Sofft Sandals w/ Molded Footbed & Arch Support

If you are looking for a sandal that can offer added comfort and stability, look into this list of Sofft sandals with molded footbed and extra arch support. These Sofft sandals follow the natural shape of your foot.

When a light shoe has a molded footbed, it enhances a long-term comfort. Its contoured design offers cushion and support that forces pressure to distribute across the entire foot surface for a softer impact that can take good care of your muscles and joints as your foot hits the ground until it pushes off to complete your step. Adding an arch support to it, enables your body to align and stabilize so you won’t lose your balance and get injured.

About Sofft Shoes Sandals

Sofft is a top comfort fashion brand founded in 1927. This industry belongs to Mfg Women’s Footwear. As the name suggests, Sofft has comfortable and fashionable sandals, wedges, wearable heels, flats, pumps, clogs, and boots designed only for women.

This shoe manufacturing company creates its footwear from high-quality materials such as full-grain leather and metallic leather. Sofft signature footbeds come with extra foam padding at the ball, heel, and arch of the foot. Each footwear has an added latex arch cookie for ideal support and comfort. Sofft also has perforated footbed at the ball of the foot to make it breathable.

If you’re looking for a brand of sandals with a great mixture of comfort and fashion, Sofft is definitely one of your musts.

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Sofft Sandals w/ Molded Footbed & Arch Support

– Sofft Verdi –

Sofft Verdi is an everyday wedge that has suede lined molded cork footbed, adjustable hook and loop straps, and is offered in Italian full-grain leather.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Verdi has great style and comfort, doesn’t need break in, and runs true to size and width.

– Sofft Vanita –

Sofft Vanita offers an adjustable buckle, flexible molded cork midsole, and metallic leather material.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Vanita:

  • is without a doubt the most comfortable shoe
  • has a leather that is incredibly soft and doesn’t irritate your foot (or doesn’t cause blister)
  • has gorgeous metallic shine
  • gets many compliments
  • has a heel that is just right
  • has a footbed that is incredibly comfortable (you can wear this sandal for several hours with absolutely no issues)
  • is very comfortable even for a person who walks many miles on a typical day
  • is a very nice looking shoe
  • has super flattering color
  • has very cool mettalic finish

– Sofft Corrina –

Sofft Corrina offers a gorgeous Italian leather with an adjustable buckle and a flexible CPE outsole.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Corrina fit was full size smaller and width was narrow fit.

– Sofft Maize –

Sofft Maize offers fully adjustable laces, metallic suede, and a molded cork midsole with soft foam padding.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Maize is comfy and beautiful and fit is true to size.

– Sofft Carita –

Sofft Carita is a casual chic wedge offered in full-grain leather or metallic leather, molded cork insole with soft foam padding, and a nice lace-up styling that makes this shoe fit like a glove.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Carita:

  • is very comfortable
  • is true to size
  • has good support and heel height you can wear all day
  • has laces that can be adjusted to the best fit
  • is fantastic and has great quality
  • has incredibly comfortable footbed
  • has soft footbed
  • fits like a glove because of the lace-ups
  • is very comfortable even if you spend plenty of hours walking

– Sofft Bali –

Sofft Bali offers a rich Italian leather with an oval buckle that adds a chic flair. It has an adjustable hook-and-loop strap beneath the buckle for a custom fit.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Bali:

  • runs true to size and width
  • is cute and super comfy
  • has a great arch and foot is very supported
  • has a leather that looks premium, expensive quality

– Sofft Melina –

Sofft Melina is a day-to-night favorite which can dress up any look. This sandal offers a soft Italian leather with a molded cork insole.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Melina:

  • runs true to size and width
  • is very comfortable
  • has a cushy footbed
  • has a versatile, adorable style

– Sofft Chalette –

Sofft Chalette is a wedge with a criss-cross straps. This sandal offers a contoured footbed with a plush feel and springy cork wedge.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Chalette runs true to size and width and is cute and extremely comfortable.

– Sofft Casidy –

Sofft Casidy is a unique summer wedge with gorgeous details. It offers an ultra soft leather and a CPE outsole with Cork EVA footbed and PU wedge. This sandal is perfect for any summer celebrations.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Casidy runs true to size and width, is pretty and comfortable, and is soft yet thick and durable.

– Sofft Milan II –

Sofft Milan II is a one-of-a-kind sandal that offers full-grain leather or metallic leather material, bold zipper, and molded cork midsole with soft foam padding.

According to actual consumer reviews, Sofft Milan II:

  • is extremely stylish but totally comfortable
  • can be used for all day walking (and you’ll have absolutely no issues)
  • is super comfortable and heel is not too high (or heel is just perfect)
  • is very light
  • looks good and has unbelievable comfort
  • is so soft and comfortable
  • footbed is like birkenstock
  • has a soft leather
  • is well-padded with a comfortable heel height
  • has great quality and footbed is excellent

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