SiteGround Hosting Review: a 3-year Experience

At its core, SiteGround hosting is a solid web hosting platform that continues to improve.

siteground hosting reviewWe have been using SiteGround hosting on this site since 2017. We won’t say we were super impressed back then, but its latest upgrades made this site increase in visitors by 600%. But is SiteGround hosting best for you? Is it worth $3.95/mo? Find out in this new SiteGround hosting review with a 3-year first-hand experience.

SiteGround is most famous for its entry-level managed WordPress hosting. It is the 3rd recommended WordPress web hosting by, a blog tool, publishing platform, and Content Management System (CMS). WordPress is the most famous open source CMS that works best when it’s in a rich hosting environment. With thousands of web hosts, WordPress recommends only 3 of the best and brightest of the hosting world.

There is a good reason why SiteGround stays as one of the recommended WordPress hosts for years now. And in this review, we will focus on SiteGround as entry-level managed WordPress hosting.

SiteGround Hosting Plans

SiteGround has 3 hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. The pricing for a newcomer competes with shared hosting even beats some of them.

siteground web hostingStartUp. This is the hosting plan for a new site. It can host 1 website, 10 GB Web Space, up to 10,000 visitors monthly, and a 66% discount for a newcomer. Under normal usage, these resources will be enough. But if you have a fast-growing site, you will consume these resources easily because it only allows up to 333 visits per day. But you can upgrade to a higher plan anytime before your resources run out.

siteground hosting plansGrowBig. If you have more than one site, you can start with GrowBig hosting plan. It offers unlimited websites, 20 GB Web Space, up to 25,000 visitors monthly, and a 70% discount for a newcomer. Under normal site growth, this plan will be enough. But if your sites grow quickly, you have to keep in mind that GrowBig allows only up to 833 visits per day in total.

siteground wordpress hostingGoGeek. This is the most powerful hosting plan (where you get all site tools) is the GoGeek. It can host unlimited websites, 40 GB Web Space, up to 100,000 visits monthly, and a 65% discount for a newcomer. If you have multiple sites, you can start with GoGeek and take advantage of the big discount. GoGeek will let you kick start your site to its maximum potential by providing all the resources you need. If it doesn’t satisfy you, downgrade your plan or ask for a full refund within 30 days.

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If your site’s monthly visits go beyond 100,000, you can upgrade to the next level – Managed Cloud Hosting.

siteground hosting reviewRecommendation: If we can only bring back time, we could have taken advantage of this big discount for a newcomer and went for a 3-year plan. But we have only signed up for 1 year and regretted that after 12 months, we wanted to continue with the service but got charged with the normal rate with no discount.

On May 18, 2020, SiteGround announced that a few months ago it has migrated its infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform. Two new data centers were added – Sydney and Frankfurt, increased the speed of processors by 40%, and added more space for GoGeek hosting plan without changing the plan price. We already noticed an increase in speed prior to that date. This is crucial for your page rankings because Google will always rank a site that loads faster higher than a slower site.

Table of Contents

1. Essential Features
2. WordPress Features
3. Performance Boosters
4. Security Solutions
5. Support
6. E-commerce
7. Features for Agencies and Designers
8. SiteGround Cpanel Hosting
9. SiteGround Signup Process

SiteGround Hosting Review

Below are 7 active features included in the StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek plans:

siteground hosting reviewEssential Features

  • Suitable Number of Monthly Visits. StartUp is up to 10,000 visits, GrowBig is up to 25,000 visits, and GoGeek is up to 100,000 visits.
  • Web Space. StartUp is up to 10 GB space, GrowBig is up to 20 GB space, and GoGeek is up to 40 GB space.
  • Websites Hosted. StartUp can host 1 website and GrowBig and GoGeek can have ulimited websites.
  • Data Transfer. SiteGround provides unmetered data transfer so you can host almost any kind of personal, small business, and community sites.
  • Free Drag & Drop Weebly Sitebuilder. All hosting plans allow you to create a beautiful and mobile-friendly website or online store (without adding a single line of code) using a powerful drag-and-drop builder.
  • Free CMS Install. All plans offer a custom-built Setup Wizard that can help your site get started within minutes.
  • Free Email Accounts. All plans offer unlimited number of free email accounts. Although if you want to have a rock solid reliability in sending and receiving emails, you should go for the best email service, G Suite.
  • Unlimited MySQL DB. All plans offer an unlimited number of MySQL databases.
  • Unlimited Sub and Parked Domains. All plans allow unlimited subdomains and parked domains which you can use to create a separate website or point to an existing website to establish branding.
  • Friendly Site Tools. All plans offer easy-to-managed site tools that will give you full control over your site files, email, databases, DNS zones, backup, caching, etc.
  • 30 Days Money Back. For peace of mind, SiteGround offers a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.
  • 100% Renewable Energy Match. This is offered in all plans. Google Cloud, the main data center partner of SiteGround, matches the energy consumed with a renewable energy and maintains a commitment to carbon neutrality.

