Saucony Ignition 5 Testimonial


I was suffering from knee pain and outer thigh pain and was pretty sure it was the shoes I use to walk in 5 days per week. I already know I was an underpronator. Purchased a pair of Saucony Ignition 5’s and the pain has been minimized and no waking up at night with knee pain…I really thought it was just arthritis from wear and tear…so happy to have this great information. Sincerely, Maureen.

Our Response

Hello Maureen. We’re glad to know you’ve found the right shoe. Saucony Ignition 5 is women’s most sought after running shoe right now. Reviewed over 80 times in just one famous website (the Amazon) by people who actually used it, this running shoe still maintains an outstanding overall rating. Without a doubt, the Ignition 5 is extremely important to runners and appears to have inspired a lot of them.

What’s amazing in this shoe are the independent heel crash pad, shock-absorbing IMEVA midsole, and Stability Heel Grid System in this shoe that work together to absorb shock and jarring from ground so they won’t radiate through your knee and thigh. Speaking of discomfort in the knee and thigh areas, this pain usually occur when you either walk or run on a hard surface, over train yourself, or wear the wrong shoes.

While resting and decreasing of level of training are your immediate solutions to get rid of knee and thigh pain, these are temporal, so wearing a well-cushioned shoe, like the Saucony Ignition 5, will help a lot when you get back to training on a hard surface. Another solution to further minimize pain in your knee and thigh is by training on a softer surface.