Any suggestion on NB rock & tone replacement?

A reader asks:

I’m a 74 year old woman and weigh 120-125. I have plantar fasciitis that caused heel spurs in my left foot about 3 years ago. I was given a shot in my foot by my podiatrist and it improved immediately, and it never hurt again. Even though it felt better I opted for a second one because I was leaving shortly for a cruise and I didn’t want it to act up. I continue to use heel inserts. I need new walking and don’t know what to get. My biggest problem choosing the correct shoes is the arch supporters are always too high, feels like I have speed bumps in my shoes. Today I resurrected a pair of very old NB’s that seem to work for me but are badly worn. Unfortunately, it seems they’ve been discontinued – NB Rock & Tone. The fit was perfect and arch support didn’t hurt me. In the meantime I’ve been wearing Easy Spirit Walking shoes which worked fairly well, but the bottoms don’t have very good grip and I sIipped and fell recently. I prefer the fit of New Balance and am looking for a replacement. Any suggestions? Thanks, Karen M.


Hello Karen. We’re sorry to hear that your favorite NB shoe was discontinued. We’ve done a quick look at the information available in New Balance website and learned that this shoe lets you burn extra calories and tone muscles because it creates a natural heel-to-toe rocking motion as you walk. Based on the characteristics of NB Rock & Tone shoe, we think that it’s a neutral walking shoe.

Having mentioned that you have plantar fasciitis and prefer New Balance footwear, we think that your best NB shoes are health walking shoes. The neutral cushioned health walking shoes of New Balance right now are 840, 877, and 577. Like the Rock & Tone shoe, neutral shoes also have natural heel-to-toe rocking motion and encourage your leg muscles to strengthen as you walk. In your case, it’s best to try the shoe on and choose the most comfortable shoe before buying.