, and Glass Composite technology that provides responsiveness and explosive first step.

Most of the soccer cleats available on the market have minimalist (or neutral) design but even the most neutral shoes can provide support up to mild overpronation. If you have severe overpronation, you should consider using a special insole for overpronation which can work well with soccer cleats.

best soccer shoes overpronation

Famous Players Who Use These Cleats

The famous soccer players who use the above Firm Ground cleats are Jesus Navas, David Silva, David Villa, Marcelo, Koke, Jordan Henderson, Dani Alves, Tim Cahill, Diego Costa, Karim Benzema, and Gerard Pique.

Jordan Henderson, Dani Alves, and Tim Cahill are three of the famous athletes with plantar fasciitis (or have suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past), which is a common cause of heel pain. Poor foot biomechanics (flat feet and high arch) is one of the factors that can increase your risk of developing plantar fasciitis. Irregular walking and running patterns, especially being flat-footed which causes overpronation, puts added stress on the plantar fascia. If the plantar fascia continues to be overused, it can rapture and can cause swelling and acute pain in the sole of the foot.

Best Turf Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet and Overpronation

To avoid overuse injury and to have respite from foot fatigue caused by overpronation, you can use turf soccer shoes during practice. Turf soccer shoes are more supportive and flexible than the regular soccer cleats, although, you may not be allowed to use them on official tournaments.

Here’s a list of the best turf soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation (in no particular order):

best soccer cleats wide feet1. adidas Mundial Team
2. adidas MESSI 16.3
3. adidas ACE Tango 17+ Purecontrol
4. adidas ACE 16.3 Primemesh
5. adidas Copa Tango 18.1
6. New Balance 442 Team
7. New Balance Furon v5 Dispatch
8. Nike Zoom Phantom Venom Pro
9. Nike Phantom Venom Academy
10. Nike React Phantom Vision Pro

These turf soccer shoes are also excellent if you have foot problem like plantar fasciitis because they are more flexible and absorb shock better than the regular soccer cleats.

Best Indoor Soccer Cleats for Flat Feet and Overpronation

If you’re looking for indoor or court soccer cleats for flat feet and overpronation, your best options are:

  1. Nike TiempoX Finale 10R
  2. New Balance Furon 3.0 Dispatch
  3. New Balance 442 Team
  4. adidas Mundial Goal
  5. adidas Copa Tango 17.3
  6. adidas Samba Classic

If overpronation is not corrected properly, it will eventually result to knee and back problems, so, even if you don’t experience foot pain now, use proper orthotics if you feel that the support of regular insoles are not adequate.

best soccer shoes overpronation

Best Overpronation Insoles for Soccer

Here’s a list of the best overpronation insoles for soccer (in no particular order):

best football cleats flat feet1. Superfeet Premium Black
2. Superfeet Premium Yellow
3. Spenco Ironman Train Insole
4. Spenco Total Support Original
5. Birkenstock Birko Sport Arch Support
6. New Balance 3720 Arch Stability
7. VIONIC Oh Active Orthotic
8. VIONIC Oh Shock Absorber
9. Powerstep Original
10. Powerstep Comfortlast

The best Superfeet insoles for overpronation have maximum support, stability and shock absorption, as well as, extra deep cup which cradles your heel and provides comfortable support by aligning the bones of your foot to prevent heel pain and plantar fasciitis.

The best Spenco insoles for overpronation have advanced arch support and deep heel cup which absorb shock and control pronation, as well as, extra cushioning under the ball of the foot which provides smoother transition.

The best Powerstep insoles for overpronation have contoured heel cup which provides stability and effective relief for heel and arch pain.

The regular insole of each soccer shoe is a perfect match to the shoe’s cushioning system which can support quick acceleration and lateral movement but if there’s a need for more support, use the above overpronation insoles for soccer. Although, orthotics could alter your feel of the ball and your touch of the special materials that make a clean ball contact, it will align your foot so you’ll have less tendency of getting injured.

Did you know that overpronation forces your big toe and second toe to do all the hard work as your foot pushes off to complete your step? While the big toe is the obvious dominant weight lifter, pressure should be fairly distributed to all the toes, as well as, the entire foot surface to soften the impact at the end of your step.

For those people who have severe overpronation, special shoe inserts might be needed for extra cushioning and for correcting irregular running patterns because cleats are not made with a lot of support through the arch area. Severe overpronators might also need to look for an excellent shoe with removable insoles to accommodate orthotics properly.

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