Brooks Adrenaline GTS – should I change out from that shoe?

A reader asks:

I’m 5’3 male at about 170 lbs. intending on losing weight by getting back on a running routine. I broke a metatarsal on my left foot, stress fracture due to my weight and my underpronation (aka supination) which I have been told is moderate to extreme. But I have semiflat feet. I still have some arch but I have been told by podiatrists that it is flat and should consider a support shoe, though I underpronate. What do you suggest a shoe to go with? I have been running for several years in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS. Should I change out from that shoe? How about any recommendations from Brooks? I have read up on the Glycerin and Ghost models. Some other runners suggested to trying them out before jumping from one brand to another. Or what you think, are those too comparable to what you suggested before? Thanks, Sarek.


Hello Sarek. We took a closer look at Brooks Adrenaline GTS and observed that it’s built for the moderate overpronator with no information if it supports underpronation as well. Since you have issues with underpronation, Brooks Adrenaline GTS might not be the right shoe for you. As told by your podiatrist, you’ve already been running on a famous and excellent support shoe (the Brooks Adrenaline GTS) for several years yet you broke a metatarsal on your left foot and suffer stress fracture due to weight and supination.

You need a running shoe that has full support for the outward roll of your foot. You also mentioned you have semiflat feet, so the best shoes for you have full support for underpronation up to mild overpronation. Best examples of these athletic shoes are Asics Gel Pursue and Asics Gel Fortitude 3. You can also try the maximal neutral running shoes because they have maximum cushioning for underpronation up to neutral pronation.

Glycerin and Ghost are two of the most cushioned neutral running shoes of Brooks with Ghost as the shoe that can accommodate wider foot. These two are also great for heavy supinators and are among the most sought-after shoes in neutral design category having been reviewed many times and still maintain their outstanding ratings even from people with plantar fasciitis. They are similar to the running shoes we’ve suggested before, except that those Asics shoes support up to mild overpronation. Yes you have to try them out before jumping from one brand to another.

Considering Asics previous pronation chart, other running shoes to consider are Gel Nimbus, Gel Flux, and Gel Sendai. Another great neutral running shoe that can give support up to mild overpronation is Hoka One One Bondi 4, a maximal shoe.