Asics Gel Nimbus 17 Testimonial #2


I bought the Asic Cumulus today based on these recommendations.

I corroborated the info and got the confidence to buy from verifying the detailed accuracy of the information colligated here, which was refreshingly presented in simple clarity without sacrificing detail.

I have multiple foot and walking issues. This sort of thoughtful, detailed, laser-focused consumer assistance is a real quality web asset.

Expert encyclopedic sales assistance is such a helpful comfort when one is presented with an urgent purchase need and little fore-knowledge about the options and relevant factors. I was afraid I would be dithering and suffering for weeks trying to sort it out.

I only learned of my problems and options a day ago and arrived confused and intimidated. Thanks to this site, I was able to quickly resolve the issue and had confidence where before I was daunted by my own lack of knowledge.

I am grateful for the effort that was put into making this possible. Be blessed, Fudd.

Our Response

Thank you, Fudd. We’ll be glad to hear your experience with Asics Cumulus.

A Follow Up

Unfortunately, my Cumulus were stolen after delivery to my doorstep, so I ended up buying the Nimbus 17. I really have to say, for $150, it was the most over-rated, over-hyped thing I have ever bought.

It’s not a slight against this site; I’m sure you stand by your research- perhaps I just have odd feet. I wear a wide and bought such, and almost immediately after putting them on I noticed something was wrong.

For one, they seemed to wobble a lot. The heel was great walking but not standing, and the toe was excellent but only if running, It felt like they were squishing my feet to fit them rather than fitting to my feet. I’ve had shoes that cost a quarter as much that felt much better. My toes felt cramped and actually started forming a blister after about 25 minutes. I tried adjusting the laces but it didn’t help.

I am afraid these have to go back tomorrow. I will just go back to my earlier brand and try to find some other way to deal with any future foot pain. Mine actually felt better when I took these Nimbus off, a lot better. Its been a tremendous disappointment, I don’t know how something so reportedly popular could feel so bad.

Like I said, maybe I just have odd feet. I still appreciate the advice offered by the site. Sorry I didn’t have a better experience. I wont blame you if you decide not to post this; it’s pretty depressing, as a purchase goes.

Many thanks anyways. It was nice to at least find a site that directly addressed the issue. Fudd

Our Response

Hello Fudd. Thank you for getting back to us and writing your experience with Nimbus 17. It’s surprising to hear that a top running shoe with full support for underpronation didn’t work with you. In our view, your great options are maximal shoes or shoes with Stability Web technology. Stability Web has added support that can stabilize your feet and help prevent your ankles from turning. If you run up to 5 miles only per workout routine, try New Balance 1211, a great cross trainer with stability web.