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WordPress Features

  • siteground hosting offersWordPress Free Install. All plans include a free WordPress install that will take only a few clicks inside SiteGround area.
  • Free Automated WordPress Transfer. All plans include a free unlimited WordPress site transfer using a free Migrator WordPress plugin. This is handy if you have multiple sites that you want to transfer from your current hosting to SiteGround.
  • WordPress Autoupdate. All plans have an in-house WordPress auto-update feature that can keep track of a new WordPress version. You can use this feature to update your plugins as well so you will have the latest security fixes.
  • WordPress Advanced Security. All plans have advanced security.. At server level, SiteGround monitors WordPress application and plugins for overall security status. If developers find a vulnerability, they apply server-level fixes. You can add a new level of security to your site by activating Cloudflare from inside the cPanel. Using only a few clicks, you can activate Clourflare security to add protection to your site. But if your site gets hacked, SiteGround will leave you alone to solve it.
  • WordPress Related Support. On all plans, SiteGround will make sure that the installation of your site works correctly. If there is a plugin issue, the support will help you identify and fix the issue.
  • WP-CLI Pre-installed. All plans allow you to update WordPress and install themes and plugins from the command level.
  • WordPress Special Cache. This feature is only available in GrowBig and GoGeek. SiteGround uses NGINX Direct Delivery and SuperCacher service to accelerate the speed of your site.
  • One-click WordPress Staging. This feature is only available in GrowBig and GoGeek. It allows you to create a copy of your live website on a staging environment with a single click. This is useful if you want to test a new code or design. Pushing from staging to live takes only one click.
  • SG-Git for WordPress repo creation. This feature is only available in the GoGeek plan. Git is a version control system for tracking changes in source code. Using SG-Git, you can coordinate your work among fellow programmers and track changes in your files.

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website hosting sitegroundPerformance Boosters

  • Servers on Four Continents. On all plans, SiteGround offers multiple data center locations: USA, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.
  • SSD Storage. On all plans, your files and databases are stored in Solid State Drives (SSD) which are 1,000 times better in input/output compared to regular drives.
  • Customized Server Setup. On all plans, the platform is based on Linux containers, an efficient open source OS. SiteGround uses CentOS (a community driven free software) and Apache and NGINX technologies to maximize shared service performance.
  • Free CDN with Each Account. All plans benefit from a free Cloudflare CDN which you can activate with a single click. If you want to add another level of security and further accelerate your site, you can activate Cloudflare Plus which has Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Advanced Speed Features.
  • HTTP/2 enabled servers. Available on all plans, HTTP/2 allows browsers to load your site much faster. So if you readers use HTTP/2 technology in their browsers, they will enjoy faster loading times.
  • SuperCacher. SiteGround’s SuperCacher offers 3 levels of caching options: Level 1 is NGINX Direct Delivery; Level 2 is Dynamic data cache; and Level 3 is Database queries results cache. The StartUp plan has Level 1 SuperCacher only while GrowBig and GoGeek plans have all 3 levels of caching options.

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is siteground a good hosting companySecurity Solutions

  • Power Redundancy. All plans offer power redundancy which contains two or more power supply units inside it. Each power supply is capable of powering the entire computer and only one runs at a time.
  • Hardware Redundancy. All plans offer hardware redundancy where it provides two or more physical copies of a hardware component. This is one of the ways to improve the dependability of a system.
  • LXC-based Stability. All plans have hosting platform based on LXC, one of the hottest virtualization technologies.
  • Unique Account Isolation. The accounts on all hosting plans are isolated from each other. So if there is a vulnerable account, it will not affect the rest of the accounts on the same machine. But you should make all your sites secure because they belong to one group and share the same resources. If one of your sites gets compromised, your other sites will be affected.
  • The Fastest Server Monitoring. All plans offer monitoring system checks that are done every 0.5 seconds. SiteGround developers detect and fix issues automatically to prevent potential problems.
  • Anti-Hack Systems & Help. All plans have Web Application Firewall (WAF) with hundreds of rules that can fix vulnerabilities. On top of that, you can add a new level of security by installing Cloudflare’s WAF.
  • Proactive Updates and Patches. All plans are ensured of regular updates and multiple custom security patches.
  • Spam Protection. All plans have spam protection by SolarWinds Spam Experts which provides filter for incoming and outgoing email messages.
  • Automated Daily Backup. All plans offer daily backup for up to 30 days. Retrieving a backup is free, easy, and will take only a few clicks.
  • Advanced On-demand Backup. This feature is only available in GrowBig and GoGeek plans. After making changes to your site, you can create up to 5 on-demand backups where you can restore easily (with a few clicks) if something goes wrong.

