Planter Fasciitis on Left Foot and Underpronation on Right Foot

A reader asks

Hi. I started wearing the 928v3 around Thanksgiving. After about 2 weeks the bottom outer corner of my right shoe started to wear. Now it is very worn after less than 2 months. I walk 2 miles every day. I have plantar fasciitis in my left foot and either underpronation or overpronation in my right foot. My right foot points to the right instead of straight when I walk. Does this sound like I have underpronation or overpronation? Should I try the 847v4 to see if the right back outside corner of my right shoe does not wear as much or someone mentioned maybe getting a skiver for my shoe. Thanks, Mark.


Hi Mark. It’s nice to hear from you and hope you are doing well and staying safe. Yeah, your right foot could have underpronation because the wear pattern is on the outer corner. Underpronation makes your foot roll to the outside at an increased angle. And the 928v3, having a 13 mm heel-to-toe drop, will encourage a heel strike. If you want the shoe not to wear as much on the outside corner, you may choose a well-cushioned flexible shoe that can encourage an inward roll. But you’ll only find this feature in a neutral shoe with special support for underpronation and not in stability/motion control shoes. But the outward rolling motion will always put the wear pattern on the outside of the shoe.

In our opinion, you should continue using the ROLLBAR technology because it’s (by far) the most popular solution for plantar fasciitis in terms of shoes. The 847v4 has a similar design to the 928v3, except for the breathable mesh upper and other new features – they are shoes with ROLLBAR technology that works for plantar fasciitis and both overpronation and underpronation. But the 847v4 has Ndurance rubber outsole, which is built for maximum durability used in high-wear areas.

A follow-up

I might try the 847v4 next time to see how this shoe works for me. See the write-up below as of Nov. 2020. I also put the write-ups for the 857 and the 928v3. Do you think the 857 would be a better or worse choice. Also see the writeup on the 928v3. Can you please explain the last 3 paragraphs of the 847v4 article and how this might be better or worse for me than the 928v3.

Our response

The 857v2, being a cross-trainer, will be more versatile than the 928v3 in terms of functionality. It will have better support for quick movements: change of direction, lateral, acceleration, etc., but the 928v3 will have an upper hand when it comes to walking because it won’t be there if the 857v2 can do it all better than other shoes. The 857v2 has a 10 mm drop, which is the go-to drop in shoes. But both the 857v2 and 928v3 (13 mm drop) belong to high drop shoes, which are generally very comfortable on your foot, ankle, Achilles, and calf. The 857v2 has the premium materials of the 850 series, which are the classic shoes of New Balance.

Regarding the last 3 paragraphs on the write-up of 847v4: (1) This walking shoe continues to use a comfortable collar, which helps secure the heel and provides stability around the ankle, (2) This latest item uses synthetic mesh upper to provide more breathability and more lightweight ride (although we believe that leather upper will have a slightly better locked-in fit compared to the synthetic material), and (3) The new TRUFUSE midsole in the 847v4 is ABZORB + ACTEVA (not found in the 928v3), which is a blend of cushioning and compression with ACTEVA midsole adding new features such as slip-resistance, durability, and softer material.

A follow-up

Thanks so much again for all your information and opinions. I am going to see free of charge at the Van Dyke and Bacon shoe store that owns the New Balance store I bought my shoes from a Pedorthist (a person who evaluates how your foot reacts based on the shoes you wear). I have never heard of that word before talking to someone at the New Balance store. The lady who made the appointment for me said maybe the guy I see will put a skiver (or some similar word) in my shoe to help the wear on the back right side of my right shoe. Do you have any thoughts about this.

Our response

You’re welcome, Mark. Yeah, a skiver at the back of your shoe will be fine as long as it won’t alter the alignment of your foot. You’ll be in good hands if this device will come from a Pedorthist.

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