10 Most Expensive Soccer Cleats of 2023

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Our topmost choices for the most expensive soccer cleats:

  • Non-leather cleat: Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Mbappe — an ultra-famous speed cleat with “KM Flames”, which is arguably Nike’s elite offering. It differs from its sibling, the Vapor 14, through a high-top Dynamic Fit collar, which offers compression around the ankle.
  • Leather cleat: Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ — a top-performing leather cleat with the highest quality materials handmade for soccer players. This “Made in Japan” version has the best fit among all models.

How much should you pay for soccer cleats? While the same question may apply to any other shoes, you may agree that expensive footwear also comes with high-quality material. But will the most expensive soccer cleats also bring the best performance on the field? Let’s find out on the list below.

most expensive soccer cleats
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Top-tier soccer cleats are the most expensive models because they have the highest quality of materials and the latest technologies, which can make your life much easier on the soccer field. However, there are also remake models used by soccer legends, which can even surpass the top-performing soccer cleats in terms of price.

But are these remake models worth the price? You may ask. If we talk about performance, they won’t beat the best soccer cleats of today, but you can still play at your best, just like how they helped the superstars.

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The Most Expensive Soccer Cleats of 2023

— adidas Predator Pulse UCL ($350) —

adidas predator pulse ucl
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Adidas Predator Pulse UCL has the familiar colors of the UEFA Champions League, with the Starball logo embedded on the sockliner. The upper has its design remade from the first Predator Pulse in 2004, worn and popularized by famous players like Kaka, Michael Ballack, Xavi, David Beckham, Zinedine Zidane, and others. However, it has the comfortable modern soleplate and studs of the Predator Freak.

Is this remake worth having? Yes, if you want to collect a Predator Pulse remake. While you can use this soccer cleat in an actual match, it won’t beat the performance of the top soccer cleats of today. And it has a price way more expensive than the original Predator Pulse. But this soccer cleat may only be available for a few months and such a remake may not happen again.

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— TRU TENACI ($325) —

tru tenaci
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You may not have heard about TRU TENACI soccer cleat before, but at least five professional players are using it in high-level competitions this year. It has a unique insole with nano-fiber materials. When worn with TRUSOX, this soccer cleat prevents foot slippage and helps lock the foot down through every change of direction.

The knitted upper has four layers, which focus on fit, feel, and form. It has a modern lightweight outsole and all-conical studs, which provide stability and comfort in all directions.

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— Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ ($320) —

mizuno morelia neo iii beta mij
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Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Center Back, Sweeper, Fullback, Wingback, Defensive Midfielder, and Central Midfielder.

Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta is arguably the best-performing leather cleat this year. We loved it when it was first released and still admire it in 2022. The “Made in Japan” version is the most expensive, but it will give you better fit, comfort, and performance. The MIJ is one of the few cleats handmade for soccer players.

The Neo III Beta is the lightest-speed leather cleat. It is only around 5 grams heavier than the Mercurials. Although it isn’t all-leather, it utilizes a strong, thin synthetic material in the midfoot, which helps lock the foot down when you lace up.

The Neo III was once a favorite soccer cleat for almost solely elite goalkeepers. But with the newly added speed properties, you will see the Neo III Beta performing on defensive, midfield, and forward (even striker) positions.

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— Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan ($300) —

mizuno rebula cup japan
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The Rebula Cup Japan is another Mizuno high-quality leather cleat built for comfort and speed. It looks to position itself as a control cleat with speed properties. At least three professional players are using it in defensive and midfield positions.

This Japanese version is handmade and offers the best fit among all models. It is a bit wide-fitting compared to the Neo III. And if you are a defender or midfielder, this leather cleat can be your most comfortable shoe.

The Rebula Cup is an all-leather cleat with high-grip synthetic leather midfoot that adds swerve and protection to your game. The modern soleplate blends well with the upper of the shoe and offers what Mizuno calls stabilizer studs with plenty of grip in all directions.

Shop Rebula Cup Japan at Soccer »

— PUMA ULTRA SL Tech ($300) —

puma ultra sl tech
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PUMA ULTRA SL Tech is perhaps the lightest soccer cleat you can buy this year. It weighs 3.17 oz only. But be aware that it doesn’t have four studs underneath the heel, so it may only be able to take on natural surfaces. Although it has the elements of a good soccer cleat, you may hesitate to use it in a soccer tournament.

The ULTRA SL Tech will give you an idea that if you want the most lightweight soccer cleats, look for them in the PUMA brand. But this is not the first time PUMA made the lightest soccer cleat; it also introduced the evoSPEED SL (3.59 oz) several years ago.

Is the ULTRA SL Tech worth buying? Yes, if you want to collect the lightest soccer cleat. However, if you want a battle-tested super lightweight speed cleat, go for the new Ultra 1.4. It weighs 5.57 oz only and is cheaper than the ULTRA SL Tech by $100.

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— Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Mbappe ($295) —

nike mercurial superfly 8 elite mbappe
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Effective positions: Center Forward, Striker, and Winger.

This Nike Mercurial Superfly 8 Elite has new “KM Flames” and is more expensive than a regular elite model by $20. It celebrates the French forward’s explosive speed and playing style. And if you are a fan of Mbappe, you may want to have it because it may only be available for a few months. Although Mbappe now uses the Chlorine Blue color, the KM Flames was his previous soccer cleat.

Should you prefer it over the regular Superfly 8 Elite? If you can look past the special edition, go for Chlorine Blue because it is Mbappe’s current soccer cleat, and it’s $20 cheaper. But the two shoes are identical except for the KM Flames. And if you want a cheaper speed cleat, go for its sibling, the Vapor 14. It is more famous than the Superfly 8 yet cheaper by $25.