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siteground hosting reviewSupport

The support team answers within 24 hours after you submit a support ticket. If you don’t want to wait that long, you can reach out to the support agents through phone and chat. All plans have support but GoGeek has the Advanced Priority Support where the most experienced agents handle your problem.


You can create an online shop with any of the available hosting plans. E-commerce offers a free and easy to install shopping cart of your choice: Magento, osCommerce, PrestaShop, etc. SiteGround offers a free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate to convert your site to HTTPS so it can be used for a secure communication. It is easy to configure, no validation emails required, and it renews automatically.

Features for Agencies and Designers

All hosting plans offer a transfer of website from your account to a client account. With GrowBig and GoGeek, you can add collaborators and assign them individual accounts so they can use the Site Tools and help build and maintain your site for you. With GoGeek plan, you can register your clients as users in your account and provide them white-label hosting service.

SiteGround cPanel Hosting

Here’s a complete list of tools in the SiteGround cPanel:

siteground cpanel hosting

siteground cpanel hosting

siteground cpanel hosting

siteground cpanel hosting

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SiteGround Signup Process

Here are 3 easy steps to guide you in the hosting signup process:

Step 1: Choose a Hosting Plan

There are 3 plans you can choose for the managed WordPress hosting:

  • StartUp. This plan is great if you are just starting out and have only 1 website.
  • GrowBig. This plan is great if you have multiple websites that are growing in popularity. GrowBig includes a SuperCacher that can accelerate the speed of your sites.
  • GoGeek. This plan is great for e-commerce and large sites. It has more resources and site tools. And the most experienced support agents will be assigned to you if you need help.

siteground web hosting

Note: SiteGround offers up to 70% discount for a newcomer. You should take advantage of this offer and start with at least a couple of years. Once your first subscription ends, you will be charged with the regular price without any discount offer.

Step 2: Choose a Domain Name

If you don’t have an existing domain, you can get one from SiteGround. But if you have your domain already, just include it during the signup process (see the form below):

siteground web hosting

Note: Having your domain and hosting in one place will be more convenient because you will maintain only one account instead of two.

Step 3: Review and Complete the Order

You can complete the signup process with a payment. Then you are free to start building your first website right away or start transferring your site from another host. Please note that SiteGround gives a big discount even if you choose only 1 year for your hosting plan.

siteground web hosting

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Final Thoughts

SiteGround as an entry-level managed WordPress hosting is excellent for those who are staring out on building websites using WordPress. With the freedom to add unlimited websites in a single account, those hosting multiple sites of their customers can benefit a lot. SiteGround can host almost any kind of personal, small business, and community sites.

This hosting platform has a WordPress autoupdate feature, automated daily backup, Google Cloud Platform, free CDN, SuperCacher, sever-level fixes for vulnerabilities, and WAF. But it has almost the same price as cheap shared hosts that don’t have those important features.

SiteGround has a Unique Account Isolation that separates your account from the rest of the accounts. So your sites won’t be affected if there’s a vulnerability in other accounts. But SiteGround miss out on fixing your site for free if it gets compromised. This feature is only available on a premium managed WordPress hosting.

Plus, this hosting platform has a shared hosting rule when it comes to the usage of its resources. You are safe if you consume the resources within your limit. But if you go beyond your limit, your account will be endangered of getting shutdown. So you have to monitor your site closely and make sure you don’t exceed your limit. This is not the case with premium managed option. With premium managed WordPress hosting, you can exceed the limit of your resources. There is only a small change per 1,000 additional visits. The premium option is a great choice for a fast growing site. Besides, you should not be penalized for your success, right?

If you think SiteGround has everything you need, give it a try because you won’t regret it. Take advantage of the big discount for a newcomer.

Disclosure: SiteGround belongs to the largest web hosting platforms and we are recommending their services (and using our affiliate link). As an affiliate, we earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. We are an independent reviewer and our opinion is not influenced by anyone. Want to know how we’re funded?

Is SiteGround a good hosting company?

Yes. It is the 3rd recommended WordPress hosting platform by Find out why we stayed with SiteGround for over 3 years now.

Is SiteGround hosting customer service good?

Yes, but there are other web hosts with more impressive customer service. SiteGround has excellent rating in In our experience, most of the members of the support team have advanced to expert technical skills. Although there were instances that the support tried so hard to assist but fall a little short.

How much does SiteGround hosting cost?

SiteGround has 3 hosting plans: StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek. For newcomers, it offers big discounts for all hosting plans. StartUp plan starts with $3.95/mo., GrowBig plan starts with $5.95/mo., and GoGeek plan starts with $11.95/mo. All hosing plans have annual billing.