Bitter Melon Health Benefits

This extremely bitter tropical vine bears fruits that bring awesome benefits to the human body. Bitter melon (or bitter squash) is abundant in Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean and oftentimes preferred cooked or consumed raw when it’s green and crunchy. In places where it’s abundant, people who know it well also use it as medicine.

5 Health Benefits of Bitter Melon

Although, some of the benefits are yet unknown, here are well known benefits of bitter melon:

1. Control over type 2 diabetes. There’s no cure yet for type 2 diabetes but bitter melon helps metabolize glucose properly and helps lower levels of blood sugar in diabetic patients. (You can also control type 2 diabetes through exercise and eating the right foods.)

2. Antioxidant. The leaves, stem, and fruit of bitter melon show levels of strong antioxidants that can help fight infection and strengthen the immune system.

3. Control over liver and kidney problems. Study shows significant improvement in the treatment of liver and kidney problems in diabetic mice or rat; it’s known that science experiments with mice and rat because they have similar DNA elements with that of humans.

4. Prevent cancer. In laboratory experiments, bitter melon showed potential activity in preventing cancer from spreading, for which more tests should be done to arrive in an exact recommendation.

5. Weight loss. This plant has the antioxidants that can aid in weight loss, making it an important dietary source for people who want to lose weight.

Bitter melon is also known to help prevent heart disease and even some skin infections; it also promotes good digestion.

If you love bitter, then consuming this natural wonder won’t be a problem, but if you dislike bitter, the best way to enjoy its benefits without having to taste bitter is to have it in tea or dietary supplement.