BOON Boxing Gloves: Are They Any Good?

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The items with the best value for money are worth researching. Even though good information is not always readily available, sometimes it’s easy to spot the facts. One of the best places to get well-informed is through a first-hand review of the product you are looking for.

And if you are looking for Muay Thai-style boxing gloves with the best value for money, BOON boxing gloves should be at the top of the list. BOON Sport, a family-owned business, hand-made these boxing gloves from top-quality genuine cowhide. The smell of the thick leather in these gloves is pleasant, a scent you’ll like all day.

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The stitching in every area of these gloves doesn’t seem to have any flaws. We saw faults in stitching from other Muay Thai gloves but not BOON boxing gloves. Everywhere you look, the glove is well-made without a hint that the maker was in a hurry to finish the task.

This compact version looks big and wide but feels lightweight and breathable. The padding extends on the side and adds more impact protection when blocking kicks. But when you slip your hand inside the glove, you’ll notice it has a compact compartment that can fit even smaller hands and wrists.

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This boxing glove feels snug (but comfortable) and needs breaking in before the leather conforms to the shape of your hand. But the fit is already great right out of the box. During the break-in period, you may need thinner hand wraps that are correctly enfolded around your hand.

Even the first time you use these gloves, you can hit the heavy bag with full power and feel protected on the wrists and knuckles. They provide excellent feedback when punching the bag and mitts, so you’ll know if you make mistakes with your execution.

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Like any Muay Thai boxing gloves, with BOON boxing gloves, you can grab your opponent to deliver knee and elbow strikes. But the exact feel of the glove is more of a boxing glove than a Muay Thai glove.

The glove extends high up the arm and gives excellent wrist support, which makes it great for heavy bag workouts. The support around the wrist doesn’t bend easily, and you can deliver hooks and uppercuts confidently.

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The padding in front of the knuckle has the right thickness and provides impact protection and excellent feedback when you punch the mitts or the bag. Also, the velcro system feels sturdy and helps support the wrist better than some Muay Thai boxing gloves. However, the palm lining opens more when you hook and loop, which feels a little odd.

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If you’re into Muay Thai or boxing training and want to try out new equipment, BOON boxing gloves are worth considering. These hand-made gloves are solely made in Thailand and don’t seem to have known imitations. So you are almost sure you’ll get an authentic product each time you buy it.

This glove is well-made and has thick, high-quality leather. The padding and wrist support are excellent. It can withstand the rigors of training and doesn’t wear out more quickly, even after a myriad of heavy workouts.

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