Shop Superfly 8 Mbappe at Soccer »

— Mizuno Morelia Neo III MIJ ($290) —

mizuno morelia neo iii mij
Photo by Soccer

If you want an all-leather cleat, Mizuno Morelia Neo III is one of your best options. This soccer cleat is ideal for narrow feet up to regular-size feet. The “Made in Japan” version has the highest quality materials, handmade for soccer players.

It is a bit heavier than the Neo III Beta, but like its speed cleat sibling, the thinner kangaroo leather offers a modern fit that brings the foot closer to the ball. The models of Neo III are lightweight, with arguably the best barefoot-like touch on the ball among leather cleats. They have a thinner soleplate and all-conical studs that provide stability in all directions.

Shop Neo III MIJ at Soccer »

There is another equally good leather cleat but $10 cheaper than the Neo III (its predecessor), the Morelia Neo II MIJ. It appeared around six years ago but still exists today because soccer players love it. It is an all-leather cleat that directly competes with the Copa Mundial. And it also offers a timeless performance.

— Adidas Predator Freak+ EQT ($280) —

adidas predator freak+ eqt
Photo by Soccer

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Attacking Midfielder.

The Predator Freak+ EQT celebrates 30 years of Adidas equipment. It is a limited edition featuring retro roots with a modern makeover. This laceless model is available in Crystal White color and is only $5 more expensive than the regular Predator Freak+.

Should you prefer the Predator Freak+ EQT over other Predator models? The Predators with higher PRIMEKNIT collars are more comfortable and supportive around the ankle. But the lace-up version, the Predator Freak.1, is much more famous among professional players. And it is $25 cheaper than the laceless model.

Shop Predator Freak+ EQT at Soccer »

— Adidas Predator Edge+ ($275) —

adidas predator edge+
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Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Center Back, Sweeper, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Winger.

The Predator Edge+ is the latest laceless Predator. It features a new ZONE SKIN, which replaces the 360° rubber spikes. The new ZONE SKIN looks like rubberized ribs placed on the instep and forefoot for optimized ball manipulation. It may be more effective in power, but the design doesn’t look unique because it looks like the Predator Lz of 2012.

The Predator Edge+ feels roomier than the Predator Freak+ with a more aggressive soleplate. It is also heavier by 0.63 oz and already gaining more popularity among professional defenders and midfielders.

Shop Predator Edge+ at Soccer »

— Adidas Copa Sense+ ($275) —

adidas copa sense+
Photo by Soccer

Effective positions: Goalkeeper, Center Back, Sweeper, Wingback, Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder, and Attacking Midfielder.

Adidas Copa Sense+ is super famous among the elite defenders, midfielders, and forwards (even strikers). Soccer players like Paulo Dybala, Pedri, Eric García, and Fikayo Tomori use the Copa Sense+. But in our view, the laceless and lace-up models are equally good.

The Copa Sense+ is more expensive than the Sense.1, yet it is the most elegant-looking leather cleat of the two. It hugs the foot like a second skin. And it offers a ton of technologies that can eliminate negative space inside the foot, absorb impact energy, and deliver a better touch of the ball.

However, some players complain about its thinner leather upper, which provides less protection against a forceful impact. But it is a modern soccer cleat, designed to bring the foot closer to the ball for better control. Besides, kangaroo leather is naturally thin, very durable, and protective.

Shop Copa Sense+ at Soccer »

Final Thoughts

Some of the most expensive soccer cleats on this list are worth the price. But if you try other options, you may find cheaper cleats with equal capability. The top-tier models will give you the best performance.

However, when buying remake models, you have to think twice because they tend to be the most expensive ones. If I buy a remake soccer cleat, I’ll buy it for collection purposes and not for playing on the soccer field.

Most Expensive Soccer Cleats: Frequently Asked Questions

Which football boots are most expensive?

The best examples of the most expensive football boots you can use on any official tournament are Adidas Predator Pulse UCL, TRU TENACI, Mizuno Morelia Neo III Beta MIJ, and Mizuno Rebula Cup Japan. You may need to read a review of each of these shoes to know what they can do on the soccer field.

Why are some soccer cleats more expensive?

Soccer cleats are usually more expensive because they have better materials and technologies. Top-tier soccer cleats have top-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies not found in takedown models. However, remake models are also more expensive because they were used by soccer legends several years ago, although they may not beat the modern soccer cleat in terms of performance.

Do more expensive soccer cleats make a difference?

Yes. The higher-grade, more expensive soccer cleats have better materials and technologies that can help bring out a better version of yourself on the soccer field. These more pricey cleats are also lightweight and usually offer better touch and control of the ball and the ground.

What is the difference between cheap and expensive cleats?

Cheap soccer cleats are heavier, have lower-quality materials, and lack the latest technologies. But some cheap cleats may be more durable than high-grade models. Expensive cleats, on the other hand, belong to the top-tier models. They offer the best materials and technologies professional soccer players love.

Are all soccer cleats the same?

No. Some soccer cleats are best in straight-line runs, some for agility, and some for total control. Depending on your role on the soccer field, your best soccer cleats are comfortable and complement your skill regardless of how you move on the soccer field. Soccer cleats also have top-tier and takedown models, where the top-tier models are the best-performing cleats.

Do good soccer cleats matter?

Yes. Good soccer cleats matter because they provide better touch on the ball and control of the ground. They may come at a higher price because of the materials and technologies they use. But if you are looking for a soccer cleat that can complement your skills, a good shoe is what you need.

Are more expensive football boots worth it?

Yes, but only if you are paying for superior materials and technologies. Although famous boots may tend to be more expensive (even overpriced), they are worth having if they can help you perform at your best on the football field.

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