Altra Footwear Torin 2.5

  • Support Type: Neutral to underpronation (supination)
  • Surface: Road
  • #1 Best Selling Altra Road Shoe

Altra Footwear Torin 2.5 is a zero-drop running shoe most ideal for road running, cross training, and walking. It has a generous toe box that allows your toes to splay comfortably. Shoe experts and serious runners love this shoe because of its maximal cushioning that has excellent stability and responsiveness for both moderate and long runs, greater aesthetic appeal than it predecessor, and it’s light weight but cushioning can easily accommodate heavy runners.

According to actual consumer reviews, Altra Footwear Torin 2.5:

  • has great level of footbed cushioning
  • has great heel width
  • has durable materials
  • has perfect height of instep and arch support
  • has superb cushioning even for people with out of shape feet and ankles
  • you’ll love the natural fit and wide toe box in this shoe
  • you’ll receive many compliments
  • this shoe couldn’t be more perfect
  • best work shoe even for people who are on their feet all day
  • the shoe allows your feet to breathe without flopping around
  • comfort is great even for people with painful bunion

This shoe can help heal the following problems:

Tip: Although, it’s more convenient getting a new pair of shoes online, make sure to measure your shoe size properly. If you’re shifting to a new brand, you may need to take time with your local running specialty shop to make sure you get the perfect fit.