Is this underpronation?

A reader asks:

I’m 260 pounds. I’ve running with Nike Vomero for only 3 months now. I was told shoes should last 3 – 400 miles. I’ve probably logged half of that but the outside portion of my right heel has worn through the rubber and into the cushioning. Surprisingly, the heel on the other shoe is fine (is this underpronation?). The shoes wear comfortable for most of the time, but now the bottom of my feet hurt after long runs. A friend recommended to me the Asics Gel-Kinsei 5. What do you recommend? I’m considering buying a 2nd pair of Vomero’s because of the comfort but I’m concerned these aren’t the right type of shoe for me. Thanks again! – Joshua


Hello Joshua. Your gait can be considered neutral or belonging to underpronation if the inward roll doesn’t exceed fifteen percent on an impact. Since you’re comfortable with Nike Vomero which is a great neutral running shoe, our best guess is that you have neutral pronation, so other top neutral shoes will also do well, although, there are times the roll of foot on both feet are not the same.

It seems your left foot has the ideal biomechanics but your right foot tends to supinate because the outside portion of your right heel wears first through the rubber and into the cushioning. When this happens, you’ll feel discomfort if you continue running because the cushioning in your right shoe loses efficiency and your immediate solution is to replace it. This leads to a possibility that your right foot might have problems stabilizing your body, so adding a stabilizer insole to your right shoe might be of big help in achieving that perfect alignment and comfort.

Your friend’s recommendation of Asics Gel-Kinsei 5 will be a great choice since, according to Asics’ new pronation chart, Gel-Kinsei 5 has full support for underpronation up to neutral pronation.. Other excellent options will be Gel-Nimbus 16, Gel-Sendai 2, Gel-Lyte33 3, and Gel-Hyper Speed 6 which have full support for underpronation up to mild overpronation.