Saucony Supination Shoes 2021

Our top pick in the best Saucony supination shoes is Saucony Triumph 18.

Saucony is a famous shoe company founded in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, USA in the late 1890s. Over the years, it has added two more ranges of shoes (running and walking) to the famous racing collection.

This company focuses on the runner’s foot size, type of arch, pronation of the foot, and type of running. Saucony forms a set of technologies fit for a specific outdoor venture.

With its design and technology, Saucony shoes are now among the most sought-after shoes for supination. This is the foot pronation where there’s a great need to correct the too much outward roll of foot that makes the heel and forefoot prone to pain and injury.

Our favorite Saucony technologies are EVERUN, which gives long-lasting cushion and energy return. And ISOFIT, which creates a dynamic fit and adapts to the shape and movement of your foot.

What are the Best Saucony Supination Shoes?

The best Saucony supination shoes are well-cushioned neutral running shoes with support features that can counter supination.

Here are the shoe features to look for:

  • A thicker midsole
  • Extra cushion on the outside of the shoe
  • Excellent heel cushion
  • Flexible materials

Note: If you don’t have foot issues and you don’t over supinate, it’s safe to wear any cushioned neutral running shoes.

How We Choose an Athletic Shoe

We spend many hours testing new athletic shoes and reading new technologies, expert advice, and consumer testimonials on various foot types. And we choose the best athletic shoes for a specific foot type.

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Saucony Supination Running Shoes

1. Saucony Cohesion 13
2. Saucony Ride 13
3. Saucony Echelon 8
4. Saucony Triumph 18
5. Saucony Cohesion TR13

The best Saucony supination running shoes have the following features:

  • Engineered jacquard-knit mesh and lightweight synthetic upper materials
  • ISOFIT upper design which creates a dynamic fit by adapting to the shape and motion of the foot
  • Smooth fabric lining which offers a great in-shoe feel
  • EVERUN topsole which supplies heightened energy return and lasting cushioning
  • Updated EVERUN Landing Zone under the heel for maximum energy return upon impact
  • TRI-FLEX outsole which promotes greater ground contact and optimal flexibility

Saucony promises to deliver innovation, design, and boundary-pushing products which give runners the power to challenge themselves.

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Frequently Asked Question

Is Saucony Cohesion good for supination?

Yes. Saucony Cohesion is a neutral running shoe and it’s in the list of Saucony supination shoes.

Which Saucony is best for supination?

There are at least 5 Saucony supination running shoes, but we think the best Saucony for supination is the Ride 13 because it has a level 4 cushioning, which means a lot of cushion, energy return, and comfort.