About Reviewgem

Reviewgem is a free website you can use to find your best footwear.

We spend many hours testing athletic shoes on the road and recommending those shoes that can correct postural deformities. We review the best shoes for neutral pronationsupination (or underpronation), and overpronation based on our own experiences, as well as expert recommendations from top shoe brands. We have testers who have different foot types. We know that a footwear can only control a postural deformity and not fix it. We also believe that having the right shoes can save you from further pain or injury.

Having a group of runners on our side, we test new running shoes for several hours and return with a feedback on shoe performance, support, comfort, and durability. We keep track of the latest technologies on footwear that can make running more efficient.

Here at Reviewgem, we spend many hours reading new discoveries, expert recommendations, and footwear testimonials on various foot conditions. And we put together the best list of shoes for a specific foot condition. But we are not doctors and we won’t try to fix any foot injury.

If you’ve found success in controlling your injury through a new shoe, please feel free to give a testimonial so we can show it to our readers and help them with their journey in finding their best shoes.

We are here to help you find your best shoes. But if for any reasons, you don’t find the shoe you’re looking for in our list, send us a quick message through our contact form and we’ll try our best to help you. We have helped many of our readers in the past who returned and told us of their wonderful experiences. And we’ll keep on doing that for as long as this site exists.