Slippers for Plantar Fasciitis

A reader asks:

Thanks again so much for helping me with my athletic shoe selection. I only wear my slippers after I take my daily shower which is about 8pm. I usually either just watch tv or do paper work in my den at a computer. Other than this I wear compression socks and used to be my 608 now will be 928 from the time I wake up until I take my shower. Right now I am wearing a cheap, pretty loose size 12, no orthotic in it, but has a back to it pair of slippers. Do you think it matters in terms of helping or hurting my feet (planters fasciitis in left foot and supination and Morton’s neuroma in right) what kind of slippers I wear? Mark.


You’re welcome, Mark. It’s nice to hear back from you. With regards to protection against plantar fasciitis and Morton’s neuroma, we haven’t seen any slippers that can do that (or we haven’t spent much time searching). Even though they are soft, they usually have flat and less supportive footbeds. Even for a short period, they can hurt your injured feet. A better support comes from a contoured footbed, which can add stability when walking and standing. For an open type footwear, we recommend VIONIC sandals. Birkenstocks are also amazing if you get a perfect fit.

A follow-up

Well I ordered this Propet slipper today from Amazon.  It was on a list of the best men’s slippers for planter fasciitis.  It also had good reviews.  What do you think?

Our Response

Yeah, Propet is a great brand even for those who have foot issues. In fact, it’s known to have supportive shoes that can work with various foot problems. Plus you’ll see a lot of great reviews from actual consumers who are happy with their purchase. We’re glad you’ve found one. We looked into the product details and saw that it’s Medicare approved and has a removable insole so you can use your custom made orthotic for Morton’s neuroma.

A follow-up

Again thank you so much for your insightful comments and help!

Our Response

You’re welcome. We are glad to help you in the future. So please ask us if you need any help with Reviewgem.

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