A reader says: I am confused and no idea what shoes would be best for my situation

Hi! I have very flat feet and my shoes wear quickly on the outside of the shoe, around the ball of my foot. I tend to have flare ups of plantar fasciitis. Everything I read is describing the wear on my shoes as under pronation but typically that is preceded by a mention of high arches. I am confused and no idea what shoes would be best for my situation. Thanks a ton! Mark.


Hi Mark. If you have very flat feet and (occasionally) plantar fasciitis, you need a shoe that has excellent support on the arch tendon of the foot, like the shoes for overpronation, so that you can distribute your body weight evenly across the entire foot surface (not just the heel and forefoot) to soften the impact during foot landing. In our view, a neutral shoe won’t work for you since it’s primarily designed for people with neutral to high arch. Plus, the wear on the outside of your shoe might be an indication that your foot struggle with balance (given your current shoe) because there’s excess movement, which is common to people with fallen arches, since your body isn’t properly guided to its correct alignment because there’s not enough support on the arch area.