Hoka One One Clifton 3 Testimonial

A reader asks:

I supinate with high arches. At home for exercise, I walk fast/run, use an elliptical, wearing Asics Cumulus or Brooks Glycerin with no feet problems. Every year, we travel to Japan, and walk 8+ miles daily. Last year, I wore my Glycerin’s; year before I wore Saucony Rides. Whatever shoes I wear in Japan, the pads on my smaller toes (3rd and 4th toes) hurt and blister. I have SOLE Soft Tec inserts inside my shoes. Any suggestions to alleviate the pressure/friction on my toes? BTW, I’m female, 58-years old, 5’3″, 120 pounds. Thanks, Shari.


Hi Shari. You need a shoe that can give you solid and stable footing to alleviate pressure in your smaller toes (and ball of the foot). In our view, a shoe with a rocker sole can solve your problem. A rocker sole shoe doesn’t bend on the front, therefore, the ball of the foot and toes won’t receive pressure/friction at takeoff.

For your walking and running activities, we think that your best shoe is a Hoka One One shoe because it’s more stable, has meta rocker technology that encourages a smoother transition from heel-strike through toe-off, and a roomy toe box that allows your toes to splay comfortably. You can choose between Clifton 3 and Bondi 5 – these are top neutral to underpronation shoes with maximum cushioning. You can also add the following insoles: New Balance IPR3030 Pressure Relief and Birkenstock Birko Sport


This is Shari, who asked your advice in March. I supinate. I got the Hoka Clifton 3 shoes and wore them to Japan. I walked 8+ miles daily, for 10 days. I only wore the Hokas and no other shoe/sandal. They worked! No blisters or sore toes. You were so right about the rocker soles. THANK YOU, you saved my feet and I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation!

Our Response

You’re welcome, Shari. We’re glad to hear that Hoka technology worked for you.