Brooks Ghost 9

  • Support Type: Neutral to underpronation (supination)
  • Surface: Road
  • Best Buy 2016, Runner’s World

Brooks Ghost 9 is a road running shoe that delivers the same smooth and balanced ride but is lighter than before due to its more seamless fit. Shoe experts and runners consider this shoe as the #1 best Brooks running shoe. You’ll love this shoe for its excellent traction, great comfort, fantastic arch support, excellent cushioning, responsive feel, and durability.

According to actual consumer reviews, Brooks Ghost 9:

  • is the best running shoe ever (even for people with shin splints)
  • so comfortable and light on your feet
  • toe box is roomier than previous Ghost models
  • the shoe doesn’t disappoint
  • It will end your foot pain (even for people with plantar fasciitis)
  • you’ll love the shoe
  • amazing even for people with heel pain
  • super comfortable even if you walk on concrete 5 days a week
  • the shoe is bunion-friendly
  • you’ll love the support in the arch and heel
  • you can’t go wrong with this shoe

This shoe can help heal the following problems:

Tip: Although, it’s more convenient getting a new pair of shoes online, make sure to measure your shoe size properly. If you’re shifting to a new brand, you may need to take time with your local running specialty shop to make sure you get the perfect fit.